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Found 22 results

  1. Greetings, fellow Fire Emblem enthusiasts! First time posting as someone who has been enjoying messing around with FEBuilder to create some interesting changes for myself and a friend to enjoy casually. I am mainly using it as a way to learn, but have run into a few issues which I have not been able to find a solution for. I don't wish for anyone to work themselves to the bone to fix them, but if anyone happens to know what the cause and solution is I'd very much appreciate the help. Right. Onto the issues I've been unable to resolve. At the end of this post I will list some of the bigger changes I do recall making. I do not know if these issues are related. Issue number 1: I've found myself getting some strange text-bugs where the game vomits the letter s on a screen repeatedly, and ends it with the word "broke!", which does not seem to be taken from text adress 3, as changing the text "broke!" in that adress does not change the text in the bug. This bug occurs when I examine an item without a 'use' description, or level up my weapon skill. From what little reference I've seen to these types of issues online, it seems like there may have been a change to some ID that shouldn't have been changed waaaaay back - so I'm afraid I can't remember what I've changed. I have not been able to find any instructions on what to do about it. I wasn't very careful with what I was doing at the start, since I didn't think I'd be putting in the many hours I have into this. Here's what the issue looks like. Item Use description Weapon Rank-up text Issue number 2: My second, more gamebreaking issue is one that does not just affect graphics. It stems from the SkillSystem patch, as I've been trying to assign characters with interesting and useful skills. Specifically, the issue lies in all skills that affect combat range. Point Blank for letting archers attack adjacent enemies, as well as +1 range on both bows and spells are a problem. Whenever I use the added range to attack an enemy capable of attacking back, my character with the skill has their attack skipped and the game proceeds directly to the enemy attack. I deal no damage, and my character doesn't move. It just acts as if the enemy attacked me and I was unable to counter. What's even worse is when I attack an enemy that can't attack back. At that point, the combat-screen opens and both models just stand there until I close the game. What's weird to me is that changing the range of the weapons themselves lets me attack at at 3x range or with bows at 1x range, so it's not an animation issue. The only issue is when the skills are what should allow me to attack, rather than the weapons default range. What I can recall doing: One obvious big change is the skill system patch. Another is the fact that I used the YUNE randomizer before I started modifying the game, swapping around characters and classes, as well as weapon stats. At the very start, I recall copying and pasting things like palettes, before finding that doing so causes the palettes to use the same ID and changing one therefore changes both. I've been much more careful with what I copy where since, but it is possible something like that is behind the issues I'm having. Finally, I'll provide a list of my installed patches. Thanks in advance. - Noel Woodsoul
  2. So I was just curious how feasible it would be to recreate all of FE 6 or 7 within FE8. I imagine using FEbuilderGBA would help. Do you think you could just copy and paste the entirety of one of those games and insert it into FE8? I was just thinking about this because it would be cool to bring the branching promotions to the older game. What do other think about this?
  3. Let's call this my forum Debut. I'm here because, after lurking for a while, I've looked around and gotten really into a couple of Let's Plays. So, following in that train of thought, I'm bringing you a Let's Play from a patch right here in the Forest. It's called Monster Quest, and the patch is for Sacred Stones. The premise? All of your dudes (with the exception of the Lords and Tethys) are monsters. I haven't actually played this before, so I'll be learning it as I go.
  4. Hi! I want to add new battle bow animation to Lord class. Hope you take a little time to check where I was wrong : 1) I press "Extented list" -> change "Total number of new data allocate" to 3 -> press "Reallocate data and repoint" : 2) The new weapon type slot battle animation appear, I changed it to "3" which is for bow type battle animation -> write to rom : 3) I press "Import battle animation" then choose a bow animation I dowloaded : Then the error begin, it change both bow type animation I've just created and original Eliwood sword battle animation to the new bow battle animation that just be imported : The same error go with any class. A class like Fighter which have hand axe type animation , is changed to a new battle animation that would be imported, too. Also, is there a site that after we upload a image, we can edit, resize it ? But still able to image copy that link to paste somewhere else. I'm using imgur.
