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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, I love FE very much and currently working on my own romhack. I am looking for a spriter for one of my main characters who is a martial artist/bare fist/knuckle fighter. My inspiration revolves heavily on Amy from Another Eden. Please see here. I need a Portrait, Map Animation (standing and moving), and custom Battle Animation (hand size a bit bigger since presumably she'll be wearing knuckles + wearing an outer robe/jacket). Some ideation keywords for the portrait: Amy is tough, fiery, strong-willed, not feminine but still kinda cute to look at. Please send me a message for more details. Thanks and regards LW.
  2. V3.08 is here. The hack now goes up to Chp 19 and weapon range should now display properly. Legendary weapons made the late game too easy, so I gave them a nerf. Tell me if it is enough. FE8 Chaos Mode V3.08 Screenshots: As of this moment, Erika's Route is being worked on. Chp 16 done Nothing is done to Ephraim's route as of right now. This hack includes: This hack is not complete yet, I just want to get it out to see what people's opinion of it is so far and I will to listen to suggestions. Let me know if the weapons should be more expensive and if there are any game breaking glitches. Credit to the battle animation are the following:
  3. Hello everyone! I'm currently making an Let's Play for The Sacred Stones. Specifically, I'm doing an Ironman run on Hard using a Changes-Lite patch I made. Here's a link to the first episode. And here's a link to the full playlist (you don't need to watch the intro). I'll be uploading daily, so if your interested, be sure to check it out. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let me know. I hope to see you there!
  4. Welcome to my Changes-Lite Patch for The Sacred Stones! The Goal of this Patch was to make the least amount of changes to the base game for the greatest positive result. I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys the base game, but is looking for a tighter experience with a handful of quality-of-life patches sprinkled in. If you’d like to learn more about the patch, I’ve created a video detailing what I believe to be some of the more important changes found within the patch. If you want to try the patch out yourself, or just learn more about it, feel free to click the links below: Changelog UPS Patch How to apply a UPS Patch (Thanks Arch!) If your interested, I’m also making a Let’s Play using the patch, so be sure to check it out. To those of you who made it this far, thank you for your interest! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let me know. Enjoy!
  5. Hey everyone! I’ve undertaken the relaunch of a project to provide high-quality half-card proxies for every Cipher card, in a format that overlays with the card and doesn’t cover the beautiful artwork that many of us love Cipher for. As of posting this, me and a small team of others have been able to provide proxies for all cards from series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22. We also have a proxy for all promo cards from series 1 to 21. It doesn't stop there of course, as we've made many proxies for all the other series too! Like the ones below. I know I've made more than 2000 proxies myself, so as a team we must have made more than a 2500 proxies total by now!!!! You can find them all in our google drive. The link to the drive is pinned in our discord. We (Monnal, Zaziki, Naturesshadow and me) are trying to get more of the community involved into this project! As such; we've made a new discord server! Anyone that's interested is free to join us! We have a channel where we upload new proxies, and one that will provide you with updates every now and then. And ofcourse there's the other channels for FE discussions and cipher games. Also, the link to the google drive from before the relaunch still works, but that drive will no longer be updated. We now have a new google drive, it should be easier to find the proxy you want on this one. You can find the link to the Google Drive in our server! The link to the CPT discord server: https://discord.gg/8sdvFHH FAQ: Q: Why does this card have a solid/non-transparent box behind the skills when this one has a transparent box or none at all? A: This is dependant on whether the text-free art of the card itself is available online, and that is down to the artist to release on their preference. If the art is available, we can do some Photoshop magic and combine the Japanese card with the textless art to create a card with no Japanese text on which has to be covered up by opaque squares. Q: When will you do this set? Can you do this card? A: Some of us are trying to get a specific set (or color of a set) done! We’re not making these cards in any specific order. If you want to get a specific card or two done, don’t be shy to DM me on discord! (I deserve this #5776) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Retranslations Retranslations are being done by Project Hero-King. They're also interested in working on a translation for the original Fire Emblem TCG, of Which Cipher is a “sequel” to. However, very little information on it is readily available; if anyone has info on it, especially any manuals, official rulesets, etc., that would be extremely appreciated. If you have any of said information or any questions at all for the translation team, feel free to PM one of the members of Project Hero-King: @TriforceP Custom Cards Our discord server / google drive also supports making / uploading custom cards. These custom cards should be in a cipher-like format though, although they don't have to be limited to the fire emblem franchise. Feel free to make your favourite smash brothers characters into a cipher deck. Perhaps making custom cipher cards is what gets you into making half-card proxies every now and then for the community! Feedback Feedback is very important to us. Be sure to leave us your feedback, good or bad, when you get the chance. We appreaciate your opinion! -I deserve this
  6. I've been thinking about starting my own fan project for a while, but even though I've taking notes on things like stats, growths and classes, I'm not really sure what I'd need to officially start. This is mainly an issue due to the fact that I'm considering asking for the help of people online because of my own lack of expirience in all of this, but I don't want to ask for them to put their efforts in a project that lacks almost everything (I don't even know if it'd be appropiate to do it when knowing these things so you know). I don't even know if asking this is appropiate, for that matter. There's a lot of things I don't know apparently.
