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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys! I just created a sprite of Finn from FE4 and FE5. I used this official art from FE5 to serve as a reference. Tell me anything I did wrong so I can improve it. (I know the arms are bad and do not know how to fix them.)
  2. In the favorite villains thread I partly discussed this, but we have a rather interesting dynamic here between FE3 and FE4 in the category of loyalty. Wolf, leader of the Wolfguard, was saved by Hardin when he was in slavery in Aurelis. Along with his fellows, Sedgar, Roshea and Biraku Vyland. They pledged their loyalty to Hardin, to death. Which actually happens in Mystery of the Emblem, The Wolfguard tragically stands against Marth other than Roshea and falls alongside their now Dark Emperor despite his fall to darkness. Wolf never even questions his lords orders, in New Mystery of the Emblem, the Wolf Guard can all be spared and join, however Wolf is the last and least likely to fight against his lord. In the end of New Mystery if he survives he ends up throwing himself into battles hoping to die to join his departed master (unless Femu has a support with him if I recall). Finn, a young Lenster knight devoted to his lord Prince Quan, his loyalty is also noted in various chats with other characters and extends into his later life after Quan and Ethlyn tragically die after a Thracian ambush near Barhara. Finn looks after Leif, Quan's son as a dutiful attendant and father figure. When the king of Lenster is slain and Finn has to get Leif to safety he follows him to the absolute end, helping him endure struggle after struggle in Thracia 776, later when he meets Leif's sister. Altenna he openly shows his emotions for the first time in quite some time, according to himself. He's also loyal to Lachesis, who we can fight over canon about, but even the main site explains "After the events of Geneaology of Holy War, Fin leaves Prince Leaf and goes to fulfill an unknown personal agenda. There are later rumours of him being spotted looking for someone in the Yied Desert, in the same area where Lachesis had been supposed to pass through years before only to never be seen again." So there you have 2 characters highly driven by loyalty, is Finn a take on Wolf from a still tragic yet not completely hopeless case? Did IS just happen to like this kind of character to give us two characters who demonstrated loyalty both one who oft spoke when he could or felt like it, to the more quiet and always serious (which funny enough Finn also shows these traits after Quan and Ethlyns untimely ends). I just felt it was an interesting duo to talk about. Both characters are absolutely loyal to their lords. The world changing/removing their lords provides both with various challenges, which they react to very differently. Yet you can't help but see SOME similarities.
  3. Ok so Finn has a Shield Ring and the Paragon Ring in his inventory and is married to Aideen. When 2nd gen starts does Lester come with the Rings or does Finn hold onto them?
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