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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome to my Lunatic+ playlog/guide/walkthrough. There are others like it, but this is the only one with a 16-bit animated GIF of a dog. This one has a lot of bulleted lists, so buckle your safety belts. Purpose of this thread is to document a repeatable (to the extent possible) run of the game, that involves minimal resetting and heartache. It will use the following conditions: Lunatic+, in all of its cheating glory. Semi-Classic, meaning that we play Classic mode, and soft reset if a character unintentionally dies. No Outrealm Gate, although it does make the game easier if you are struggling. I won't judge. Stuff that's fine: Spotpass items, Bonus box, Renown (I will be using up to Large Bullion), Anna shops, and forging. Stuff that I'll avoid: event tiles, Barracks (too random). Turn counts are irrelevant. I'll be tracking them, but just for the lulz. I fully expect to have several 50+ Turn chapters, due to the constraints of training. As for the details, the concept of this run is to complete the game largely with bow-using classes. Why bows? Because of Counter. One of the more hair-pulling aspects of Lunatic+ is the random chance that a map spawns full of enemies with Counter, and your strong units just kill themselves on Enemy Phase. Bows avoid this problem by simply being unable to retaliate at 1-range, making Counter a wasted skill slot for the enemy. The bow-using classes that we'll be seeing here: Archer/Sniper: as the only class that can use Longbows, Archers are included for the ability to fight at 3-range. This allows you to counter enemy Longbow users, as well as kill off dangerous 2-range enemies without retaliation. Offers strong HIT, and Bowfaire. Warrior: really strong, with decent SPD/DEF caps, and Axe access for special occasions where 1-2 range combat is safe. Offers Rally Strength, and Counter (more useful than you might think). Assassin: weak general stats, but very fast, with Sword access. Offers Pass, which is extremely useful for positioning purposes. Lethality is not reliable, but occasionally helps. Bow Knight: highly mobile, Sword secondary, eventually gives Bowbreaker (enemy archers have some of the highest HIT in the game, so this is actually important). Bow Dark Mage: This is not actually a bow-using class, but since Mire also avoids Counter, I'll be training one of these units. The basic strategy for the run:Use Player Phase offense to eliminate dangerous threats. Rely on concrete defenses and high avoid to survive Enemy Phase (with the help of terrain, where possible). Bow-users need to fight in groups, adjacent to each other, in order to benefit from added Support bonuses, be in range of things like Charm/Demoiselle, and to keep from getting boxed in (a lone archer can be surrounded, but two adjacent bow-users will always have a target and/or freedom of movement). Units with Pass can operate independently to accomplish objectives (the nice advantage of the skill). Hawkeye enemies, and especially Hawkeye/Luna+ ones, are the most dangerous threats and need to be prioritized. With the parameters and the classes laid out, it's time to put together the army. Since this thread doesn't have enough lists yet, let's make another one.Female Avatar: the best overall unit in the game because of Veteran and class selection, Avatar is going to be female so that she can marry Chrom and produce the Family of Destruction. FemvatarxChrom ensures three units with Veteran, a four-way support setup, Morgan with Rightful King, etc. Expected class path will be Tactician -> Mercenary -> Bow Knight, ultimately ending with Sniper. DEF asset, SKL flaw. Chrom: an overall mediocre unit, especially for this run (Cavalier is not particularly useful) but the need for a unit with Charm means that it's worth giving him training. He can be reclassed to Archer once he reaches Lord level 10, and eventually may promote to Bow Knight to regain Falchion access. Ultimately, if it gets that far, he's make a serviceable Great Knight in the support slot (purely for the base STR). Lissa/Maribelle: since avoid-tanking is so important, the army really needs a Demoiselle unit. I'm unsure at the moment which one that I will go with, though I am leaning towards Lissa. Maribelle doesn't require a Second Seal and will hit Demo earlier, but is around for less time and isn't as good of a healer. Lissa also has a more useful son. Gregor: starts as a level 10 Mercenary, with class set additions of Myrmidon and Barbarian. This gives Gregor access to all bow classes except Archer/Sniper, plus two strong +Avoid skills. Morgan: the most powerful unit in the game, if for no other reason than that his stat caps are better than Avatar's, and he has male regular class access. As Chrom's son, he starts as a level 10 Tactician already primed with Veteran, so there are strong class paths available. Lucina: see Morgan, except with a bit less flexibility. She shares the same stat caps, but starts as a Lord and gets Aether (which she already has access to), meaning you'll want to pass her Veteran. Has female class access that probably won't get used, lacks the ability to be a Fighter, but has Parallel Falchion, Charm, and Dual Strike+. Frederick: no access to any of the bow-using classes, and his growth rate would exclude him from a permanent spot regardless, but he is invaluable as an early combatant and later support partner. Henry: the best drop-in Mire user available. He doesn't have Armsthrift, but has good MAG and can immediately begin Mire-bombing upon recruitment. Henry also has potential for Nosferatu usage in the long-term, if it is needed. His SPD is not a problem unless it results in him getting doubled. Alright, let's get this party started. [spoiler=PARTY TIME] [spoiler=Prologue: The Verge of History] And so we begin, with Louise the +DEF/-SKL female Avatar. As with all early Lunatic+ chapters, you are going to be something of a slave to the RNG. Not only for hits/misses, but for skill combinations, and stat level-ups (Avatar really needs HP and DEF in a hurry). Hawkeye, Luna+, Pass, and