  7. (kinda?) CANCELLED Thread is still here for archival/reference purposes. I am no longer on remotely amicable terms with Markyjoe enough anymore to continue this project... Sorry for all who were interested. So... I've had this project going on at least since early March or February, and it was intended to be entered into Ragefest IV, but due to problems both personal and mechanical, I was unable to meet the deadline. And now, Marc has basically implied that Ragefest V won't exist, and honestly even if it does, it won't happen for at least over half a year, and if I had finished by then it'd still take forever to get played. I don't want to wait that long, so I've decided I'm going to finish this thing up on my own time and then release it to the public, and I'll likely have TheMoniker play it part-by-part as I finish them, and release it to everyone when it's finished. Marc's obviously plenty free to play it on his time too, but given the circumstances I doubt he'll get any opportunity. So, about this game. I decided very early on that there was absolutely no way I would best Pwnagekirby in the sadism department, so I instead directed my efforts into winning the Artist award, with some attempts at my own version of humor too. As a result, the game uses an extensive amount of original graphics (or those taken from other, free resources) and generally attempts to be as unique as possible. Thanks to being a beta tester for FEXNA, I have access to quite literally the most powerful fangame creation engine there is, so plenty of features are completely one-of-a-kind. I know the community has been pretty excited for the engine overall so I also felt that this could be a good opportunity to show the sheer power of this thing off. Its gameplay has been thoroughly tested by myself and has ended up rather tight, while still allowing plenty of wiggle room and plenty of choices for the player. In fact, this was also something I decided I wanted to do; instead of making a game that was essentially a giant puzzle, I wanted to make a game that gave plenty of freedom to choose. However, due to Ragefest giving me the freedom in design decisions it does, there's still some hints of rather "mean" mechanics. I'll probably say it would have been the easiest entry in the contest, but also possibly the most satisfying, if I do say so myself. But enough rambling! I'm sure what you all REALLY want to see is some proof of my words, so lo and behold, I present unto you, TEASER SCREENSHOTS. Part 1 ("The Escape") really only lacks dialogue and some final polishing, so if wannabe Saleh Moniker is ready for it and you guys want it, we can probably get some actual gameplay up pretty soon! From there onwards I just have to wrap up Part 2: The Battlefield, and then finish the rest. Part 3: The Pursuit, Part 4: The Iron Ruin, and then lastly The Grand Finale. Part 2 has playable functionality but no eventing, Part 3 has a map but no unit data whatsoever, Part 4 doesn't yet exist, and the Finale is planned and has a basic map but nothing finished. Yeah, if it wasn't obvious enough, this thing is LONG. So long, in fact, that it might have even gotten me disqualified from Ragefest due to the fact all four parts sans the Finale are basically entire chapters on their own. So maybe it was a good thing I didn't make it? I honestly don't know how lenient Markyjoe would have been with its extraordinary length compared to everything else! Honestly, though, the actual reason why I didn't finish in time wasn't overambition, it was due to numerous problems cropping up and impeding my progress along the way. I'm still sort of dealing with one of them... But I've got confidence and motivation, so I think with a little push I might be able to pull this thing off. Before I finish this post, though, I'd also like to make a public request to the community. One of my particular struggles with this project has indeed been assets, and my puny little "Team" hardly has been enough for it all. I've made by fine for now, but I'm still using plenty of tentative pieces. Marc's portrait, for example, or a large number of NPCs who aren't actually playable. Then there's stuff like the scrolling "CGs" used in the intro, which are optional and I've been largely getting by just using Anime screencaps for, for now, but lack the ability to, uh, represent Marc. (Puush link. Probably dead, if you're reading this a long time from the original post date.) No longer applicable! I've actually got myself a wonderful artist now who's doing more or less all the art work for me, although battle animations are consistent enough in style that I can probably accept multiple people working on them. And lastly I also lack certain animations, such as literally everything related to Kichy (The lance catgirl). The thing I'm finding myself most in-need