  5. This is my attempt to make a lunatic mode for FE 8... Patch on a clean FE 8 us rom. It includes skills for every unit including enemies inflated stats +/- 5mt and +/- 20 hit for magic weapon triangle A.S penalty is (con+skill/4)- weight, i.e for 4 points in skill, you get an extra point in con, letting you wield heavier weapons once you have enough skill without a lot of penalty. A readme which has the less obvious stuff that can't be seen in the game: FE 8 Wild mode.txt The ups patch: FE 8 Wild mode.ups The updated patch: FE 8 Wild mode-1.ups Added gauntlets: basically weapon locked axes to foot axe units with brave effect and low might. Added trainee seals. Buffed Eirika and Franz Changed Lute's paragon to death blow and Ewan's celerity to paragon. Have fun playing it:
  6. I've noticied in Know Your Meme, a fan made sprite was posted in Fire Emblem: Three Houses entry, Is Edelgard von Hsresvelg's GBA sprite in Full body. Is made by BuskHusker, just like the style of The Blazing Blade artist, because, Three Houses has another character designer, Is Kurahana Chinatsu, the person who designed the characters from Uta no Prince-sama, instead to the Awakening and Fates artist. And I found an another one from this latest installment, but in a Fake animated gameplay: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/76939541. Is Dimitri, and is made by sameduma from Pixiv. Well, I guess this rom hack is going to be planned, but Im not sure if this rom hack is going from The Sacred Stones or The Blazing Blade? I thinks The Sacred Stones ROM Hack it's a better Idea for me...... Meh.....
  7. Hi sorry, i am trying to do my personal hack on Fire Emblem 8, with Fe Builder, i make all good but i want to ask you how to put a new character (for example Hector) not in a single chapter but in all the rest of the game... because when i put him in a chapter, in the latter chapter he doesn't exists... can you help me?
  8. Hello everyone! and sorry for my bad english xD. later I want to do a english patch. Now I want to post a proyect in witch I am working alone (but not for that is sooo bad). The history is from 1000years after the sacred stones. The olds nations dont exist anymore and new countries have formed, Arcadia, Lydia and Precia. Precia is knowed for his great military power, Arcadia by his connections to the sea, and Lydia by his great commerce. History: Our protagonist invade a castle with his army because his earl is guilty of a exclave trade, after killing him, they go back to Arcadia castle to report what happened but in his way they found a band of Precia soldiers seeking the prince´s Diego. After their painful path, they realize that Precia captured Arcadia and his only way is go to Lydia for help. In other side, his sister Melissa is fighting with his own army triying to stop Precia. Other screenshots: Credits for the animations and sprites: Nuramon: Soldier Sprite Orihana_Saki: Rein Sprite Orihana_Saki: Sussan Sprite Orihana_Saki: Serval Sprite StefanDesic: Nephenee Sprite Orihana_Saki: Hardin Sprite LetsGoForlt: Gregor Sprite Capibarain: Melissa Sprite LordGlenn: StatusBackground Demo Patch (Spanish) Ver. 3.5 (Chapter 1 to final) http://www.mediafire.com/file/0m5nwbfgdak9o89/Lost_Legacy_3.5.gba/file Here the demo. If you find a problem plis tell me c:
  9. For years, I have been hearing a mixed melting pot of opinions when it comes to Fire Emblem 8 (Sacred Stones). I like to compare Sacred Stones to the likes of Sonic Heroes and Super Mario Sunshine, in the likes that those games leave in an impression that can differ from player to player. In Layman's terms, Some may like how Sacred Stones from how it functions, to just the overall aesthetic or vibe the game gives that can make players love the game. While on the other hand, Some players may not see what people like in Sacred Stones, and just can't get into the style that it has going for it. (If that makes sense) Now I personally, LOVE Sacred Stones and would say that its is one of, if not the best Fire Emblem game for anyone, as it includes most, if not all the things both the new and old fans, here are some examples: For Classic Fans: - Permadeath - Durabilities (including Legendary weapons) - Very finite resources For New Fans: - Not as hard as predecessor(s) - Tower/Ruins help boost characters - More Choice in what classes characters can be and just overall replayability Another reason as to why I love the game is because of the cast of characters. Now keep in mind that each Fire Emblem has