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Found 1 result

  1. Yo people. I just started another Hard run and for the first time went with Fe!MU. I decided on going a magic route with her and chose +Mag/-Def for her asset/flaw and I plan on having her end up as a sage. Now, the problems I have are the skillset and who I would want to marry. First off, the skillset. I thought about running Tomefaire/Rally Spectrum/Ignis/Galeforce/Magic +2 but I'm not a huge fan of Ignis. Are any of the other offensive procs worth it? What would be a better option instead of Magic +2? Then comes the problem of who I want to marry. I've heard about Ricken!Owain being a good choice for getting a good Morgan out of it. If I would want Owain, what skills should he have and what does he want to pass down? Finally Morgan. Obviously I want him to get Galeforce and end up in a magic class. But I got nothing else planned really. Ideas? Thanks for the help in advance.
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