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Found 3 results

  1. Okay so this is probably known already, but on the off-chance that it isn't... I discovered that it's kindasorta possible to farm for gold using Profiteer with Midori on the Awakening Xenologue. I tested it on My Castle and no Profiteer happened, but on the Awakening level, it works. So... yeah, I guess that's a faster method of farming than feeding Lilith? Obv it's no Ghostly Gold, but it's something if you don't want to shell out the muns for that level.
  2. Hey all, Just thought I'd share this with you since gold seems to be pretty scarce in Fates. This obviously works best in Birthright where you can do Challenge battles, but it's perfectly viable in Conquest as well if you're willing to sacrifice a slot or two in battles here and there. To farm easy gold, all you have to do is take in as many characters with Profiteer skill and high luck levels. This may seem obvious, but by recruiting various Corrins/Midoris from other players in Castle battles, you can pick up 5 or so characters with it in a single sitting since Profiteer is a fairly common skill to see popping up. Then take a character with Rally luck and park them in a corner of the map. Keep having each player use the "Wait" command each turn following a rally luck. Repeat for all 7 initial turns, then clear the map. Edit: Midori is ideally the best possible character for this, as she has access to Luck+4 and Lucky Charm, which increases the trigger rate of her luck-based skills by 20%. I only started collecting Profiteer people yesterday when I had this idea, and I'm already generating roughly 20 gold bars per battle, which ends up yielding around 8k gold per challenge once you add in the 2k from enemy drops. If you want to share your own or other people's Castle Codes that have good candidates to recruit for profiteer and are easy to seize, feel free to share them here in the comments! Hope that helps! Happy hunting. Edit: Here are the most useful castle codes I've found thus far. My own: 09343-05913-47899-23746 (I have several units that you can recruit with profiteer) Senah: 16356-36359-36400-78610 Hilda: 07467-49523-42179-31153 Amaranth: 06505-44628-75865-51526 Corrin: 06510-44516-86659-54393 Sariya: 09811-12883-80662-36129
  3. So I'm new to these forums. *applause* I'm a new Fire Emblem character, but I absolutely love Awakening. Can't find a better RPG out there. Thing is, I tend to be someone who in the terms of Pokémon, must get the perfect movesets. But this isn't Pokémon. So... would it be skillsets? Yes, let's go with that. This tends to require a good bit of second seals, and the occasional master seal, training in the EXP DLC. Usually one, maybe even two Master Seals, and 3-5 Second Seals are used per character. Getting them is a challenge for sure. I can always farm Harvest Scramble for that Master Seal, but I've come into trouble finding the Second ones. Anna sells them, yes, I'm aware of this. But there's no guarantee that she'll have them in stock, should she even appear on the map, for which me and my horrid luck, is never. So, I've looked around, and apparently that Champions of Yore villages, in the first one, tend to have the second seals, and the occasional Door. What's the thing called... The blue little... Hmm... Well, you kn- Rift Door! Yes, that. I tend to find those, yes. But as of late, instead of finding the Second Seals and Rift Doors, mixed in with the every-now-and-then Goddess Icon or Secret Book, I'm finding... Towering Bows and Bronze Weapons, every time. I usually have my plan to go to the villages planned out, save, and then put it into effect. Should I not get what I desire, I turn off my game, go back to the saved point, and try again, as they WILL change. So does anyone have any ideas what I can do? More importantly, am I losing my mind, or am I REALLY running the map dry of resources I can get? Has anyone got any other Second Seals from Champions of Yore 2 or 3? Again, I'm new to these forums... so if I'm doing something wrong, I apologize...
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