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Found 16 results

  1. So I recently figured out how to download ROMs and am creating two projects. Fire Emblem (Tentative Title) (FE7 engine) -A love letter to the spirit Fire Emblem, while also having fun with it and being a little different. Cast Fire Emblem Three Houses: The Next Generation (Working Title) (FE8 Engine) -An epic Heirs of Fate-style tale starring the children of the students of Garreg Mach from Three Houses. Will they divide or unite? -Cast These are mostly for fun and out of hobby. but it's nice to actually get to participate in the activity of fan games. Map design will come later for both. I have to figure out the rest of the story first.
  2. Hey there people of Serene's Forest! I have decided to make a fan game featuring a Legend of Zelda theme but using Fire Emblem mechanics. I have the general story, classes, characters, and stats down, but I am having trouble designing sprites that are good. I have always been rather bad at art, so I don't see myself being able to design 30+ characters with all of their separate classes. I was hoping to get some help from some artists here! Honestly any help at all would be nice. Feel free to ask questions about the game or post sprite sheets here. Anything you guys can offer would be helpful. Thanks!
  3. Hi everybody, I don't know if i'm in a good section to ask this, but I stay in the theme of fan project. Is there anybody that can advise me about a good fire emblem fan project(rom hack in fact) ? I have some criteria: - gba / nds format - playable beast or shifting characther(like manakete or laguz) (or playable monster directly, for example handle a wolf(Gwyllgi) or Bonewalker, cyclops...). But I don't want an entire army of monsters or shifter just some character - weapon triangle for magic weapon (white magic, anima magic, black magic) - Some chapter in the game with monster as opponents - New weapons(not a lot but a minimum) - New character / new story, but if it's a remake or a prequel/sequel or a possible timeline if an event happen(for example if leila wasn't dead in FE7) it's cool too I hope I found this rare gem, thanks in advance !
  4. Quick note: In the future I'll eventually move these topics to the fan-game discussion forum. But for now, the ideas are broad and general enough that I think it makes more sense to discuss them in the context of the FE games we already know. Once I get to discussing more specific ideas that are further divorced from the context of any previous FE game, I'll swap over to fan-game discussion. Last time, I floated an idea for making skill and luck more valuable by tying them to a meter system instead of an RNG chance of crits/misses. It wasn't popular. Let's try the opposite approach. Instead of a system that removes most RNG, what if we actually increased the random factor, but reduce the punishment factor? But first, why do I want to change these aspects at all? Here are a couple reasons: I think 3X damage crits are horrendous. There's strategic merit in needing to have a backup plan. But 300% damage crits don't create those sorts of situations. They're more likely to be instant resets. It's certainly not a common problem, but that doesn't make it good design. Skill and luck feel underwhelming. That isn't to say they aren't important stats, but most units have, in a word “enough”. Individually, each point into one of these stats feels less important. There are a series of changes here, feel free to voice your opinion on all of them, or just each individually: Change 1: Make luck, not speed, the primary factor in dodging attacks. The formula changes in most games, but speed is always more important than luck. Sometimes by a factor of 2, or 1.5, or even 3. I think this needs to be reversed, so that luck is 75% of your dodge rate, with speed being only 25%. I was also considering making speed 0% of the formula. I think this is totally fair balance-wise, as even with the changes to doubling I proposed in the other topic, speed is still an insanely useful stat on its ability to let you double, at all. I'm also admittedly drawn to the simplicity of binding each stat to one purpose, instead of having formulas become complicated blends of stats in various proportions. But despite all this, it would also make speed a totally worthless stat to gain for someone already fast enough to meet relevant doubling thresholds. Luck's role in evading crits and your own hit rate remains unchanged. Change 2: Reduce critical damage. I've got 2 separate ideas on how to do this: First, we could reduce the 300% damage rate to a flat 150%. The only problem I have with this is the potential for confusion on if that extra 50% rounds up or down on odd damage numbers. Second, we could change the formula entirely. Getting a crit now adds the unit's skill stat directly to their strength/magic. This will mean lower crit damage across the board in many cases, but will be more notable for enemies as they typically have lower skill stats anyway. However, enemies might also do more damage with crits under this system, too. An enemy that would've done 0X3 damage off a crit may now deal actual damage. If this change were implemented, I'd include a “Crit Damage” number in the battle preview, so that players could see at a glance how much total damage they could take in the worst-case scenario. Change 3: