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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all, I and another parent here in the Forest thought it might be a good idea to open up a thread where we can discuss all things parent and children related. I know there's a handful of parents that are posters here, and there may very well be more that I'm unaware of. My current count is four. However, we could also talk about families in general as well, or posters want to talk about their own parents, since we all experience the child half of the parent-child relationship, first. I and other parents could also try to field questions as best we can about people maybe thinking about becoming parents themselves one day, or just want to satisfy morbid curiosity. In the end, we're all amateurs, here. For me, I have two children. One is in the oven, while the other finished cooking a little over two years ago. Adventures in pregnancy have been discussed in http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=62651. My son is named Leo, and my daughter will be called Est. I swear I don't name my children after Fire Emblem characters, it just worked out that way.
  2. For this theory, I'll use default Robin's(the one in Smash 4) as reference, since that's the "deafultest" look possible. Hey there! So recently I've noticed something while playing FE13, and it kinda shocked me when I realized it. We all here know that most children in FE13 inherit their father's hair color, right? And since Robin's hair color is up to the player, most children can have any of the selectable hair colors. Now, very later in the game, we discover that Robin is the child of Fauder/Validar, and that becomes quite the plot point, as it explains how Validar managed to make Robin kill Chrom at the very beginning of the game. He was controlling Robin through his blood, which was related to his own. But here's what I noticed. Robin and Validar do not share their hair color at all. ...Quite shocking, I know. This can mean a few things: 1) Robin could not actually be Validar's child​ ​Which seems quite an idiotic thing, since the game explicitly tells otherwise to us, but bear with me for a bit. I think that Robin was some random kid that Validar kidnapped and ended up brainwashing said kid to believe that he was their real father. Maybe he saw the potential Robin had to be Grima's Vessel and decided to seize the opportunity, so as to not take risks. Eventually, something happened to Robin, and that something triggered their memories. That and finding out that they had been lied to the entire time made them flee from Validar's reach, only to be found by GimRey (That's what I'm calling the Robin from the future, who decided to accept being the vessel. Thanks shadowofchaos.)in Ylisse and have their memories disabled until later in the game. The shock from GimRey and their memories made Robin faint, only to be found later by Chrom, Lissa and Fredrick. When Validar controlled Robin, it simply was controlling using Grima's power to seize a good vessel for Grima.Since the fell dragon wanted that too, he lent Validar some of his power, so that he could be reborn as GimRey. Now there might be a few errors within this theory, especially the fact that Robin never seems to mention that, nor does Validar or Aversa. Or the fact that this game seems to love plotholes. But it has enough evidence to make it at least plausible, so I guess it's up for you to decide if you'll believe it or not. Now, onward to "thing" 2. 2) It's just a silly plothole, and I should stop thinking too deep. Don't forget that we are still talking about FE13, and it's tightly-written story. This seems to be enough evidence to break the theory too, so yeah. Or maybe... 3) They may use this not-resolved plotline to make another game in Ylisse that follows Awakening. Which seems likely too, since Awakening revitalized the franchise in the West and is the best selling in the series. Who knows? Like point 2, I won't delve too much into this, as it is real-life speculation. Endgame I'd like to invite you guys to share your thoughts in this thread, be it evidence, criticism or any kind of commentary. After all, this is why people like to come to SF...right? I don't know if someone else already posted something like this, but if they did, sorry in advance. I hope we can spark some nice discussion out of this! And who knows what will happen in the future, right? Thank you for reading until here! Have a nice day!
  3. What if the 12 children were tied to the father? If needed, alter the child's personality a little, as long as their main quirk stays intact I think: Cynthia-Frederick Noire-Vaike Kjelle-Lon'qu Owain-Stahl Brady-Gregor Inigo-Virion Laurent-Henry Gerome-Kellam
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