their own well rounded cast of characters, that I'm sure people will say that this character is better than any of FE8's cast. But to me at least, FE8's cast just seemed to stand out in a weird way. Let me use my favorite character in Sacred Stones, Gilliam as an example. (SPOILER WARNING) At surface level, Gilliam seems like a guy who has seen some battles in his time and that he may be stern in his word choice and delivery. But If you seen his Support Conversations with the cast, you will see that he is much more than the stereotypical Knight we get in a lot of other FE's. In his C Support with Franz, Gilliam explains to Franz that he needs to work every bone in his body during training and stop worrying about slowing Gilliam down. His B Support showcases Gilliam complimenting Franz for keeping up with the Frelian training. It is then that Gilliam will learn something new from Franz, as Franz explains to him that it was not only the Frelian training that helped him, but his Renain pre-resting stretches. Gilliam asks what Franz means and Franz teaches him the technique, as the conversation pretty much comes to an end. His last Support with Franz, starts with Gilliam thanking Franz for teaching him the stretch exercises and realizes that there is more than just what he knew about training the body. It may be a small, and meaningless conversation, but it's stuff like this that makes Gilliam more human than a lot of other knights I can think of. And there's more! In all of his supports with Syrene, (Gilliam's practical love-interest) Gilliam looks up to Syrene for answers to questions that others have asked him, as it seems that many consider him one of the wiser soldiers in the group. In fact, Gilliam feels as if Syrene is one of, if not, the best of the Frelian knights out there. (Plus, he is kinda shy towards her) If Gilliam had a motto, I believe it would be "Looks can and very well be deceiving". Gilliam, I believe, doesn't rely on any quirk or gimmick or trope to justify what his character is. He's not ""slow" like Arden, and he's not like Kellam where he's forgettable. (Literally, like people in game sometimes don't see him when he could be right in front of their face) Gilliam is just a guy who happens to know a thing or two about Frelia. And in a world where it seems that everyone is like the main character of their own story, a character that is "normal" or "just another guy" is more than alright with me. With my bias out of the way, I want to hear what you think about SS. Let me know if you are with me or if you disagree, or if you are generally unsure about any of the points I have mentioned. I will try to explain as best as I can. I'm really interested to hear both sides of the discussion. Have yourselves a great day, RealReginleif out.
  10. Hi everyone i doing a randomised run of FE8, unfortunately i soft locked on the phantom ship level as the boss that is a berserker and is spawned in the sea and thus can't move. i need changing the class of the boss into something that can move on sea titles, i tried using the class editor on nightmare but for some reason none of my changes save, even though i click apply and save. can someone please help me i really don't want this run to end
  11. Alright, thank you to Deltre for walking me through these steps. Here is how you expand your Class Array in Fire Emblem 8. And any other array you wish to expand. You'll need the Fire Emblem 8 Rom, Nightmare (I use Nightmare 2), and HxD (or your preferred Hex Editor.) and FEditor Adv. -First you'll open your Class Editor.nmm using notepad as this will have the offset where the Class Array is in the Rom. Also Back Up Your Rom! Get in the habit of backing up your rom. I usually make a copy every day or before I expand a table. This will help if you somehow mess up a few days of work. "#FE8 Class Editor by SpyroDi # 1 FE8 Class Editor by SpyroDi 0x807110 <------ Offset 128 84 FE8 Class Editor.txt NULL" -Save this number. Next you'll want to copy down 128 and 84. Then multiple them together in the old trust calculator. Then click hex mode, this should change your answer to 2A00, the size of the array. Remember this. -Open your Rom up in HxD. Use the Go To Command to search for offset 00807110. It should bring you right to it. Now you need to highlight and drag down until you get the size 2A00. In HxD this is shown in the bottom right corner. With HxD if you right click you can use select block and input the size you want and it'll highlight the array for you. Ctrl C to