Double the effect of skill on the critical hit rate formula. This means that players and foes alike will now have a greater chance of scoring a critical hit. Seeing a crit rate won't be rare, even on an enemy with a good chance to miss. This makes skill more desirable, since each single point gain is basically worth twice as much now, in terms of crit chance. It will mean enemy crits will be something you see far more of, but due to the above changes, you're far less likely to instantly die to one. Perhaps counter-intuitively, I think this will also make luck more valuable, despite being comparatively less effective at reducing crit rate now. A point in luck will seem more valuable when it's reducing the crit rate of a dozen enemies from 4% to 3%, instead of the 0% to 0% “change” we usually see. The enemies with crit rates in FE games are usually the ones with Killer weapons, where oftentimes no amount of luck will reduce their crit rate by an appreciable margin. This isn't an entirely novel idea – Thracia 776 and Fates both halved the effect of luck in reducing crit rates. While not quite the same as doubling the effect of skill, changes have been made in the formula to increase crit rates before. Still, if this becomes too much, and it very well might scale too drastically for higher levels and lategame maps, here are a few simple tweaks: Make skill 1.5X as important for crit rate instead of 2X. Make luck 2X as important at stopping crit rate. So essentially, if the attacker's skill = the defender's luck, no change. But each point of excess skill now has twice the implications on crit rate. Again, I think this makes both crit and luck more valuable. TL;DR: Make luck, not speed, the primary stat in the evasion formula. Make critical hits more likely for both the player and the enemy, but reduce critical damage. As they say “Crit happens” but now an unplanned crit is more likely to put a player onto the back foot, forcing them to come up with an emergency strat, instead of outright killing a unit. More chaos, but also more control.
  5. Ideas for a FE-inspired game #2) Meter-based crits and dodges. NOTE: To be clear, when I say “dodge” I'm referring to avoiding attacks entirely. I think some FE games use “dodge” to represent your ability to avoid receiving a critical hit. Last time, we discussed changing the double-attack system so that players only double on their own phase. Let's discuss a more drastic change to stat functionality this time. What if, by default, all attacks hit their mark? Instead of skill and luck providing you with small percentage chance bonuses, they now fill two separate meters. When the critical meter is full, your next attack will automatically crit. When the dodge meter is full, you'll automatically avoid the next attack. The formula for filling these meters would look something like this: Crit meter gain = your skill – their luck. Dodge meter gain = your luck – their skill. Perhaps divide the end result by 2 or something, if this feels too “swingy”. So just like in FE games, the frequency of crits you'll perform is based on your skill vs. the enemy's luck. Same goes for dodging attacks. You just have more control over when it all happens now. Some further stipulations I'm currently imagining, but which are open to change: - The meters max out at around 20-30 points. - The meters only charge when you attack. - Your meter only charges once per round of combat, regardless of how many attacks occur on either side. - Both you and the opponent always gain at least 1 point for both meters, even if the above math says you'd get nothing, or even lose meter instead (IE, their luck > your skill). Here are my arguments for such a system: Skill and luck are often seen as “dump stats”. When people judge the quality of a level-up, it usually comes down to gains in your relevant attack/defense stats, and your speed. Very rarely is anyone truly happy to receive a level up of only skill and/or luck. Under this system, with proper balancing of the amount of points needed to fill the meters, skill and luck become incredibly useful stats. Every gain in one of those stats is a tangible and immediate boon to the frequency with which you gain the ability to crit or dodge, instead of a minute % chance. Maybe it's more a matter of psychology than fact, but I think those stats would just 'feel' better under this system. They're not useless stats by any means, but the vast majority of characters have “enough” to get by. Characters with seriously crippling accuracy, or those that are prone to being crit on all the time, are generally rare, and for a simple reason – they're not fun to play with. One or two can usually get by OK thanks to stat boosters to patch them up, but under this new system, a player-controlled unit with low skill or luck isn't a complete gamble to use, which allows for more diversity in viable stat spreads. No more complaints about 1% crits or 99% misses. These systems aren't entirely novel. Fates had a meter-based dual guard mechanic that was generally seen as a vast improvement to the random nature of the equivalent system from Awakening. And Heroes uses cooldown-based specials in place of crits. I'm basically just proposing that we tie skill and luck into these systems, to give them a more consistently-useful function. Speed now has nothing to do with dodging attacks. As an aside, enemies would