Vantage+ can all appear here; each can present its own difficulties. The last two tend to be fairly benign, although it can make walling or last-hitting a problem in certain circumstances. If the Elthunder mage up top spawns with Luna+, you may want to reset if you're going to use the water trick. Keys to this chapter: train Avatar, don't overuse Frederick. I like to approach this chapter by having Frederick kill the north Mercenary (OHKO, pray that he doesn't have Vantage+ and Luna+), leaving him in position to weaken the nearby Barbarians on Enemy Phase. Chrom can move all the way to the right and down, to stay in range of only the right-hand Mercenary (he will not be doubled, and you may want to equip his Rapier for a better hit rate). This leaves you an easy clean-up on Turn 2 for Avatar (kill one Barbarian on Player Phase, second on Enemy Phase, and remember to Pair up with Lissa), and Chrom with Frederick as the Support has just enough pepper to finish off the Mercenary he injured on the first Turn. With any luck, the mage is in a position where Avatar with Lissa Support can kite him around with Thunder/Vulneraries for a while to farm up some EXP. Otherwise, you'll need Frederick to kill him. From here, a useful trick: none of the enemies here can occupy a Water tile. Of your own units, only Chrom and Avatar can move onto water. Therefore, you can pair AvatarxLissa and ChromxFrederick, and have your entire team out of reach of everything except the Elthunder mage. With Lissa giving +2 MAG and +2 RES, Avatar can attract/duel the Mage (use Vulneraries on Player Phase), while ChromxFrederick play rope-a-dope elsewhere to keep the Mercs and Barbs at bay. Once the mage is dead, it's a simple matter to kill off everyone else with Thunder, worry-free. For the boss, fight using Avatar with Thunder at 2-range. You need 8 SPD to avoid getting doubled, solved by a Pair with Chrom (you may want to unequip him to milk the EXP a little bit longer). He will have listed crit on Avatar, unless she is bracketed on both sides by Lissa and Frederick (which gives enough Support points for +dodge). Make this last as long as you can. Remember to trade items around as needed before you finish the chapter, because you won't get another chance to re-organize until Ch1 starts. When you finally put Garrick out of his misery, that should be a minimum of seven kills (possibly more) plus the boss that you've fed to Avatar, getting to level 6-7 easily. Done correctly, this should set up the rest of the earlygame chapters. Turns: 48 (did you think I was kidding when I said I didn't care about Turns?) Heroes: Loiuse & Lissa Level HP ST MG SK SP LK DF RS Louise 6.85 23 10 8 5 6 8 11 4 Chrom 1.40 20 7 1 8 8 5 7 1 Frederick 1.30 28 13 2 12 10 6 14 3 Lissa 3.38 18 2 7 5 5 8 4 6 In a few more levels, Louise will basically be a second Frederick.[spoiler=Chapter 1: Unwelcome Change] This chapter is half the reason why I started with a DEF asset, and spent as much effort training Avatar as I did in Prologue; the map is lousy with physical attackers, and has a Hammer Fighter that can OHKO Frederick even on a Fort. As Louise is slightly above-average on DEF (11 base, +3 in five level-ups), that means with a Frederick support on a Fort, she has effectively 17 DEF. This means that the Archer in this chapter, for example, literally tinks her (has 17 atk). Unfortunately, her SPD is the same as it was at base, and she's doubled by the Mercenaries. Under ordinary circumstances (vanilla Lunatic), this wouldn't be a huge problem, however on this mode, with Luna+ they will tear through her defenses. Fortunately, there are only two such Mercs. Fred can handle one without putting himself in danger of the Hammer Fighter, and the misfit group of Chrom/Sully/Virion/Lissa can handle the other one. Keys to the chapter: train Avatar, keep Frederick away from the Hammer, and be careful of the boss (you may want to reset if he has Luna+; it can be irritating). Since I already took care of item Feng Shui at the end of Prologue, I start by pairing Frederick with Avatar, and killing the left-side Merc (with his +1 MV bonus, you barely make it). Frederick either needs +STR, or Avatar needs 10 STR base in order to OHKO with Silver, but even if he misses by one point it's not a huge deal: the Merc hardly hurts him without Luna+. Alternately, you can stop one spot above the Merc, to attract an extra hit for an Axe Guy. It depends on skill distribution and your ability to safely take risks. Chrom creeps down the right hand side, with Lissa close by, taking care to stay out of range. After Enemy Phase, Frederick is probably beat to hell, so you'll want to retreat to the nearby Fort and switch to Avatar. It may or may not be safe to take a kill with Thunder, depending on positioning (don't forget that Bronze Sword gives you WTA here). Meanwhile, Sully and Virion have shown up. Sully is doubled and ORKO'ed by the Mercenary nearby, but if you Pair Chrom on top of her, she stop being doubled and is 3HKOed as long as she is on a forest tile. Trade Virion's Elixir to Chrom. Pair Chrom/Sully, sit on a forest and wait with Lance in hand; take care not to attract one of the axes. Keep Lissa nearby to heal, but safely out of range. After you (hopefully) survive Enemy Phase, Sully will need to fall back onto another forest and possibly be healed. If it's not safe to do so, that's fine: as long as the Merc doesn't have Luna+, she can take one more round from him. Switch with Chrom if necessary; he doesn't have WTA but can eat a hit. The rest is clean-up. Avatar should be able to handle the remaining Risen and the boss with Sword/Thunder on the Fort. Eat Vulneraries to stay healthy. If you get a bad roll on skills, it's fine to fight a running battle through the north/west forest to limit Enemy Phase exposure (this can happen if you have some unlucky Hawkeye/Luna+ enemies). In an emergency, you have Sully/Chrom/Virion/Lissa to draw an enemy over to kill, or Frederick with his Silver for a quick OHKO finisher. Louise nearly made it to level 9, and got a couple of good level-ups, so I gave the boss to Chrom. Turns: 7 (don't