copy. -Now with the Class Array copied, scroll down your rom until you find some empty space, represented by FF FF FF FF. Select another 2A00 and then use Ctrl B. As this will not only copy the code but write it as well. For mine, my new offset was 00E47900. Remember this number. -After Copy and Writing, you need to go to Search and Replace. In the search box write the reverse of the first offest. Which was 00807110. Now it will be 10 71 80 and add a 08 onto it so it looks like this 10718008. Now for replace, for mine my offset was 00E47900, the reverse and what I write in the replace box will be 0079E408. Change it to hex string and search direction to All. This last note is one that I wasn't paying attention to. Kept giving me offset wasn't found, but after clicking all, it found and replaced the original offset. It should say 4 instances were changed. -Save and exit. Now open your rom and play to see if your classes operate like regular. Which they should if you followed my steps. -To open in FEditor Adv, you'll have to open your hex editor scroll down to the bottom of your Rom and delete the last four bytes then save. This should allow it to be open in FEditor Adv. Now you'll notice you can't open up the class animation manager, just save the rom, close and open up again, this should fix everything. -Before you can start adding new classes, you'll need to open up your Class Editor.nmm and change the offset to your new offset. Mine was 00E47900. And tell Nightmare there is a new entry by changing the top number by how many classes you are adding. I've added two so 128 will be 130. FE8 Class Editor by SpyroDi 0xE47900<------ Offset 130 84 FE8 Class Editor.txt NULL" -Also expand the .txt list to include your new class. There are other modules you need to expand the .txt list and maybe the .nmm. Check Map Sprites, Promotions, Chapter Units, and such. -And that is all. You should be ready to create a new class for Fire Emblem 8 and maybe even other Fire Emblems with this information. Thanks again to Deltre for walking me through the process. http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=48196 Sentry Down for asking the FEditor Adv question, and Arch http://feuniverse.us/t/expanding-relocating-data-arrays/29 for his tutorial on item expansion in Fire Emblem 7. I've been trying to do this for years and now after such tutelage, I am now able to enjoy my own character classes in Fire Emblem 8.
  12. I have been working a form of Maniac Mode for FE8 every so often and have gotten to just having to finish Ephraim's Route. Erika's Route is complete to the endgame. I haven't played Ephraim's Route, so this would help a lot. If you want to play what I do have you can now. I will be open to change some things if necessary and then finish other parts that I haven't. FE8 Maniac Mode.ups
  13. So, I have been hit with the idea of tweaking FE8 a bit, just a bit, I can do 90% of the tweaks myself, but there is one that mystifies me. The Bishops "slaying" "slayer" ability, that turns any weapon in their hands into an anti monster weapon. I am looking through nighmare's available data and the ability seems to be missing. Which values is it? And in which of the four ability categories is it? I want to give this ability to the valkyries.
  14. Can I ask a Question? How we can recolor in Fire Emblem 8 Randomizer? I have mixed my FE8 with GBA.FE.Randomizer and I got some new random Class... With tutorial From Gasht Station on Youtube I know how to re-color Character in Fe Randomizer, but It Does not Work in Fire Emblem 8. All of my characters keep their Default color (blue clothes with Green hair and brow hair sometimes...). So Does Anyone know how to recolor in Fire emblem 8? Thanks a lot If you can help me this and sorry for my bad English...
  15. hi, i am trying to recolor some characters in fire embelm 8 randomizier (with instruction of Ghast Station) and i have learned that i need FE8 Palette Association Modules to do that (a guy named Crusticus on Youtube say that). So I've been looking for this modules but every where I look the link is either forbidden or takes me no where. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the FE8 palette association editor? Thanks For reading and sorry for my Bad English.
  16. I’m making a Fire Emblem 8 hack where every playable character is a recruit, but I’ve run into a problem. I have Seth at level 10 as a recruit, but when I go to the next chapter I’m not getting the screen to promote him. Is there a way to fix this?