likely be given smaller meters to fill, since any single enemy isn't expected to live long. An enemy with a “killer” weapon, might even start out with a full or nearly-full crit bar. Another solution would be to assign enemies to small squads that share critical and dodge meters. The enemies won't gain their shared crit bar if they don't get a chance to attack, so this change, like the one I proposed last time, would encourage player phase activity. Another implication of this system is that it would be impossible to dodge or crit consecutively. At most, you could only do so every other battle, if you're able to fill your meters up in a single round of combat. Oh, and crit damage may need to be adjusted too. The upside and downside of this system is that it removes almost all RNG from the game. Now the main source of RNG comes from level-up gains, and to some extent, enemy movements. If this becomes an issue, two possible solutions could be implemented: Add random variance to meter gains. The above formulas still apply, but you may gain a bit more or less than that. It could keep you on your toes around enemies with nearly-full crit bars. Add a bit of random variance to regular attack damage. No more than +- 3 points, but enough to keep you guessing. IMO, these solutions are a lot less frustrating than the random chance of missing entirely, or taking a massive 3X damage. It may screw up your damage thresholds on occasion, but that's better than a chance of doing no damage at all. Does this all make sense? If you think I've described anything poorly, please let me know. It's vital that players understand it, so if this sounds too complex I may have to reword some things or even re-think the entire system. What other benefits or flaws do you anticipate this theoretical change would entail?
  6. Hello all! My name is J. Cartwright, and I am a writer based out of Manhattan. I have been a long-time forum lurker, but I decided it is time to finally break my silence. Why? Great question. Fire Emblem is easily my favorite game series, and I have completed multiple playthroughs of nearly every game in the series. I have also tried my hand at nearly every appealing hack or fangame on these forums. I guess I’ve been blessed with too much time on my hands, because I’ve consumed about as much Fire Emblem as is humanly possible, and yet, I’m still not satisfied. Thus, I have recently begun work on my own Fire Emblem that will satisfy my cravings for a game that combines my favorite Fire Emblem elements into a unique, and hopefully enjoyable experience. Without further ado: Fire Emblem: Hereafter The story/setting—FEH takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting. Based in and around the ruins of a major city (think NYC), the game follows your typical band of characters facing off against the main villains. The villains are the followers of the Church of Hereafter. Founded after the collapse of greater human civilization, the Church (Cult) seeks to return humanity to greatness after the great fall. To do this, the leaders (known as Templars) harvest the life force of its followers (often taken against the individual’s will) to contribute to the casting of a great spell that will allow humanity to transcend to a plane of existence closer to Heaven. For the more intuitive of you out there, the real plot is to make the Church leader a god, who can then wipe out the rest of civilization and remake the world in his image. Of course, the player and co. don’t really want to be wiped out, even if they live in apocalyptic wastelands. Throughout the course of the game, the player will face off against the many followers of the Church, as well as various forces attempting to salvage some sort of living in this post civilization world. The final opponent, and most bone chilling, are the forces of the undead. Inexplicably (or at least for a reason yet to be written) those killed in the apocalypse (for another unwritten reason) have become reanimated with only a desire to destroy what remains around them. What’s different about these undead as opposed to the risen or faceless of FE’s past, is that they behave more akin to what an actual horde of zombies would be like. With billions of dead, you will be facing hordes, as opposed to a handful of strategically placed baddies. These monsters will be designed to invoke the sheer horror and hopelessness that comes with facing down an army of the dead. They will be strong, hard to kill, and most importantly, there will be A LOT. Have fun! At this point of creation, the game will be divided into two parts. The first will largely serve to introduce the destroyed world around you. You will recruit the first members of your team, learn the mechanics of the game, and prepare for the greater conflict ahead. The second part, dubbed “The Campaign” will place the player on a timeline with a hard deadline. According to the chosen difficulty, the player will have an x number of days to recruit an army, gain levels, procure equipment, and infiltrate the church before the Big Bad Spell of Evil is finally cast. Higher difficulties will not only give you stronger enemies, but also less time to accomplish all of the many tasks needed in order to obtain a victory. The mechanics (aka, my favorite part of FE)—Every Fire Emblem possesses systems that make it unique. My goal here is to make this game stand out from