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Found 1 result

  1. Hey Folks. Yep. I'm back Again. With another Japanese Patch. So, FE8 Girls was one thing. But this is extreme. I'm sure you'll get what I means when you start reading it through. Download: http://ux.getuploader.com/FE4/download/96/%E7%B7%91%E3%83%91%E3%83%83%E3%83%81.zip Am told the latest patch is always here. [spoiler=Be Green for Earth!] So Start Menu is green. Even difficulty are all green. I take the bottom one since it's the hard one right? ...right? Still green here. Oh good it's not green. GREEEEEEEEN WHO ARE YOU!? Green Hair, make sense. Green sprites instead of blue? THAT'S NOT A GREEN GIRL. SHE'S BLUE GREEN PATCH PLS Sothe Lance huh. W-why does he have 100 hit? I guess we're the NPC color this time. Good fit I guess If memory serves correctly. It's in order of Str Mag Skl Spd Luck Def Resistance is on Mag now or so I believe. Sothe has unique weapon apparently. I would assume it's called Kard since it's strikingly similar to FE8girls's... nightmare crit engine of a weapon. Also, Sothe doesn't have steal ability I believe. Pretty lame. But seriously though. B rank in sword, level 10 thief. Practically begging us to use him. EVEN THE MOVE TILES ARE GREEN, Arrow is dark green. EVERY THING IS GREEEEEN I skip my turn. He miss, I land both. Skip turn again. Miss again and I crit. On the former's death, the next one has a landing punch. She returns the favor with a crit though. 'All that's left is their leader..." lol I move forward and heal. I heal agai to lure him off the forest tile. He lands a hit, I hit both, I move to forest tile and... WELP Unusual. Oh brilliant. Die. Is kill. Fuck this shit. Better.jpg Wonderful! DAMMIT EIRIKA. I decide to just fuck it and have Sothe be a bait. BUT HE DIDN'T CARE AND WENT FOR HIGHER HP EIRIKA. At least she dodged Phew, Sothe dodged the 10 dmg kill and chipped for Eirika. The leader after a while of catching up miss her. Not bad...? Yay Remind me again... How is she green?
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