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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, I and another parent here in the Forest thought it might be a good idea to open up a thread where we can discuss all things parent and children related. I know there's a handful of parents that are posters here, and there may very well be more that I'm unaware of. My current count is four. However, we could also talk about families in general as well, or posters want to talk about their own parents, since we all experience the child half of the parent-child relationship, first. I and other parents could also try to field questions as best we can about people maybe thinking about becoming parents themselves one day, or just want to satisfy morbid curiosity. In the end, we're all amateurs, here. For me, I have two children. One is in the oven, while the other finished cooking a little over two years ago. Adventures in pregnancy have been discussed in http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=62651. My son is named Leo, and my daughter will be called Est. I swear I don't name my children after Fire Emblem characters, it just worked out that way.
  2. Wanting to have a real honest discussion about incest and why it can be healthy and when it becomes wrong. I'll share my experiences and thoughts honestly and I'm very interested to hear yours. I believe its normal for siblings of opposite sex that are close in age to experiment sexually as they hit puberty and im sure a lot of people's first experiences were with their sister,brother or cousins I think only becomes wrong if they have relationship together and fall in love and get pregnant. I believe sexual acts between family members can be an act of love not incest. Such as mothers of disabled boys who jerk them off every so often, sisters of retarded or deformed sometimes terminally Ill brothers who take their virginity because they love them etc how far would go for someone u love? My half sister and I are both long time single mid Thirty's have kids and have been thinking would it be wrong if we just had a good fuck occasionally to keep our sanity. Not in love, not together, just sex.?
  3. So yay, another topic with fanfiction discussion! For starters, there will be unbridled spoilers here. Like many others, I expected Fates to have a theme of family, but I was very, very dissapointed after knowing that Kamui can S-rank siblings and the rest of the conversation would (and did) become so generic to not alleviate fans of these pairings. And the whole family theme just went down the gutters. While there were alot of problems with Fates's narrative, the botched family theme raged me the most, as I highly value family and family themes. So I just wanted to entertain some ideas of rebuilding Kamui's relationship with his family (immediate and not) that may or may not be put into a fanfiction (will be seriously considered AFTER I have played the English translation of the game) and since feedback in this forums have been so good for other topics (srsly, I am surprised how civilized people are), I decided to put Kamui x (character) ideas and get feedback and additional ideas. Also, my ideas are about a M!Kamui, though you are welcome to discuss with F!Kamui as well. Generally about "my" Kamui is that, when others are loyal to and love them, the feeling is mutual. I believe in two-way loyalty and love. Oh and also, there is only one Kamui, else I can't explore betrayal and loyalty. I am putting in spoiler tag to save space. [spoiler=Common (and non-family ties yet considered family anyways)] - Azura: I am keeping with what the game has, that Kamui and Azura share similar circumstances (have similar experience) and will bond due to that. Despite being put under "family", she is the only one I will have Kamui possibly marry and create a family. - Gunther: Honestly, M!Kamui and Gunther is my favorite support chain (to the point that I refuse to read F!KamuiXGunther to not spoil it) and there is little need to change their father-son relationship, if not possibly explored more. - Jakob: Generally will be about Kamui being the only genuinely kind one in the Nohrian household towards Jakob and defends him, which is reciprocated by Jakob. Jakob is the least different from Felicia in the beginning and is horribly clumsy, yet is chosen by Kamui as his personal retainer anyway. I will probably include the common anime scene (yet which I like anyways) where Jakob cooks for the first time, botches it, but Kamui eats it anyway. - Felicia: Will have a similar relationship like Jakob. In an effort to not rehash with Jakob, Felicia will be in the middle of political play between the Nohrian court and the Ice Tribe village, but Kamui shields her from it. Will include a horse-chasing scene as a backstory and will also tie in with Flora being not as close to Kamui. - Silas: Standard "best bro" story (no need to change honestly). Silas will become the person Kamui trusts the most outside his immediate family and becomes Kamui's second-in-command in his endeveours. - Kaze: I honestly have no idea how to handle this without making it too similar to Silas. [spoiler=Hoshidan