get used to this) Heroes: Loiuse & Frederick Level HP ST MG SK SP LK DF RS Wlvl Louise 8.86 25 12 8 6 8 9 13 5 E Swd, C Tome Chrom 2.36 20 8 1 9 9 6 7 1 E Swd Frederick 1.55 28 13 2 12 10 6 14 3 D Swd/Axe, B Lnc Lissa 3.72 18 2 7 5 5 8 4 6 D Stf Supports C - Chrom|Sully, Louise|Lissa/Frederick [spoiler=Chapter 2: Shepherds] Welcome to hell. Even after careful training of an over-leveled high-DEF Avatar, success in this chapter depends not on your strategic abilities or preparation, but how many Luna+ enemies that the game decides to throw at you. This is a chapter where I wish they'd have started the Aegis+/Pavise+ train just a little bit earlier, to give a normal strategy a fighting chance of success. But alas, this is what we've got. Keys to the chapter: stretch before you start, so that you don't get a cramp from pushing L+R+Start to soft-reset constantly; get the Elixir to your main combatants (trade, or Pair them with Chrom); prioritize killing Luna+ enemies, especially if they have Hawkeye; keep the squishy people away from the action. You have two basic ways to approach this map. Either put Avatar and Fred together, or separate them with different partners. The advantage of the FredxLouise tandem is that with a C support, Fred is giving +5 DEF from Pair-up, meaning that enemies just can't kill you fast enough without Luna+. The advantage of a split, is that while both units will have lower defenses, you have better offense with two Player Phase attacks, are able to fight side-by-side to limit enemy facings, and have more total health to go around. The choice largely depends on how good Avatar turned out. In my case, Louise is a giant pile of defense, so I opt to go for the single pair strategy. Chrom hands off the Elixir, and FredxLouise head north past the mountain to attack the Mercenary from afar with Thunder. Meanwhile, everyone else retreats to the left-hand side. A good way to facilitate the escape is to have Sully carry Vaike (or someone else) as far to the left/down as she can, and drop him to her right. This allows Lissa to run up and pair with the dropped unit, and saves a lot of aggravation. It's possible to have a slightly modified version of this if the Axe guy on the Mountain doesn't have Pass, and you block him on the right. If you go with a two-pair strategy, note that you have four people that give +2 DEF on Pair-up (Sully, Stahl, Virion, Vaike). Fred cannot quite OHKO the Merc in the forest unless you've been incredibly lucky, but he can weaken for Avatar to finish off (use Avatar to hit with Thunder first if the Merc has Luna+, otherwise Fred takes too much damage). Fred can use Stahl's Sword in this chapter to get WTA against axes, but if the axe guy on the mountain has Hawkeye, you are probably in a lot of trouble. Don't be afraid to use the Elixir if you have to; there won't be another one until Valm in all likelihood, but Concoctions will suffice until then. In any case, you'll want to use the defensive tiles to your advantage. There are nearby forests, and you can also sit on the Mountain for Fort-like defenses without the healing. I had Louise fight on a forest, so that the masses of enemies didn't overwhelm my group down in the bottom left. It's OK if an enemy leaks out towards your group of squishies. You have a healer, several people who can take at least one hit, and both Mirel and Virion can soften up a target from safety. In my clear of this chapter, I had the scrubs take down two of the starting-zone enemies. The second group of enemies past the bridge are much easier; just note who has Luna+, and fight accordingly. Forts make it much easier, since you can actually dodge some of the Luna+ enemies (as long as they don't have Hawkeye). It's worth noting that this chapter becomes a lot easier if you are willing to sacrifice units. On Casual mode, I'd advise suiciding as many units as possible in order to buy Fred and Avatar time to work safely (this helps deal with large numbers of Luna+ units). On Classic, you can probably afford to give up one or two units that you weren't intending to use anyway. Anyway, Louise was doing well for me again, so I gave the boss kill to Chrom. Turns: 13 Heroes: Louise & Frederick Level HP ST MG SK SP LK DF RS Wlvl Louise 13.13 27 14 12 7 12 14 17 6 D Swd, C Tome Chrom 3.33 21 8 1 10 10 7 8 1 E Swd Frederick 1.85 28 13 2 12 10 6 14 3 D Swd/Axe, B Lnc Lissa 4.57 18 2 8 6 5 9 4 7 D Stf Supports C - Chrom|Sully, Louise|Lissa/Frederick Louise has effectively surpassed Frederick at this point, for base stats. He still has a weaponry and mobility advantage.[spoiler=Chapter 3: Warrior Realm] This chapter offers a welcome reprieve from the mindless reset-mashing of Ch2, and now "strategy" replaces "pick a god and pray" as the best way to approach a battle. Chapter 3 adds three new Lunatic+ skills to the possible pool: Aegis+, Pavise+, and Counter. It's also the first time that you'll have the opportunity to train someone else other than the Avatar (incredibly important for upcoming chapters like 5 and 6), and is a good map to showcase some of the tactics that will be necessary going forward. In fact, let's list out a few of them right now; some are map-specific, but others represent things that are important for the rest of the game: The enemies on the bottom floor don't attack unless you end your turn in their range. This means that you can walk up to Kellam, Talk, Pair Up, and walk out of range on Turn 1 without having to deal with combat. This lets you spend as much time as you need to get your crap together. Top-half enemies work similarly. Learn to love the "Remove" command. It will unequip a weapon. This is how we deal with Counter. Note that if you trade afterwards (even if it's not a weapon that's being traded), a unit will automatically re-equip the topmost usable weapon. Enemies with Pass can ruin your day when it comes to setting up choke points, but while they can pass through your units, they still need an empty space to land on at the end. This means that you can make choke points work by clogging up every available spot on the other side of your tanks. This comes in handy on this