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Found 2 results

  1. It's taken me a while (I procrastinated for several months on Chapter 25), but I finally finished my all-Wyverns run of Conquest. Though the battle was bloody, the Wyvern Brigade made it through the Endgame to stop the evils of Twincest Takumi and his bow domination, thus striking down Fates' title as 'Bow Emblem'! The endgame was an unmitigated disaster since I made a dumb move and half my wyverns ended up getting shot outta the sky by Takumi and the bow knights that spawned (not a huge surprise really, though it could have gone better if I didn't muck it up), BUT-- we did it. I actually want to try recording a playthrough of the endgame for this thread; all I have is my crappy webcam but I'll see what I can do. Might make some last-second changes to the squad, like swapping Camilla's class, but we'll see. Time for a little unit breakdown: Other interesting (?) tidbits: - I think a few people have mentioned this in the other thread, but if I had decided to give MU the Wyvern talent off the bat (instead of Oni Savage like I chose, since I decided to do the wyvern run after starting), I could have married her to another eligible non-wyvern bachelor to get both him and his kid in on the Wyvern action, IE Leo, Odin, Keaton, etc. Just changing MU's talent to wyvern and spouse to Keaton with no other changes, that's 2 more wyverns than I got in my run for a total possible of 19. That's nuts (and definitely overkill), but interesting to note. - ended up with 2 extra Arms Scrolls that no one really needed by the end; probably wasn't the best use of them, but I decided to use them on Leo and Forrest since they were the magic-based MKs with the most strength so they could use Hammers and Pike-Ruin Clubs and such. If I'd decided to get Velouria in on this action via marriage/inheritance, they could be used on her after recruiting her post-level 15 Offspring Seal so she can go straight to Wyvern with her amazing Wolfssegner skills. Live’n’learn, as they say. - I did My Castle battles a LOT while procrastinating on Chapter 25 and accrued tons of random-only weapons for forging. The most of anything I got was 11 Odin's Grimoires-- holy $#!7. By contrast, never found a single Iago’s Tome outside of the one from the battle rewards. Final Notes! It took a lot of planning, and yeah there were some missteps along the way, but I think I proved that this can be done. If anything, Wyverns might be one of the best unit types for a class-specialized run like this, given their access to all three corners of the Weapon Triangle and their crazy mobility. Had a lot of fun doing this, and hope to see other people try some crazy stuff too!
  2. Hello Everyone As the title says I'm doing a conquest lunatic run with only MU's. So far i do have 3 other MU's one mercenary, one cavalier, and one samurai,my MU has samurai as a secondary also. Few Rule -Obv no grind or skill buying or my castle resource grinding , if voted on i would grind supports and do all the paralouge chapters -No resets -Some of the my castle rewards will be used if needed If you want to submit an MU just leave their Boon/Bane, Secondary Class(please use your early 3000k gold to get a heart seal to switch them) dlc classes are allowed and all submissions must be levels 10-11 On that note who ever the first level 10-11 troubadour with a D in staves and earns an easy spot(If you have revelations you can just recruit a high level unit from one of the highest rank castles, just have them fight everything so the MU can stay at least level 10 and get the arms scroll from the dude in chapter 10 -Any skills that aren't earned with level will most likely be unequipped Three final notes -I haven't actually finished lunatic conquest, I have to legit runs on chapter 26 and 27 but no rescue staves and i never felt like taking the attempts in succeeding in the bloody charge -I can record the gameplay but it will have to be with my phone sadly because I don't have a 3ds capture card nor the money to buy one -Lastly the playthrough will also be up on the fire emblem amino community on there you can follow me @FemaleCorrin if you so choose Playthrough should start tomorrow night, ill most likely do chapters 7-9 and mozus paralouge
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