family] For starters, I am keeping Kamui not being related to his "blood" siblings but will become a major content in his development. Kamui was lied about his heritage by the Nohrian family and then was lied to AGAIN by the Hoshidan family. How the hell didn't IS adress that? - Mikoto: This is probably the relationship I have the least confident of telling well. For now, it's about Mikoto clearly loving Kamui but Kamui is uncomfortable with the sudden relevation. The hardest part here is portraying a mother's love and I don't want to botch it. Her death is what I will make influence Kamui's decision of siding with Nohr or siding with Hoshido. After her death and on the Hoshido side, she becomes a posthumous character and Kamui will constantly inquire about her from his siblings and her retainers and only then will he truly be saddened by the loss of his mother. - Ryoma: Kamui would initially be uncomfortable with Ryoma but Ryoma's easy-going nature and no lack of adoration for their younger sibling closes the gap. This will be contested however when Kamui's true heritage is revealed. - Hinoka: My big sister is somewhat like Hinoka, a tomboy, she adores me (and I adore her to the point that when others criticize her, I defend her even if they have a point) and she is slightly clingy. Like Kamui in my hypothetical story, I was at first very uncomfortable when first meeting her but her unending (sibling) love for me eventually made me reciprocate her feelings. As such, Kamui x Hinoka here is very personal for me and there will be absolutely no S-ranking. - Takumi: The first relationship I look forward to explore, with a clear basis. Takumi retains hostiliy and suspicion against Kamui and the two's different ideologies and methods will make them often come to clashes, between them and their retainers, and Hinoka has to play the role of mediating. However, because of Takumi's (logical) reaction, Takumi becomes the person Kamui is least uncomfortable with, as both have to build up their relationship of being siblings. I am planning of modelling the two after Sun Wukong and Zhu Baije in "Journey to the West" and have a similar event making the two acknowledge each other (if anybody has read/seen JttW, it's the event after the White Bone Demon defeats Zhu Baije and Baije has to plead for help from Wukong). Afterwards, Takumi will be a staunch supporter of Kamui, moreso than Ryoma and Hinoka. - Sakura: I have nothing else beside mutual adoration and Kamui being fiercely protective of Sakura. [spoiler=Nohrian family] - Garon: There is no lost love between Garon and Kamui and I will move Kamui's need for acknowledgment to Xander instead. Garon will be indirectly abusive to Kamui in the past, which will be why Kamui is so protective of his retainers and family. - Xander: The second relationship that I am unconfident in telling. Xander is basically Kamui's role model and he wants to be everything like his brother. Kamui's idealism is indirectly inherited from Xander but Xander is also loyal to his father (applying Honor Before Reason here). Kamui will be in conflict with Xander in BOTH stories, in Hoshido directly, in Nohr indirectly and the relationship between them is where I place the heaviest weight of the theme 'loyalty'. - Camilla: Camilla's feelings for Kamui... I don't think I need to describe them. Kamui himself is uncomfortable with the undying love (partly because her clinginess makes it hard for him to acquaint with females and he is that age) but Kamui loves Camilla dearly as well (but only as a brother to a sister, nothing else). Whereas Kamui hides his insecurities from Xander and tries to be a big brother to Leo and Elise, Camilla is the only one he can weep openly for. - Leo: The second relationship I look forward to explore. While Xander and Camilla babies Kamui and Kamui himself babies Elise, Kamui and Leo are more on an equal ground. They have mutual respect for each other and they compensate for each other's weaknesses. Whereas Kamui is soft-hearted, Leo takes the role of taking cold-blooded decisions. However, when Kamui himself starts being pragmatic, Leo will instead advocate leniency, to keep a balance with his brother. The Kamui-Leo relationship is directly transferred from the Chrom-Robin relationship from my scrapped Awakening fic and the roles suit as well. Leo becomes the sibling Kamui trusts the most. - Elise: Like with Sakura, Kamui adores Elise as well and has trouble saying no to her. Expect him to break the leg of anyone proposing to Elise. That was long. Well, I hope for interesting and useful suggestions.
  4. So my little sister dragged me to see Frozen. I liked it fine, but there was one aspect that I found I was completely alone on: I thought Elsa's parents did the right thing. Seeing the utter devastation done to Arrendelle, they were only doing what was best for their nation. My opinion stems from my belief that leaders must always do what is best for their nation and people, even if it means directly or indirectly hurting those close to them. So what is more important, or should be more important, to a ruler: family, or their nation?
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