chapter, which has natural chokes available. While Pair-up is important, you also need to know how to effectively use the Switch and Transfer commands. When you are operating in tight quarters, or need to provide a temporary stat boost, or need to pass someone down a line, there is no substitute. You always move the Support unit, so Switch will get the right person in that slot. For this map, we'll be using full deployment. Having ten units (don't forget Kellam and Sumia) out makes it harder to turtle against the right-side enemies, but makes the Player Phase rush of the left hand side considerably easier. If the Knight on the left-hand side has Aegis+, or the Soldier has Counter, you may want to reset to save some aggravation. Your job doesn't become impossible, but it's a lot harder than normal.Strong choices for Lead units include Avatar (obviously), Frederick, Sumia (she can double Archers with a Chrom support), Miriel (Lissa support helps her offense), and Virion. Vaike is alright if you need a non-Aegis weapon type, but he'd have a miss chance even if his target had 0 avoid, so it's a chancy pick. Start by recruiting Kellam (see above), and setting up your initial groups and placements. If Avatar is strong enough (and the skills allow it), having AvatarxKellam attack the Knight with magic is a strong opening move, since you'll kill the Knight on Enemy Phase and also damage both archers and the soldier. If that's not possible, two to three enemy facings are better than nothing, but keep in mind that the right hand side starts moving immediately, and you only have three turns until they arrive. Clean up the mess with the rest of your units, remembering to not keep primary units Paired together: you need maximum offense. Use scrubs as Support units. After the left is clear, the right will be hot on your tail, so quickly cram everyone into the corridor leading to the door. Since you have five unit pairs, you'll need to make a reverse "L" shape, with FrederickxKellam in the left-hand corner (one enemy facing), and AvatarxAnyone at the entrance to the corridor (two enemy facings). Keep in mind that the enemy archer can shoot over Avatar's head; make sure that whoever you put there can take a hit and also potentially retaliate (Miriel with a +2 DEF support works for this unless the archer has Luna; Sully can take one shot if he does). Unequip both Fred and Avatar. This is where they tank with their faces, and allow a 2-range unit like Mirel, Virion, or Sully/Sumia (with Kellam's javelin) to plink away and get some kills. Kellam and Sumia come with fresh Vulneraries, in case you are running low. Clean up the archer first if you can, and then the rest is just academic. Get Avatar and Fred involved sooner if there are dangerous Luna+ enemies, remembering to unequip (or trade with another unit after combat if you attacked). If you want want to be manly, crack open the door and kill the Knight outright; that will give you a little breathing room and allow a tighter choke. Once both of the bottom sides are dead, take a breather. The hardest part of the chapter is over. When you're healed up (don't be shy about healing, the Knight from the RHS drops a Heal staff), crack the door open and kill the Knight. From here, it's very easy to make a death-zone choke point, since you can sprawl your ten remaining units out behind a face-tanking Avatar that only faces one enemy at a time. Be careful of the archers. Enemy AI is smart enough to move a melee unit out of the way to shoot someone over Avatar's head, so don't get careless and leave anyone exposed. Kite the enemy rather than walling, if there is too much Luna+ to deal with. If you lose, it was because of a strategic mistake. Kill the boss when you are ready, and complete the chapter. I chose to train Miriel here, since I'm curious to see if she'll make a decent Troubadour/Laurent. She did such a nice job on the scrubs (gained 7 levels), that I gave her the boss kill. Turns: 58 Heroes: Miriel & Kellam Level HP ST MG SK SP LK DF RS Wlvl Louise 14.05 27 15 12 8 13 15 18 6 D Swd, C Tome Chrom 3.38 21 8 1 10 10 7 8 1 E Swd Frederick 2.06 29 14 2 12 11 6 15 4 D Swd/Axe, A Lnc Lissa 8.34 20 3 10 7 7 13 6 7 C Stf Miriel 8.49 23 1 8 10 10 11 5 8 C Tome Supports B - Louise|Frederick C - Chrom|Sully, Louise|Lissa, Miriel|Kellam Wireless features unlocked! Bonus items up to Armads, Renown up to Large Bullion. Anna shop spawned, so I picked up a Second Seal and a Concoction. Also got a healthy stock of STR/DEF Tonics, and replenished some weapons (Thunder broken, Fire down to 4 uses; Miriel trained hardcore).[spoiler=Chapter 4: Two Falchions] This chapter is fairly short and straightforward. There are only six deployment slots, it's a Rout, and you'll randomly get screwed over by skill distribution. The strength of the enemies, the small size of the map, and the speed at which they come after you, can make certain combinations difficult to deal with. Keys to the chapter: kill as quickly as possible, be efficient with offense. I chose to deploy Avatar, Kellam, Frederick, Lissa, and my newly-trained Mirel. This gives a pretty good balance of tankiness, recovery, ranged attacks, and damage types. AvatarxChrom was able to double and ORKO the Fighters with the help of a STR tonic, FrederickxKellam can OHKO the mages with Silver and play a running game with Javelins, Miriel was deadly to Knights and strong vs. the Fighters. You'll want to watch out for Pavise+ (prevents OHKO) and Vantage+ (forces Fred to take damage) on the mages, Counter (for obvious reasons) on the Fighters, and Aegis+ on the Knights. Also you'll want to be aware of what skills Marth is carrying; depending on your approach, some combinations are worse than others. The Fighter/Mages will move first, then the Knights, then the 1-2 range Fighters, and finally Marth. You don't have a lot of time to take care of the waves, so plan ahead and don't waste any Player Phase opportunities. I had to have Louise do most of the combat here, but everyone contributed, even Kellam (had him soak a hit with an Iron Lance equipped while I ran Lissa over to heal Frederick). Turns: 7 Heroes: Louise & Chrom Level HP ST MG SK SP LK DF RS Wlvl Louise 15.78 27 16 12 8 14 16 18 6 C Swd, C Tome Chrom 3.60 21 8 1 10 10 7 8 1 D Swd Frederick 2.52 29 14 2 12 11 6 15 4 D Swd/Axe, A Lnc Lissa 8.98 20 3 10 7 7 13 6 7 C Stf Miriel 8.96 23 1 8 10 10 11 5 8 C Tome Supports B - Louise|Frederick C - Chrom|Sully, Louise|Lissa/Chrom, Miriel|Kellam, Frederick|Lissa Good thing I stocked up on tonics, since the first order of duty after Ch4 was for a Skirmish to spawn right on top of The Longfort.