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Found 4 results

  1. But i'm sure the mods would lock it =\ Can you guess the title it would have?
  2. So you think you know me, challenge accepted. 1) What is my favorite weapon type in Monster Hunter? (Hint: It's the best weapon type) A. Sword and Shield B. Great Sword C. Lance D. Dual Sword E. Bowgun Bow and arrow F. Hammer G. Hunting Horn 2) Which main series Final Fantasy is my favorite Final Fantasy? A. I B. II C. III D. IV E. V F. VI G. VII H. VIII I. IX J. X K. XI K. XII L. XII 3) What's my favorite bomb in Touhou? A. Master Spark B. Master Spark C. Master Spark D. Master Spark E. Evil Sealing Circle F. Master Spark 4) Is the glass half full or half empty? A. Yes B. No C. Half 5) What is my irl nick name. A. Roland B. Bruno C. Alex D. Kalas E. Who has so many nick names I mean seriously. 6) Sword Style: A. Blue Storm B. Shadow Wings C. Energy Wave D. Flash Explosion E. Water Blade F. Dream Blade G. Fangs of Light H. Chaotic illusion I. Lord of the Wind 7) Who is my favorite Belmont? A. Simon B. Trevor C. Leon D. Richter E. Sonia F. Julius G. Nathan Graves H. Juste 9) Cirno? A. The Strongest B. THE STRONGEST C. A Genius D. AWESOME E. ALL OF THE ABOVE 10) Who is the best Myrmidon/Swordmaster? A. Joshua B. Navarre C Rutger D. Stefan E. Zihark F. Mia G. someone who I forgot to list 11) Did you notice there was no question 8? A. Yes B. No. C. ... 12) Which Touhou is my favorite Touhou A. Momiji B. Kogasa C^2. Cirno D. Youmu E. Suwako F. None of the above, because he cares equally for all his favorite Touhous. BONUS1: Which is the best language? A. Japanese BONUS2: Where do you think I wish I was at this moment? A. Here B. There C. Everywhere D. Nowhere E. You don't BONUS3: OTP A. Marisa/Alice B. LinkxZelda C. Lyn/Florina D. LinkxSaria
  3. [9:30:48 PM] ShadowBreeze64: I just need the Wii one [9:30:56 PM] ShadowBreeze64: so I can gush over Super Paper Mario Sure. Everyone go!
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