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Found 2 results

  1. So I was playing the Wii U version with my sister earlier.... And something really odd happened. We were playing no items two stock doubles on Wooly World Ω, myself (Marth) and her (Ike) vs CPU Yoshi and Falco. She knocked out Falco.... then I did, before we could KO Yoshi once. However, Falco did not suffer the second KO reducing his stock. Instead, Yoshi took the blow. Falco returned, his remaining stock still intact. Yoshi's first stock randomly vanished. To make matters weirder, the announcer began saying: " Computer Player: Defea--" before cutting off for Falco's odd return. In the results screen, the KO's were three falls Falco, one Yoshi. Has anyone else encountered this? I want to know what triggered it.
  2. If anyone wants to start a franchise discussion feel free to. I just thought I'd start up the FE one, because this site obviously needs it, and then my most wanted newcomer hails from none other than Star Fox. Who's returning: Fox, Falco, Wolf (probably) I don't doubt for a second Fox and Falco will return. I'm hoping they'll be further differentiated. Wolf is a different story, however. I don't think it's likely that he will be cut, but it's possible. If he makes it back, I think he too will both be further differentiated from Fox. Who's making it in? Krystal (possibly) As much as I want her, it's really 50/50. She's got the credentials. She's popular, she's got moveset potential, and that's all a character really needs for candidacy. It's just weather or not Sakurai picks her, and I'm hoping he does. The only other legitimate choice I see besides Krystal would be Slippy. Feel free to discuss any Characters from Star Fox here.
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