[spoiler=Paralogue 1: Sickle to Sword] This is a good chapter to catch up on training. Donnel is unsalvageable, naturally, but there are opportunities for Chrom here. Keys to the chapter: train Chrom, get Avatar to a point where she can reclass, pick up the Rescue staff, remember to keep a Levin Sword handy, and don't get greedy or careless. I chose to deploy Louise, Miriel, Kellam, and Lissa. Chrom and Donnel crash the party. The immediate goal is to clear out the starting zone. Frederick can OHKO the nearby thief, possibly with help from a Pair or tonic, so make sure that the thief doesn't have Pavise+ (which is the only reason you might want to reset here). In my case, LouisexChrom can severely injure the nearby Barbarian (with magic or Levin), and if Chrom doesn't finish him off with a Dual Strike, MirelxKellam surely can with Fire/Thunder. Donnel and Lissa can be Paired and moved safely out of the way. The archer will most likely go for Miriel here, which is fine; she can take a hit (Kellam ensures that she will survive even if the archer has Luna+), chunk him a good bit on retaliation, and Lissa heal her back up next Turn. This leave you with two archers (one wounded), and four barbarians either close by or incoming. There is plenty of running room to the north to kite them backwards, especially since the further enemies will be slowed down by the forests. This allows you to deal with most combinations of possible skills. Beyond that, a few strategic notes for this chapter: If you happen to get a map where nobody out of those early enemies has Pass, you can set up a choke pretty easily. The ones that blocks the northern wall entrance on a forest is especially useful. Use Frederick mostly to weaken things for other people to kill, but don't be afraid to have him KO something if necessary; there are plenty of enemies on this map. Miriel and Avatar are especially good at baiting archers and other 2-range enemies to attack them through the walls. It's easy to make this safe because of Lissa. Abuse it whenever possible (the archers in the boss room are a good place to start; draw them from the right or the bottom). Some enemies have an aggro radius that is smaller than their attack range. For example, the even though one of the Barbarians in the "pillar room" has a 2-range weapon, he will not move until you are in attack range of his 1-range partner (at which point they will both move to attack). Take care to only attract what enemies that you actually want to fight. They battle in groups, and you don't want to get overwhelmed and force Frederick to have to kill things. Be patient, and peel off loners wherever you can. Don't worry too much about the Killer Lance thief; it's not worth taking risks to kill him off for a weapon that's not going to be used (and is available to buy from half a dozen Spotpass teams anyway). If you can get to him safely, that's fine, but the value there is mostly for the EXP, not the weapon. He won't steal Rescue, which is the real treasure here. Carefully wind your way towards the final room, picking off stragglers wherever possible, and finish with the boss.I wanted to give the boss to Chrom, but he hits far too hard for that, so it went to Louise instead. I reclassed Miriel to Dark Mage once she hit level 10. Lissa will stay in her base class for now. Turns: 52 Heroes: Miriel & Kellam Level HP ST MG SK SP LK DF RS Wlvl Louise 17.39 29 17 13 9 14 17 20 7 C Swd, B Tome Chrom 6.95 24 9 1 12 11 9 9 1 D Swd Frederick 3.05 30 15 2 13 11 6 15 4 D Swd/Axe, A Lnc Lissa 12.56 22 5 12 9 8 16 6 7 B Stf Miriel 3.53 28 2 9 11 12 12 8 12 B Tome Supports B - Louise|Frederick C - Chrom|Sully/Lissa, Louise|Lissa/Chrom/Miriel, Miriel|Kellam, Frederick|Lissa I wish I could have gotten Chrom a little bit further along, but I gave him the safest kills that I could. There will be another opportunity to get him some serious training in the next Paralogue. Louise may be able to squeak out one more chapter as a Tactician, we'll see.[spoiler=Chapter 5: The Exalt and the King] This is one of the many "difficult because you get rushed" chapters. You have to deal with fliers that bypass potential choke points, and reinforcements that pour in from the forts. There are two basic ways to clear it: either you throw caution to the wind and go full-tilt offense, or you sit back and turtle in a corner. We'll be doing the second thing, since it's more reliable, and also makes it very easy to get a lot of solid training (particularly for 2-range attackers like Miriel). It has some complicated movements, but all of them are necessary to get the enemies to move the way that we want. Keys to the chapter: bring enough healing for a marathon, set up a stable defensive corner, and eliminate the most dangerous threats before doing anything else. As soon as you load the chapter, take a look at the two barbarians closest to you (one below the fort, one against the west cliff); if either of them have Luna+, you may want to restart. Hawkeye is acceptable, if somewhat annoying. Any other skill is perfectly fine. We'll have to endure attacks from them for a long time before we can kill them, so it's important that they not be too dangerous offensively. That's why we have the "stable" requirement: you don't want to be spending actions trying to keep the front alive, while you are having Miriel deal with the Riders. We're deploying Avatar, Fred, Kellam, Sumia, Lon'qu, Lissa, and Miriel. Sumia needs to start directly above Chrom. First, Pair RickenxMaribelle and use Lissa to Rescue them down the cliff. Secondly, we need to set up a decoy: move Sumia three tiles north, and then three west, onto