the rest. Here, you will find my more excessive hopes and dreams that may face the cutting block depending on what systems are actually creatable. Let’s start with the biggest and work our way from there. Line of Sight: A modification of the fog of war system found in most FEs, the line of sight system seeks to restrict player information to reflect more accurate scenarios. Of course, at night, it will be more difficult to see enemies. But unlike most FE games, the terrain will influence what you can see. You won’t be able to see past trees, mountains, walls, or even other units. However, this system affects all maps, not just night maps. It has never made sense to me that you can observe the stats, equipment, and movement behavior of units on the opposite side of the map. With Line of Sight, this info will be at a premium. Equipment is only observable from units within your sight. You have to actually be able to see the weapon in their hands or on their person. Skills and stats are only checkable when observed by units with the know-how, such as a tactician character. Your average Joe Schmoe won’t be able to tell that an enemy has x amount in any stat. However, once a unit is faced in combat, stats like speed, strength, and defense, will become readily available. This system will incentivize units with good sight and observation skills, so you actually know what you’re facing. After all, there’s nothing worse than facing an army of zombies at night without knowing how many there are and what they can do to you. [insert evil laugh] The basics: This game will feature your typical FE stats, from HP down to luck, including both strength and magic for every unit. Weapon weight and constitution will matter! The weapon triangle pre-Fates will exist, as well as the magic triangle and the anima triangle! Bows and daggers will exist outside of any triangle. Shove and canto will be innate abilities of infantry and cavalry, respectively. Unique & Meaningful: My least favorite part of Fire Emblem is when units become carbon copies of each other, capable of fulfilling any role. I don’t enjoy reclassing because it makes specific characters completely useless and others way overpowered. In this game, every unit will be unique and useful. How? Well ... Personal class, skills, and animations: Say hello to my little ambition. Every playable unit in this game will have three tiers of unique classes. Gone are the days of fighters number 1, 2, and 3 with identical abilities, and only slightly different growths and base stats. Additionally, with every class comes a unique personal skill. It will be rare for two units to have the same skill! There will be one copy of astra, luna, sol, etc. in your army! These units may not have growths as good as others, but their unique skills will make up for it! Finally, to make each character truly feel unique, I would like to see a unique battle animation for each one (I understand that’s A LOT but hey, I can dream). And just for fun, every unit will have a weapon unique to them. However, it will be impossible to get every unique weapon in a single playthrough. You will have to choose which units form your main party and then follow specific steps in order to get the weapons of your favorite. The point of these additions is to allow the player to diversify. Every character will have roles they fill that can’t be filled by any other unit. You will have to tailor your team in such a way that you can conquer every obstacle, while still enjoying the characters that you choose. No one will be a throwaway. Recruitment: In this game, the player will never just be given units (barring the first two). Every single character in the game requires work to gain. Most you will have to talk to on the battlefield, some you will have to protect til the end of the chapter, and others will be gained by fulfilling certain requirements. This means many are easily missable. If you're a perfectionist like me, hunting down each unit will provide another layer of gameplay to an already dense game. In closing, I ask two favors of you! First, your support. I would love to see if any of these ideas interest you, confuse you, or make you feel some type of way. A lot of this is in the early stage, and some of it might be garbage that needs to be adjusted, balanced, or thrown out. But hey, it's a start. Secondly, your assistance! At this point, I am capable of writing the story (although I won’t shy away from help), the characters, the supports, etc. I am a writer. It’s what I do. I will also be able to design skills, stats, growth rates, and most other number problems, and the ideas for maps. I will be able to serve as the team leader. What I need? Everything else! I am completely hopeless when it comes to actually creating maps, coding, hacking, or otherwise. I will need help with art, music, animations, balancing, and anything else that goes into making a game. At this point, I don’t even know if it should be a hack or use FEXP or what (Edit: Likely the scope of this game goes beyond a hack. A good system might be necessary to get this off the ground)! Essentially, I am the glorified ideas guy. Lord help me. I understand a lot of this might not be possible (barring IA actually hiring me) but I sure would like to try. Any interest, questions, or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Most importantly, have a great day!
