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Found 1 result

  1. After, several weeks, it's finally here!...well sorta. Fire Emblem: Heroes of Valencia and Archanea! Download (Link down at the bottom, copy and paste into new tab to get it. Any problems? Come post here) What is this gibberish? This hack takes place several years of the Archanea saga and Fire Emblem Gaiden. Follow the story of a very familiar knight named Zeke(Fire Emblem Gaiden character...lost his memory after a certain...accident), and his young squires as they try to stop a war between Valencia and the Archanean Empire as well as uncover a threat greater than they thought originally. What it will include: It'll have custom maps (Don't expect anything flashy) It'll have an avatar (Class and weapons chosen...sorry:/) It'll show some familiar faces (Ex. Alm, Marth, Celica, Zeke or Sirrius) It'll have some custom animations (Don't expect anything flashy) It'll have supports and paired endings (YAY!) Also some other stuff...I dunno what yet. What it won't include (or what not to expect): A lot of gaidens Custom mugs(hopefully that'll change) Custom music(not enough experience) A beautiful game like some other games (kinda-okay maps, not a too confusing storyline, I hopw no bugs [kinda too late because there's one in chapter 1 Which game to patch to? Fire emblem 7 Screenshots Progress? I'll keep you up to date. Right now, i only have the prologue and chapter 1 done. I know right? But don't worry; I'll get the rest done...soon. I plan to have this game be around 30 chapters. I also plan to make two versions with very similar storylines: one with a girl avatar, one with a boy avatar. Right now, I'm working on the boy one...sorry ladies. What you can do? Well....i was wondering if someone could be my game tester. Although, if it's against the rules then nevermind. If not, then post on this post(haha) and we'll go from there. Overall... I'm still new to this whole hacking thing (in fact, I've only been a FE fan for like two years so...)...BUT! That doesn't mean that I won't try my hardest to give you people the best fire emblem hack I can make! So expect a game with a lot of laughs, a lot of drama, and a whole lot of love problems (people who played shadow dragon and mystery of the emblem will get it....or not). Special thanks: MageKnight404 (First Fire Emblem hack I ever saw...thought it was an actual game:/. Hey I was just a kid! Oh yeah, and also for the fighter and armored knight sprite). Ghaststation (For those cool tutorials). Archibald (For those cool tutorials...too). The people who made Nightmare, feditor, event assembler...(sorry i don't know your names). Mangs (His videos on youtube gave me ideas on how i wanted to approach this...oh and showing how to patch) Fire emblem hackers (You guys inspired me to do this) People who made the magic lord, female fencer, cloud, dragon, angel mage, trueblade, matriarch and patriarch animations (sorry I don't know your names) People who answered my questions (Got this far thanks to you) And you guys! (cheesy i know). I'll give the link soon, but until then, be patient...please...NEVER MIND! Here it is! Download links: 1st patch https://www.dropbox.com/s/xv5pmaltag1zqks/Valencia.ups?dl=0 Current one------- https://www.dropbox.com/s/ftpnoe83lkvmsxv/Heroes%20of%20Valencia.ups?dl=0
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