the cliff. The reason for this, is to divert the mages temporarily so that the melee units get to the corner first (mages hit too hard). Then, it's time to set up our turtle shell (don't dally or try to kill anything). The defensive formation we're going to build will be in the lower right corner, and looks something like this: CCCC 12 345Where C is a cliff, and the bottom + right are the edges of the map. The numbers represent unit pairs:Avatar + Chrom - two enemy facings; one ground, one cliff (i.e. a Wyvern Rider). They are good anti-Rider units in an emergency, which is why they are here. Miriel + Sumia - faces only Wyverns, with Sumia included to ensure doubling. Frederick + Kellam - two facings, both on the ground. Lissa + Lon'qu - able to heal both of the forward positions, not in danger of being attacked by anything but 2-range units. Lon'qu included for defensive purposes (don't want Lissa doubled). Ricken + Maribelle - as long as this formation holds, they are not targetable by any enemy on the map. Maribelle is able to heal Lissa and Miriel, and Ricken is able to help Miriel deal with difficult Wyverns (like ones with Counter, for example). Sumia is going to be nearly dead and in a lot of trouble after the first Turn, so move her to the right (there's only one safe tile to land on), and next Turn Pair-Up with Miriel. You can swap Lon'qu and Sumia around with Transfer if Miriel needs the extra +1 SPD for something.Frederick and Avatar will want DEF tonics here. Even though Lissa can heal back all of the damage, the extra DEF makes it harder for the enemy to find fatal combinations with their back line attackers. Keep emergency Vulneraries on hand. Don't get careless about healing to full each turn: the enemy will swap out positions for a kill if it can (i.e. sending in a Mage). It's entirely possible that Avatar is tanky enough that she doesn't even need to be unequipped (both enemies attack Fred instead), but use caution if you do that. Take your time letting the Wyverns come to you, taking them apart with Miriel, using Elwind when needed. Counter can be dealt with by unequipping Miriel, and killing them at 2-range with Avatar/Chrom (the reason that they were put in this spot in the first place). Remember to trade away Avatar's weapon afterwards. Take care not to allow a situation where Miriel will kill something on Enemy Phase after taking a hit; another Rider will potentially fill in the spot, and she's 2HKO'ed here. Once all the Riders are dead (including reinforcements), it's time to slowly unwind the gigantic traffic jam of enemies on the ground. There are a few ways to do this safely, but I prefer to take out the 2-range mages first, since they are the most dangerous. To pull off this maneuver, have Avatar take Sumia from Miriel (needs the +RES), have Miriel kill the enemy to the left of Avatar, move Avatar into the space left open, move Lissa to where Avatar used to be, and then Frederick where Lissa was. Now you look like this: CCCC 142 35If you're smart about clearing a spot (Levin works well for this), mages will keep walking in to blast Avatar or Fred. Keep killing, trading, and healing, until there are nothing but 1-range enemies left (don't forget that one barbarian has a Short Axe), which are simple to finish off.Finally, once the enemies that move are all dead, you can move out to clean up the rest. The remaining Wyverns (including the boss) act as a single group, so once you aggro one you will aggro them all. Be prepared for that. The final three enemies -- DM, barbarian, myrm -- don't appear to be linked. Miriel cleaned house in this map, mostly due to Chrom being unable to really participate in meaningful combat. I had to use a second Rescue charge to save Miriel from being out of position on the final set of Riders (damn the boss), but c'est la vie. Turns: 60 Heroes: Miriel & Lon'qu Level HP ST MG SK SP LK DF RS Wlvl Louise 20.00 31 18 14 10 14 20 20 8 C Swd, B Tome Chrom 8.15 26 10 1 13 12 11 10 2 C Swd Frederick 3.17 30 15 2 13 11 6 15 4 D Swd/Axe, A Lnc Lissa 18.24 25 7 13 12 10 20 6 11 A Stf Miriel 9.31 32 2 12 14 17 13 9 15 A Tome Supports B - Louise|Frederick/Chrom C - Chrom|Sully/Lissa, Louise|Lissa/Miriel, Miriel|Kellam/Frederick, Frederick|Lissa Louise is now ready to be reclassed to Merc. I still need Miriel's offense for just a little bit longer, so although I could reclass to Troubadour in the middle of the next map, I'll be holding off until after Ch6 is done (the last truly difficult Lunatic+ map).[spoiler=Paralogue 2: The Secret Seller] At first glance, this map is daunting: the enemies have high stats, the village is far from your starting position, Anna will get overwhelmed almost immediately, the boss moves, and you start fairly well boxed-in. However, like Ch5, taking advantage of enemy AI and terrain makes this a pretty lucrative training chapter. I started by Second Sealing level 20 Tactician Louise to a level 1 Mercenary. Keys to the chapter: bring plenty of Levin Sword uses (buy from Spotpass teams), get to the defensive spot as soon as possible, and pray to the RNG gods that Anna can hold out for a Turn or two. Chrom is forced as usual, and we'll be deploying Louise, Sumia, and Lissa. For reasons of logistics, it has to be a skeleton crew, but since the goal here is to train, that won't be a problem. Some tricks and useful maneuvers that we'll be taking advantage of here: As a Lord, Chrom is one of the only non-flier first tier units that can actually traverse Water. It costs him 5 movement (aka, his entire range), but it's still useful here for fording the rivers. Tactician can do it as well, but Avatar is a Mercenary now, and loses the ability to do so. We'll be using a movement trick that I like to call "leapfrogging". Basically what you do is Pair two units together, move them as far as possible, and then Separate them towards your objective. Next turn, you Pair up and repeat. This allows you to get further than normal. If you combine this with the first tip, and drop Chrom on Water, you can get a LOT further than normal. Many enemies on this map won't attack you until either 1) you attack them, 2) you