of is actually music. I don't really have a reliable composer at this point in time... I think I probably need musicians more than anything at the moment. The music style I'm using is kind of more an orchestral style. I'm not using traditional FE music, since FEXNA allows you to just plop in an Ogg and play it. For reference, the song I'm presently using for the majority of Part 1 during Player Phase is below: I do have a composer on my "team" already, so at present I'm moreso looking for artists. I can do some degree of battle spriting on my own, so my first priority is art for character portraits. Second come battle sprites. CGs are optional, so I can live without them if need be. This is also mostly N/A now! I am, however, still in need of battle spriters, and could also use somebody who knows how to do map sprites, if possible... This said, if anybody has skills they can offer, be it musical composition, artistic ability, or perhaps something I didn't list here that you feel may help, feel free to say so! Feel free to post here or PM me, whatever suits you.
  8. It’s no secret that the recent Fire Emblem titles – Awakening and Fates – have been… polarizing to the fanbase. While the games were critical and financial successes, many fans have expressed extreme disdain for the “mainstreamification” of these titles in comparison to older games. Personally, I think that each style of Fire Emblem has its strengths and weaknesses; the older titles have stronger stories while the newer games have more streamlined and accessible gameplay. As I turned these thoughts over in my mind, an idea came to me: why not make a fan project that combines the strong plot and character of the older games with the newer features of Fates and Awakening into a game that everyone can enjoy? And so I present to you Fire Emblem: The Black Dragon, a FE8 hack designed to take the best aspects of each style of Fire Emblem and combine them into a single game. I plan to bring back certain important or interesting features from some older games as well, along with some new ideas. I wanted to wait until I had a proof of concept put together before properly posting here, but impatience got the better of me and I decided to post here anyway. I'm not entirely without things to show off, though; I have some sprites and really early script already created. So without further ado... The Story: The continent of Rhoden has long been the site of a perennial struggle between two major powers: The Holy Empire of Damaria in the north, and the Kingdom of Maridia in the south. The Damarian Empire is a theocracy ruled by the Church of Valkyrion, while Maridia is a constitutional monarchy ruled by a king and a council of nobles that values logic over religion. The two kingdoms have been at war with each other for decades over ideological differences, and have pulled the other smaller nations into their conflict several times. The start of the story takes place five years after the last war between the two kingdoms ended in a defeat for Damaria. Now, tensions are starting to run high for the two kingdoms and war is imminent. As the kingdoms move towards war, a wandering mercenary named Zean O’Drake is dragged into fighting for Maridia. As he travels the continent, Zean and his friends discover that the war is part of a larger plot that threatens to destroy the entire continent, and that Zean is the only one who can stop the forces that threaten the world. Structure and progression: The story centers around three major Lords: Zean, a wandering mercenary with superhuman powers, Mikaela, the princess of the Damarian Empire, and Richter, a powerful Maridian general. Each Lord will have their own party and path through the game, and the player will be able to switch between the different paths at will to ensure that each party remains competently levelled. The overall structure follows a similar style to FE8 and Awakening, with a traversable world map that players can explore at their choosing. In between chapters, players can also access a base camp, where they can manage units’ equipment, equip skills, buy weapons, items, and skills, and access support conversations. In addition to the destination chapter, where the player must go next for story progression, the player may encounter skirmishes on the world map, where they may go in order to grind experience and money, or boost support levels between their units. To compensate for this ability to grind, I intend to make this a much more challenging hack than most FE games. Gameplay features I want: Revamped skill system: Skills add a lot of variety and utility to Fire Emblem games. My personal favorite skill mechanics come from Radiant Dawn, where skills could be un-equipped and re-equipped to different units at will. Skill mechanics will work similarly in this particular