  7. Hey, I need a few sprites for a fan game I'm working on, anyone who can help please get in touch/reply. Here's a list of sprites needed. (The game is from the GBA era so GBA sprites only please!!!) 5 Lord Sprites, one modelled after an archer, light mage, mercenary, pirate, sage, and wolf. A reworking of the wolf sprites from FE8. Thunder, Wind, Fire, Light and Dark Mage, Sage, Archsage. Lancer. Marshall. Trueblade. Custom sprite that looks like Diviner/Onmyoji. Custom sprite that looks like Arcanist/Cantor. Custom sprites that look like Ninja, Master Ninja and Whisper. Strageist/New Valkyrie. Medic, Doctor and Nurse. Damsel/Consort Reaver. Hunter, Clawman, Ripper. Saint Anyone who is able to help I will be greatful to, and will be mentioned in games ending credits. Also if your intrested in the game, or able to help in any other way/know anyone who can, the check out my topic in concepts, Fire Emblem Tales of the Stones. https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/83172-fire-emblem-tales-of-the-stones/&page=2&tab=comments#comment-5206094
  8. So I have little programming and coding knowledge but ive always been willing to learn and teach myself many things, like I taught myself art. But I have a super ambitious project that I will go through any hoop to create. I want to make a single player fan game with an original story that mashes up all the stories throughout the series. The main character will likely be an OC. but the most ambitious part is I want to make a system that allows you to get most heroes throughout the series. Sounds impossible I know, but im willing to dedicate all my free time to this. My question to you guys is a simple one. What programs should I do this in, the gameplay doesn't even need to be like fire emblem, but just have fire emblem skinned over it. and if anyone is willing to help me with this who has more knowledge Id love it. Ive wanted something like this for a long time but it doesent exist, and if no one else does it, I want to do it myself. Any suggestions please. (PS I have played every game in the series and know the stories all fairly well) Thanks guys!
  9. So, I have a concept and I'm working on a new fire emblem game that would be set after the events of FE8. I currently need some script writers, portrait makers, code writers and sprite designers. If you can help or know any users who can please let me know! Thanks! :) P.S I have map design and script writing mostly covered, but any help would be helpful! :)
  10. Hey anyone who's willing to help me, I have plans for a new Fire Emblem Fan Project, I currently have writers covered but anymore would be helpful, also for map design so all I need is sprite makers, portrait makers and code writers but if you can help in any way it would be greatly appricated. If your interested then private message me or comment interest/people who could help and I'll put in the effort A huge thanks to anyone willing to help and those already helping :)
  11. Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way with Super Smash Flash 2 or McLeodGaming. I simply enjoyed playing SSF2 and thought others may be interested. Don't know if anyone around here is interested, but Super Smash Flash 2 is essentially a fan-made version of Super Smash Brothers, but in Flash form. It has been in development for a really long time and it has been nice to drop by every now and then to check up on their progress. Apparently, the Beta was released yesterday (May 29th, 2017). I'm downloading it now since I enjoyed messing around with SSF2, but it seems the site is getting an influx of people excited for the release as the webpages are slow to respond and the like. For many, the draw (or turnoff) is the inclusion of characters that are not really seen in a normal Super Smash Brothers game, such as Naruto, Sora from Kingdom Hearts, or Goku from Dragon Ball Z. Other "originals" include the Final Fantasy Black Mage, Chibi-Robo, and Lloyd Irving. Of course, the classics like Mario, Link, and Kirby are still around, as well as some of the later additions such as Pit and Meta Knight. // There is even an Event Mode and Online Play! There is a ton of cool stuff to be found, but I'll leave that to be discovered. Anyways, here are the main page of the fan game, as well as the changelog and the announcement video. At the very least, watch the announcement video, it is only 3 minutes long. Main Page: https://www.mcleodgaming.com/games/ssf2 Changelog Page: https://www.mcleodgaming.com/games/ssf2/changelog Announcement Video
  12. One of my lifelong goals is to make my own SRPG. Now that I'm majoring in CS and actually have a few years of programming experience I feel that now is finally the time for me to begin learning how to make a game. I've been looking at the Unity 3D engine but I'm not sure if it's my best option. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  13. So I was bored one day, and remembered that I use to play some pokemon hacks, and I wanted to see if I could find another game. So I started looking into Fire emblem hacks. I saw there weren't a lot of them, that were complete. So I figured I try to make one. Thought i need some help. I'm looking for someone who can help with Animators Characters Music, And Maps.