get into their aggro range, or 3) the Village is destroyed. Some don't even respond to being attacked. Every barbarian except the two on the starting bridge, will completely ignore you until the Village is crushed. The same goes for the people linked with the boss. You can actually stand right next to one of them, and they will not attack you (although they do respond to aggression). The group of enemies north of your starting position, which includes the two barbarians on the bridge, are linked together. If you attack or get into range of one, they all start to move. Then there are enemies on this map that I like to refer to as "free agents". The two mages in the center slice will actively move towards Anna, but have no problem diverting to one of your units if they are in range (or if she is dead). Take a look at the tiny little four-tile island just to the northwest of the mountain range in the southeast corner of the map. You'll note that nobody except the boss can traverse Water on this map, and two tiles on that island are completely out of range on everyone (not even archers or mages can hit it). So, the strategy becomes clear: get our units there, in a hurry. From there, we can make our stand, Prologue-style.You'll want to deploy your units such that Avatar + Sumia can land across the river, as far to the right as possible, in a place where both mages will attack you. Lissa needs to be in a spot where can carry Chrom a couple of tiles (to where Sumia started), and then Switch so that he can ford the river next Turn. Your first movement is going to look something like this: [spoiler=This looks insane, but it's actually brilliant.] While under ordinary circumstances this would be fatal, in reality everything on the screen except the mages will completely ignore you. Avatar + Sumia can handle both on Enemy Phase with a Levin Sword (Sumia's +RES helps here). If for some reason you can't take two hits, then leave yourself only in range of the bottom mage (the top one will run off to kill Anna). You may want to reset if they have Pavise+, although Chrom with a Dual Strike and an additional Player Phase attack can go a long way, so the decision is up to you. Double Luna+ can also be a pain in the ass. You have options, at any rate. Chrom can take his next Turn to walk into the Water and dump Lissa to the right (leaves her juuust out of range of the bridge barbarians). From here, it's all circumstance. If Anna can hold out, you can take your time flying or water-walking people to the island. If she cannot (the more likely circumstance), you'll want to fly Lissa/Sumia over there as soon as possible, and have her burn a Rescue charge on the Avatar/Chrom pair to get them into position. This is possible by Turn 4, easily. At any rate, the Village will eventually be destroyed. Once that happens, everyone will start moving, including the boss pack. Victor can walk on Water, so as quickly as possible you want to put Avatar with a Levin Sword (handily countering his Tomahawk perfectly) in a position to kill him. It will probably be a ORKO unless you don't get a DS or he spawns with Pavise+, but you have time. Because of the way that he moves, you have two Enemy Phase + one Player Phase before he'll threaten Lissa (who can always just fly over the Mountain with Sumia if she has to). After he is dead, you can kill the rest of the map at your leisure. None of the 1-range enemies can get to you (but watch out for Counter), and none of the 2-range enemies can kill you unless you allow them to by letting them stack up for Enemy Phase, plus Lissa is here for healing. Fortunately, unlike in Ch5, the ranged enemies come at you in a very staggered fashion, and most are lolArchers that can't hurt you badly. Use Sumia as bait to corral the enemies as you please, and don't forget that Chrom can fight on the Water and/or also use the Levin swords. Avatar can stock up a lot of EXP here, thanks to Veteran and an internal level of ten. Get as much as you can, and also try to get Chrom to at least level ten for Charm while you are at it. All in all, a breeze once you get on the island. Turns: 42 Heroes: Louise & Chrom Level HP ST MG SK SP LK DF RS Wlvl Louise 5.16 35 23 14 13 20 21 22 7 B Swd Chrom 12.06 29 11 3 16 13 13 11 3 C Swd Frederick 3.17 30 15 2 13 11 6 15 4 D Swd/Axe, A Lnc Lissa 19.79 26 7 14 12 10 21 6 12 A Stf Miriel 9.31 32 2 12 14 17 13 9 15 A Tome Supports B - Louise|Frederick/Chrom/Lissa C - Chrom|Sully/Lissa, Louise|Miriel, Miriel|Kellam/Frederick, Frederick|Lissa Eight level-ups total, including Charm for Chrom. Not bad. I am hoping that this crew is strong enough for Ch6; we're about to find out. And if not, I kept a save. :P[spoiler=Chapter 6: Foreseer] Welcome to Chapter 6, AKA the reason that we spent so much time training in the first place. This map is similar to Ch2, in that you're rushed right from the start (by everything, here). Unlike Ch2, we have more than two useful units, can deploy at will, and also have Wireless access. Keys to the chapter: assassinate the thieves quickly, help Marth stay alive as long as possible, and keep enemies out of the Emm room. Here is where we're going to break the glass on the Bonus Box and Spotpass. For this map, we'll be using Mjölnir. You'll also want to secure a Mire tome (Shadow Dragon -> Gharnef), and make sure to have one or two Physic staves available. I deploy Louise, Lissa, Miriel, Frederick, Vaike, Kellam, Ricken, Maribelle, and Sumia. Strictly speaking, Miriel should be strong enough that normal tomes would suffice, but Mjölnir enables both OHKOs (many enemies will just outright die to a 38mt+ hit) and allows you to counter Aegis+ with overwhelming power. My Miriel is a little MAG-screwed, but with a Ricken support (and possible Dust usage), is able to get into reliable kill range here. Her previous training allows her to double, and use A-rank tomes. Louise and Frederick will each be killing a thief on Turn 1 Enemy Phase; for this reason, you will probably want to reset if either of the thieves closest to Marth have Pavise+. Fred + Kellam on the right-hand side with a Silver lance can easily stand only in