game. Skills will be divided into two different categories: class-specific skills and equipable skills. Class-specific skills will be certain abilities locked to certain classes. For example, Thieves will always be able to pick locks, cavalry classes will always have the Canto ability (specifically FE9/10 style Canto that activates regardless of action), Berserkers will have an extra 20% crit, etc. Equipable skills can be bought at the base camp shop and equipped to units regardless of class, and will remain equipped regardless of what class the unit changes into, which leads me to my next mechanic… Multiple promotions and reclassing: While I like the reclassing feature of the newer Fire Emblem games, there are times when it could be a bit intrusive using it to obtain new skills with units. To solve this problem, I’ve decided to revamp the system a bit. Instead of units having different sets of classes to switch between, each unit will be stuck to one base class, but every base class will be able to promote into one of three different advanced classes, which the unit can switch between at will in the base. For example, a Fighter will be able to promote into a Warrior, a Berserker, or a Hero. Each of these classes will offer unique strengths and weaknesses, as well as small increases to a unit’s growth rates. If the Fighter becomes a Warrior, they will gain a small increase to their Defense and Skill, and gain access to the Warrior’s unique class skills. If the unit becomes a Berserker, however, they’ll get the Berserker’s unique skills and an increase to HP and Strength. This will give the player the option to customize their units as much as they want, and since many other skills can be equipped, it means that the reclassing feature is entirely optional to give units all the skills the player wants. FE13/14-Style support system: One thing about the older FE titles I despise and one of the reasons I refuse to acknowledge them as superior to the new is the way support conversations work. Not only is it unclear and unintuitive as to how support levels are increased, but it takes way too long for the support level to actually increase. Newer games also allowed for characters to support with many more other characters, giving them more opportunities for development. I want to take a page from the new games in terms of how supports are accessed by making the requirements for accessing them A) be more obvious, and B) take less time. Also, support conversations will take place at base instead of the battlefield because that makes more sense. Since I doubt I’ll be able to implement a pair up feature in these games, increasing support levels will be done by having characters stand next to each other on the battlefield. The difference is that each time these characters battle together, a heart icon will pop up (as it does in the new games) to indicate the increase in support points. The amount of support points required will also be lowered so that it only takes about two battles to increase two characters’ support level one stage. S rank supports will return, but I’ll only have characters be able to S rank one or two other characters based on story circumstances. Since I’m not putting children characters in this game, S rank supports will instead allow the two characters to be able to access each other’s skills in battle. Example: Two S ranked units stand next to each other. One is equipped with the Adept skill, giving that unit an extra attack. The unit that does not have Adept equipped will be able to activate the Adept skill regardless as long as they stand next to their S rank partner. Battle saving and other small conveniences: Battle saving, which allows the player to save their progress in the middle of a chapter and reload back to that point at any time, gives the player a greater margin for error. Granted, since players will be using an emulator to play this, it might not be necessary, but I feel it’s something every Fire Emblem game should have. It can potentially prevent players from needing to reset the entire chapter if they made a mistake, and anything that prevents that is a good thing to have in my book. There are also some other minor features that are convenient to have that other hackers have brought out. These include being able to see if enemies can move or not, checking the attack range of every enemy on the map, and seeing if an enemy has a weapon that is effective against a particular class. These are minor, but can make quite a bit of difference for players. Equipable items: This has sort of been done before, but I’d like the give units the ability to equip certain kinds of armor and relics to give them additional skills. These would be given their own inventory ala Path of Radiance, to avoid clutter and make them easier to use. You can probably see