  17. Hello guys i'm searching for people to make a custom sprite sheet of a paladin wielding Durandal, right now all I have is Fire Emblem 6 Eliwood Paladin wielding Durandal, but I am not the best Sprite modder here's a sprite I made myself it's exactly what I envision from a paladin, how I did this was quite simple, I took photo from FE6 gameplay then cut out the background stuff then went ahead took a photo from FE7 gameplay at the right time sliced the background stuff out yet again then I deleted the lance mirrored the paladin image then copied the photo with eliwood wielding the durandal at the right angle and Deleted Eliwood keeping only the Durandal intact, it turns out that Eliwood's colour palette in Fire Emblem 7 is the same as his Fire Emblem 6 Paladin Colour Palette. If you read this Then I don't really care if you credit me for the idea just don't go claiming it was your idea, I already made the first frame to show what I'm aiming to accomplish EDIT: I'm going to continue making the look of the sprite as one frame isn't good enough
  18. As you might know, I will be finishing my Randomized Fire Emblem 6 Let's Play soon. However, at the time I want to play some other games besides just that. I have a poll that I want you guys to vote on. You can also post on this forum what other games you would like to see me play! I hope you guys vote a lot for which you would want to see me play and I hope to see you all and more in the near future! :) Here is the link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOtD_gACSlGrSaDyxtNeGTw Here is the link to my Randomized Fire Emblem 6: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLse8DG1LjyttsJzVidFColEnsbhV09H5l
  19. So I recently just finished my randomized run of FE8 and decided to give the Tower of Valni a try and see if anybody you get from there is randomized, as you can see the answer is no. Then I looked at Caellachs stats. In this run he was randomized into a Mage Knight. Now he's a Hero that has 19 magic and can use tomes and staves. Anybody know the reason for this? I used this randomizer btw: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=55809
  20. I need some help with creating some custom weapons: I'm trying to create a new magic sword and it seemed that it could be done easily, but when theweapon is used, it doesn't follow the rules of the magic triangle like the other magic swords do. It doesn't look like it could be fixed with Nightmare Modules alone, and (as far as I know) no one has asked this before but is there a way to make it work like a dark tome when used?
  21. This is my first try at doing one of these screenshot LP things, so I thought I should do something simple. Feedback is very appreciated. Rules: Lute is the only character who may fight (duh). The only units who may be deployed are Lute, Colm or Rennac (for thief utility only), any unit needed to recruit another unit, any forced units, and Tethys (maybe. See below). All units must be recruited. If multiple units can recruit a unit, I can choose which one to use (for example, either L'arachel or your main lord can recruit Rennac, so I can choose which to recruit him with). In the Prologue and chapters 1, 2, 3, and 5x, since I don't have Lute anyone can be used. Arenas, Skirmishes, The Tower, and The Ruins can not be used to grind. Non-Lute that fit into one of the categories in rule 2 can visit villages, shops, and armories. Whether I go on Eirika's route or Ephraim's Route will be voted on in a poll. If a loss condition is met, I must restart the chapter. This will be on difficult mode. No using other units for meatshields. Eirika and Artur can be used in chapter 4 until Lute is recruited. I must try to recruit Lute as quickly as possible though. Loss Conditions:Any character dies. Any character is not recruited. Any character other than Lute attacks or counterattacks an enemy (even if it does 0 damage or misses)(unless the unit is currently green or red). Any character other than Lute uses a staff. Tethys: I'm not sure whether I should use Tethys or not. On one hand, you could say that Tethys dancing could make the game less of a solo, but on the other hand, you could say that it would be more challenging because I'd have to protect Tethys with only one unit. Decide in the poll. That's about it. I'll probably update this once a week, maybe twice. Depends on school stuff. The first update should come sometime this weekend, and I'll try to fit the first 3 chapters and the prolouge into it, so we can get to the real challenge quickly.
  22. A little background before my question, I started learning about Fire Emblem hacking about a month ago, and immediately got interested in making my own hack. Now I am making one and I have been able to solve most of my problems on my own, but there is one that I just cannot figure out. You would think it is easy but simply placing a unit is not working for me. When I put the coordinate as [2,0] the unit will be at [2,0], when I put them at [2,1] they will be in the correct place. Same goes for [2,2] and [2,3]. The problem starts occuring when the Y coordinate goes up to 4. When I put [2,4] in the event editor, the unit appears at [2,3] in game. When i put [2,5], the unit shows up at [2,1]; when i put [2,6] the unit is at [2,2], ect. The x-coordinate works perfectly but the y coordinate wont ever go higher than "3" in the game. It just resets back down to 1. But to make things even weirder, when I use MOVE in the event assembling, my units will move to the exact location and I have no problems. The only thing that doesn't work is when I try to place them. Has anyone else encountered this problem and solved it? Or does anyone know what is causing this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is an example of the character code: UNIT 0x80 Fighter 0x05 Level(1,Enemy,False) [2,6] DropItem 0x00 0x00 0x00 [ironAxe,Vulnerary,0x00,0x00] [0x00,0x06,0x02,0x00] The unit shows up at [2,2] in game and it is really annoying. The same thing happens for player controlled units. I saw a thread on this already and it had some kind of formulas, but they didn't work when I used them, or maybe I just didn't understand them so if you could explain how to do it in more detail that would help. Thanks, Eldin
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