range of the thief and OHKO on counter (add a fighter if they don't have Counter and you feel up to it), and Louise with a STR tonic and Vaike support only needs about 16-17 base STR in order to insta-blick the one in the center (if she kills the fighter at 1-range, the thief will just barely reach her). It's not a problem if the fighter has Pavise+ (have Ricken or Chrom help out first), or Counter (have Lissa heal afterwards). With this basic setup, Miriel (with or without Ricken) can finish the deal by killing the LHS fighter. She can handle this entire side for the duration of the map. Dark mages cannot fight her effectively (they will deal damage, but not enough to be dangerous), and she is able to kill the fighters and cavaliers through the wall before they can reach her. Gaius can be recruited on Turn 2 using the same method that we used for Kellam in Ch3 (walk up with Chrom, Talk, Pair Up, run away, Separate). The general idea for finishing the rest of this chapter is to have Frederick run interference unequipped, while Miriel blows up the left hand side and Avatar does what she can in the middle (without endangering herself), with Lissa having escaped (on either Sumia or Maribelle's back) into the Emm room for Physic spam. Chrom can participate in the middle with a Panne support, but be careful with him, since he is not that durable. Hopefully Marth doesn't die too early, and is able to kill a couple guys or soak some hits. If Frederick stands next to Marth, this gives Avatar a lot of room for doing work, since enemies are reluctant to attack Avatar over Marth or Fred. It's also possible to turtle up in the room to the left of Marth, especially if Miriel aggressively pushes out the left hand side (which will give Lissa some room to work). Keep in mind that Miriel can probably OHKO a thief with Mire if it becomes necessary, only needing about 18 adjusted MAG for the job (Mire has 10mt, A-rank gives a further +2). By the time that Validar gets to you, he should be a non-factor, since everything else will have been cleaned up already. Blow him up, and then give yourself a pat on the back, this is the last legitimately hard chapter in Lunatic+. Everything else can be powered through by over-leveling your units and playing smart. I gave the boss kill to Louise. I want her out of Mercenary ASAP. Wish that I could have gotten that last level, but c'est la vie. Turns: 9 Heroes: Louise & Vaike Level HP ST MG SK SP LK DF RS Wlvl Louise 8.99 38 23 11 14 21 22 22 7 B Swd Chrom 13.00 29 12 3 16 13 14 12 3 B Swd Frederick 3.34 30 15 2 13 11 6 15 4 D Swd/Axe, A Lnc Lissa 20.00 27 7 15 12 11 21 6 13 A Stf Miriel 10.55 33 2 12 15 18 13 9 16 A Tome Supports B - Louise|Frederick/Chrom/Lissa C - Chrom|Sully/Lissa, Louise|Miriel/Vaike, Miriel|Kellam/Frederick, Frederick|Lissa
  2. It's gimmick run #9001 of FE7. How did this come to existence? Well, I like sword users, you know, Mercenaries, Thieves, and my personal favorite, Myrmidons. FE7 has a good amount of Sword Users. Therefore, I should do a run of FE7 where I use sword people. Don't question how I made that leap of logic, it makes sense. So here are the rules: Only Lyndips, Eliwood, Hector, Matthew, Guy, Raven, Legault, one of Karel or Harken, and Jaffar can fight enemies. All other characters can only engage in unarmed combat, unless it is necessary. One of Serra or Priscilla or Renault can heal my units, but they cannot class-change. If, upon promoting, someone receives an alternate weapon, they may use it to ensure that my team doesn't get murdered by Sword Slayers and Sword Reavers. Ninian and Nils can use their power to give one of my units extra turns, but they (obviously) can't attack. I will do my best to get to the extra chapters, but I won't make any promises. Try not to die. Ok, with that HERE I GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. [spoiler=Prologue] This seems familiar. Oh right. Anyway. I don't have much to say about the opening scene, let's go. And so our story begins. Activating Combat Mode. Lyn.... This is going to become a regular thing, isn't it? Whatever, he dies, Lyn wins and heals herself. So it's on to the boss. Taste my blade. Conflict Resolved. Good enough, no? I know. No. FE7, FE8, FE9, FE11, plus bits and pieces of FE3, FE4, FE5, FE6, and FFTA. I think that's more than "Some Experience." Sure, that's not alot compared to other people here, but... I'm not. Wow, wait what. I'm too young for that kind of stu- Oh, right, I knew she was going to say that. Still, I'm too young for war. I'm no Snake or Raiden. No I won't, now leave me alone you stalker. I didn't say that. Damn it silent protagonist syndrome!!!! You're not a warrior. You're clearly a lord. I can, I'm not sure about you. Either way, as I was going for Bulgar, Lyndips followed me over there and wouldn't leave me alone until i let her join. Goddaaaaaaaaaa.... And here's chapter Un. [spoiler=Chapter One] Who are you calling apprentice. No. How about I favor your face with my fist. Sain's a masochist? I never have anything to say. For once I agree with the crazy stalker. No they aren't. Don't worry, I won't let yo give up. No you won't. "Out of my way!" "Forget it!" You can and you will. Ok, I command you to stand in the corner without weapons. I just realized that Kent doesn't have a "Turn to Screen" portrait. Gotcha Bitch. I didn't cap it, but I think you know what happened. This works, although... Ok, seriously. Enemy dies. Take on boss. Of course it's the boss that misses. I like the look of this. Unless Lyn misses and the boss get's a 0% crit, I think she's going to win. Called it. There was. It's not my fault that you suck. You've gotten everything BUT defense up to now. I bet that next level up she's going to get a stat up in Con. >_> You know if you said that like 5 chapters in I'd be ok with you saying that, but it isn't so... Hell no. Your companionship doesn't ease my sanity. You know I hate silent protagonist syndrome... You're only going to get one. Hint: It's not my friendship. Alright 2 chapters. I'll see you all in three months when I update again.
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