that this is an ambitious concept, which is a problem since I have little to no experience. I cannot stress enough that I need people to help me with making this. Script/story editors, sprite artists, hackers... ANYONE. But that doesn't mean there aren't some things I can do and have done myself. Here's a small list of sprites I cobbled together for this project. And yes I know they are really obviously spliced together but I don't care. Here's Zean, the main hero of the story. A rugged, handsome fellow. Princess Mikaela, heir to the throne of the empire and second of the three lords. Horatio, one of the first people Zean encounters on his travels. And finally, Brida, a young Fighter girl who joins the mercenary troupe. If you are even remotely interested, you can read the first draft of the script I've written here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ukIBQnvch-0zS5B5ioyR4QS3qSA0d8MQJ-nLQaJNmmg/edit Thanks, Bahamut
  9. So, I don't know how relevant it is for me to post this here, since this isn't really a tech question, but I have no idea where else I would ask this and I feel it is an important question for many newbie hackers looking for assistance in bringing their visions to life. I'm an aspiring game maker. I've had an original Fire Emblem story idea that I've been wanting to make into a hack for a while now. While I have most of the story and characters down, I know very little about programming, making sprites/animations, or any sort of tech aspect of making games. While I have been making an effort to learn more, it's a very difficult process for just one person to do alone. To that end, I decided that the best course of action was for me to start looking for people to help me with making the game. Some time ago, I posted a thread in the Concepts forum advertising my game idea and asking for any people who were interested to contact me. (Normally I would link you to this thread so you can read it yourself, but Serenes' link-paster tool is a piece of shit that doesn't work so I can't. Just look under my account content, you'll see it.) I got one response. One. And the guy wasn't offering to help create, merely asking me more questions. I could see that people were looking at the post, plenty of them, but no one was biting. So I continued writing the story and doing some of my own work. I learned how to create mug sprites by splicing pre-existing mugs together, which was cool, if not exactly what I wanted. I planned on putting a prototype of the game together to show off a rough idea of what it would look like, but impatience got the better of me and I decided to ask for help again. I made another post, this time with a more clear and focused vision of the game I wanted to make, as well as some of the sprites I had cobbled together. I even advertised the post on other websites and asked friends to help promote it as well. No one responded. Not a single person. Well one person, but he did so through direct message so it doesn't really count. I have it on good authority that creating a hack by oneself is borderline impossible, yet these experiences seem to be telling me that I need to do everything myself and that no one is interested in helping me. I like to think my idea is at least an interesting one, but of course I know the old expression that there are too many good ideas in the world and not enough good executions. And I'm sure other people who post to concepts with less of an idea as to what to make feel the same frustration when no one seems willing to help them. So what I want to know, from the hacking veterans here who have full teams working on their projects is: How do you generate interest in a project so that people will be willing to help you with it? Do you need to know how to do everything for yourself, and do you have to do it all by yourself, if only for a small amount of time? If an idea isn't grabbing interest, is it because the idea isn't very good, or because you can't substantiate it? And most importantly, if there's something I'm not doing right, what can I do differently to get the results I want? Because I can't make this game by myself. God knows I'd love to.
  10. So I want to start a FE hack. I'm rather new to this so advice and comments from experienced Hackers, or Creators (which ever you prefer) would be greatly appreciated. General Plot: The story is built around a mercenary named Valierus . Early on he's hired by the princess of Imperia as a body guard as she investigates Demonic activity in a nearby forest. Eventually he rbels against Imperia and forms his own nation after learning of the atrocities committed by Imperia's ruler. So far thats all i've thought out plot wise, but i start working on it today. Any advice is welcome, and suggestions will be considered. Thank you for taking the time to take notice.