  14. Hey, so, uh, this is my first post on this site ever, and I joined mainly because I love Fire Emblem and I'm planning on making my own fan hack of one of the games! More specifically, I'm planning on hacking either FE 7 or 8, although the hacking would be in the near future. For now, I'm just going to list off some of the ideas I have for the start. If they sound interesting, then tell me! If they sound dumb, then tell me so I can change them! All criticism is good criticism, after all. So, for the start, Here's what I have planned for the Lord and they're 'Jagen/Oifey' unit. First off, the Lord is going to start as a staff/dark magic user on a Pegasus. It's a weird combination, but at least it would be fairly memorable as well. Meanwhile, his advisor would be a female Myrmidon at around level 7 or so. As for the personalities, I'm planning on having the main character be nearly incapable of feeling emotions or remorse, and the advisor could sort of act as his conscience. Any and all feedback would be appreciated, and I'd love to hear what people think about my ideas!
  15. So uh... I'm new here. A while back, I came up with a story idea that I thought would work well as a Fire Emblem game, and after some deliberation, I decided I wanted to turn it into a ROM hack. The only problem is that I have absolutely zero experience with hacking or designing any kind of game, so I'm going to need some help. And by some help, I mean a lot of help. The hack in question would be called Fire Emblem: Legend of the Black Dragon. I have some fairly ambitious story and gameplay ideas that I want to implement into this game, including an interweaving, multi-perspective narrative, new classes, and a morality-system-esque mechanic. I want this particular story to be a darker, more mature FE story (because originality, amirite?), one that deals with heavier topics than other games have in the past. The plot is thus: The continent of Rhoden has long been the site of a perennial struggle between two major powers: The Holy Empire of Damaria to the north, and the Kingdom of Maridia to the south. The Damarian empire is a theocracy ruled by the Church of Valkyrion, while Maridia is a constitutional monarchy that values logic over faith. The two great kingdoms have been at war with each other over ideological differences and have dragged many of the smaller nations into their conflict time and again. Five years ago, the last great war between the two great nations ended in a staggering defeat for Damaria, but left both nations on the verge of economic collapse. Now tensions are running high again, and war between the two kingdoms is eminent. The story revolves around three major characters: Mikaela, the princess of Damaria, Richter, the High General of Maridia, and Zean, a wandering knight who holds the key to stopping the war between the two kingdoms. Each of the three Lords will have their own separate party and story arc, occasionally running into another Lord's party and either doing battle with or assisting the separate army. Eventually, the three join forces to stop the main villain from resurrecting an ancient evil and destroying the continent. I'm still in the planning phase for a good chunk of the story, but I have most of the important beats down and am doing some work on creating characters for each of the three parties. Some gameplay ideas I'd like to try with this hack: -Roamable world map ala Sacred Stones and Awakening. -Base camp area that functions similarly to the My Castle from Fates. -Morality system that gives players different upgrades based on decisions they make in the game. -Revamped skill system that takes the best aspects of the Tellius skill system and the new games and combines them. -Revamped support system that borrows elements from the new games. -New classes. Example- Serpent Knight, sea serpent riding variant of the Wyvern Rider that specializes in sea combat and uses bows to deal with flying units. These are all just nothing more than concepts for right now, but hopefully if I can get some of you lovely readers interested, we can work together and make something of this. If you are interested in helping out, please let me know and check out my Twitter @TheKingBahamut. I'll be happy to send a more detailed plot summary to anyone who would like one. Thank you, Bahamut
  16. I have a concept for a Fire Emblem game involving four kingdoms in a battle royale type situation. I already have the characters and their stats. Is there a specific software to make this? What game should I rip from? Anything else I'd need to know to make this a reality?
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