  11. I was reading about Fire Emblem and I found in Serenes Forest probably the most interesting unused content of FE. Boyd x Brom Boyd x Ike Boyd x Rolf Boyd x Mist Boyd x Oscar Boyd x Titania Boyd x Ulki Boyd x Mia Aran x Laura Aran x Makalov Aran x Micaiah Aran x Mordecai Aran x Nealuchi Aran x Nolan Aran x Sothe Aran x Danved Caineghis x Elincia Caineghis x Giffca Caineghis x Ike Caineghis x Kyza Caineghis x Ranulf Caineghis x Renning Caineghis x Lyre Caineghis x Mist Caineghis x Mordecai Caineghis x Nailah Caineghis x Lethe Caineghis x Skrimir Caineghis x Stefan Caineghis x Titania Calill x Geoffrey Calill x Heather Calill x Muarim Calill x Nephenee Calill x Soren Calill x Tauroneo Calill x Tormod Calill x Mia Calill x Danved Brom x Elincia Brom x Heather Brom x Janaff Brom x Meg Brom x Nephenee Brom x Zihark Shinon x Gatrie Shinon x Ike Shinon x Janaff Shinon x Rhys Shinon x Rolf Shinon x Mist Shinon x Oscar Shinon x Sigrun Shinon x Titania Edward x Leanne Edward x Leonardo Edward x Micaiah Edward x Nolan Edward x Sanaki Edward x Stefan Edward x Sothe Ilyana x Gatrie Ilyana x Laura Ilyana x Lucia Ilyana x Micaiah Ilyana x Mordecai Ilyana x Oscar Ilyana x Mia Ilyana x Zihark Ena x Gatrie Ena x Gareth Ena x Kurthnaga Ena x Leanne Ena x Mist Ena x Nasir Ena x Volug Ena x Rafiel Elincia x Geoffrey Elincia x Ike Elincia x Kieran Elincia x Ranulf Elincia x Leanne Elincia x Renning Elincia x Lucia Elincia x Marcia Elincia x Mist Elincia x Nephenee Elincia x Nailah Elincia x Pelleas Elincia x Sanaki Elincia x Tibarn Elincia x Bastian Fiona x Laura Fiona x Leanne Fiona x Leonardo Fiona x Micaiah Fiona x Pelleas Fiona x Tanith Fiona x Tauroneo Fiona x Danved Gatrie x Marcia Gatrie x Mist Gatrie x Muarim Gatrie x Oscar Gatrie x Rafiel Gatrie x Astrid Geoffrey x Kieran Geoffrey x Kyza Geoffrey x Renning Geoffrey x Lucia Geoffrey x Bastian Giffca x Gareth Giffca x Kyza Giffca x Ranulf Giffca x Lyre Giffca x Mordecai Giffca x Lethe Giffca x Skrimir Giffca x Tauroneo Giffca x Bastian Gareth x Janaff Gareth x Kurthnaga Gareth x Renning Gareth x Nasir Gareth x Vika Haar x Heather Haar x Jill Haar x Makalov Haar x Volug Haar x Pelleas Haar x Sigrun Haar x Tauroneo Heather x Lucia Heather x Mist Heather x Nephenee Heather x Vika Heather x Volke Ike x Kurthnaga Ike x Ranulf Ike x Micaiah Ike x Mist Ike x Nasir Ike x Nailah Ike x Oscar Ike x Lethe Ike x Reyson Ike x Soren Ike x Sothe Ike x Titania Ike x Tibarn Ike x Volke Ike x Mia Ike x Zihark Janaff x Lucia Janaff x Oscar Janaff x Tibarn Janaff x Vika Janaff x Ulki Jill x Mist Jill x Nealuchi Jill x Lethe Jill x Sigrun Jill x Tauroneo Jill x Zihark Kieran x Rhys Kieran x Renning Kieran x Lyre Kieran x Marcia Kieran x Oscar Kieran x Reyson Rhys x Rolf Rhys x Mist Rhys x Nailah Rhys x Oscar Rhys x Titania Rhys x Ulki Rhys x Mia Kyza x Ranulf Kyza x Lyre Kyza x Meg Kyza x Mordecai Kyza x Muarim Kyza x Zihark Kurthnaga x Micaiah Kurthnaga x Nasir Kurthnaga x Pelleas Kurthnaga x Skrimir Kurthnaga x Sothe Laura x Meg Laura x Micaiah Laura x Nealuchi Laura x Nolan Laura x Tanith Ranulf x Lyre Ranulf x Mordecai Ranulf x Lethe Ranulf x Skrimir Ranulf x Tibarn Ranulf x Zihark Leanne x Leonardo Leanne x Naesala Leanne x Nealuchi Leanne x Nailah Leanne x Oliver Leanne x Sanaki Leanne x Tibarn Renning x Lucia Renning x Bastian Renning x Vika Leonardo x Micaiah Leonardo x Nolan Leonardo x Pelleas Leonardo x Skrimir Leonardo x Sothe Lyre x Nephenee Lyre x Pelleas Lyre x Lethe Lyre x Astrid Lyre x Titania Lyre x Zihark Rolf x Marcia Rolf x Mist Rolf x Oscar Rolf x Rafiel Rolf x Tauroneo Lucia x Astrid Lucia x Bastian Makalov x Marcia Makalov x Naesala Makalov x Astrid Makalov x Bastian Makalov x Volke Marcia x Sigrun Marcia x Astrid Marcia x Tanith Marcia x Ulki Meg x Micaiah Meg x Nephenee Meg x Astrid Meg x Vika Meg x Ulki Meg x Zihark Micaiah x Naesala Micaiah x Nailah Micaiah x Nolan Micaiah x Volug Micaiah x Rafiel Micaiah x Soren Micaiah x Skrimir Micaiah x Stefan Micaiah x Sothe Micaiah x Tauroneo Micaiah x Tormod Mist x Oscar Mist x Titania Mist x Mia Mordecai x Oliver Mordecai x Lethe Mordecai x Stefan Mordecai x Ulki Mordecai x Danved Mordecai x Zihark Muarim x Lethe Muarim x Sothe Muarim x Titania Muarim x Tormod Muarim x Vika Muarim x Zihark Naesala x Nealuchi Naesala x Oliver Naesala x Rafiel Naesala x Reyson Naesala x Sanaki Naesala x Sothe Naesala x Tibarn Naesala x Vika Nasir x Stefan Nasir x Volke Nasir x Ulki Nealuchi x Nolan Nealuchi x Rafiel Nealuchi x Reyson Nealuchi x Tauroneo Nealuchi x Vika Nephenee x Pelleas Nephenee x Danved Nephenee x Zihark Nailah x Volug Nailah x Rafiel Nailah x Reyson Nailah x Tibarn Nolan x Sothe Oliver x Rafiel Oliver x Reyson Oliver x Tanith Oliver x Tormod Oliver x Danved Volug x Rafiel Volug x Soren Volug x Tormod Volug x Mia Oscar x Tanith Oscar x Titania Oscar x Mia Pelleas x Tauroneo Rafiel x Tibarn Lethe x Sanaki Lethe x Skrimir Lethe x Zihark Reyson x Tanith Reyson x Tibarn Reyson x Tormod Reyson x Ulki Sanaki x Sigrun Sanaki x Tanith Soren x Skrimir Soren x Stefan Soren x Titania Sigrun x Skrimir Sigrun x Tanith Skrimir x Tibarn Skrimir x Mia Stefan x Vika Sothe x Astrid Sothe x Tormod Sothe x Volke Tauroneo x Volke Tauroneo x Zihark Titania x Tibarn Tibarn x Ulki Tibarn x Mia Tormod x Vika Tormod x Danved Bastian x Volke This is a list of the supports that would be featured in FE 10,for some whatever reason the developers decided to cut this (probably time reasons) and we had some generic supports conversation,if we can call this supports.I found this list at Serenes Forest itself,it was found on the game data,but there wasn't found a thing of these supports. So I am here to propose a game,Why don't we start making supports for FE 10 and see what we could have got!
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