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  1. I'm just curious which "special" marriage is your favourite, if you have one. These marriages are restricted to only the Avatar (depending on gender) and some are only recruited in DLCs or Spotpass. The polls are multiple choice, so feel free to vote as much as you'd like. (If I'm forgetting anyone, feel free to tell me and I'll add them asap.) For Female Avatar, I'm quite fond of Priam (even if he can't get Aether, it's cool) and Gangrel. For Male Avatar, I'm less picky and like all of the marriage options (but I'm really attached to Tiki).
  2. As the title says, if you could create your own skill for fire emblem awakening, what would it be. You can bring back older skills if you want and just add a bonus effect.(Note: Your skill will be considered a DLC skill, so it can be equipped by any unit and class) I'll start with a few examples: Helmet Buster: Allows unit to receive effective bonus damage against armored units. Naga's Blessing: Negates effective damage bonus for dragon units.
  3. I'm planning to do my first ever Lunatic run of FE:A- any suggestions for pairings? Here is what I have so far: MaMu(+Mag,-Lck)xAversa ChromxSumia OliviaxLon'qu GregorxPanne FredrickxLissa StahlxCherche Haven't started yet so I'm completely open-minded and wish to hear all opinions and suggestions!
  4. So I thought hey, let's make a guide for the best skill sets that the 1st Gen characters can have, because why not? Obviously the kids will always outclass their parents (with very few exceptions), so this is mainly a thing kindasorta for fun for people who feel like using the parent generation as a challenge or for whatever other reason. So basically, our mission is to come up with the best singular skill set and class (or multiple sets/classes if they exist) for every parent-generation character. To participate: Pick a Gen 1 character, propose the class, and propose a skillset for him/her, discuss. (If you like, rank the character relative to the other Gen 1 characters in terms of effectiveness; I may implement a tier/rating system into the guide as well at some point.) * About DLC: Skills like Limit Breaker, Aggressor, All Skills+2, Iote's Shield, etc. will be listed in parentheses. In most cases, DLC skills will be superior to the alternative. [spoiler=Gen 1 Men] [spoiler=Chrom] 1) Lead Chrom - Sniper / Paladin / Bow Knight Skills: Aether, Dual Strike+, Luna, Rightful King (Limit Breaker), Bowfaire/Dual Guard+ (Aggressor) 2) Support Chrom - Great Knight / Great Lord / Dreadfighter Skills: Dual Strike+, Hit+20, Charm (Limit Breaker), Dual Guard+ (Aggressor), Aether (All Stats+2) [spoiler=Frederick] 1) Lead - General / Wyvern Lord (Dreadfighter) Skills: Luna, Pavise, Aegis, Deliverer (Res+10), Dual Guard+ / Swordbreaker (Limit Breaker) 2) Support - Paladin / Wyvern Lord Skills: Str+2, Dual Guard+, Deliverer (All Stats+2), Luna (Limit Breaker), Pavise / Aegis (Aggressor) [spoiler=Virion] 1) Escort - Dark Knight Skills: Mag+2, Tomefaire, Deliverer (Aggressor), Lancebreaker (Limit Breaker), Lifetaker (All Stats+2) [spoiler=Stahl] 1) Sniper Skills: Luna, Bowfaire, Astra, Pass (Limit Breaker), Hit Rate +20/Lethality (Aggressor) [spoiler=Vaike] 1) Crittank - Berserker Skills: Axefaire, Sol (All Stats+2), Counter (Aggressor), Wrath (Limit Breaker), Lucky Sevens / Zeal [spoiler=Kellam] 1) Lead - Sage Skills: Tomefaire, Luna, Pavise (Aggressor), Dual Guard+ (All Stats +2), Acrobat (Limit Breaker) 2) Utility - Sage Skills: Healtouch / Tomefaire, Locktouch, Pass, Acrobat (Limit Breaker), Movement+1 / Pavise [spoiler=Donnel] 1) Useless (But Endearing) Country Bumpkin - Hero Skills: Armsthrift, Sol, Counter (Aggressor), Bowbreaker, Patience (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Lon'qu] 1) Lead - Assassin Skills: Swordfaire, Astra / Lethality, Lancebreaker, Vantage / Lucky Sevens (Aggressor), Str+2 / Acrobat (Limit Breaker) 2) Escort Support - Wyvern Lord Skills: Move+1, Deliverer, Pass / All Stats+2, Lucky Sevens (Aggressor), Str+2 (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Ricken] 1) Lead - Sage Skills: Tomefaire, Luna, Lifetaker (All Stats+2), Aegis (Aggressor), Mag+2 / Dual Guard+ (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Gaius] 1) 'Tank' - Hero / Assassin Skills: Swordfaire, Vantage (All Stats+2), Sol / Avo+10, Lucky Sevens / Counter (Limit Breaker), Astra (Aggressor) [spoiler=Gregor]1) Tank - Berserker Skills: Axefaire, Sol, Counter (Aggressor), Wrath / Bowbreaker (Limit Breaker), Vantage 2) Support - Hero / Assassin / Berserker Skills: Axefaire/Swordfaire, Armsthrift, Gamble (Limit Breaker), Wrath (Aggressor), Patience (All Stats+2) [spoiler=Libra] 1) Lead - Sage Skills: Mag+2 (Limit Breaker), Tomefaire, Vengeance, Anathema (All Stats +2), Miracle (Aggressor) 2) Healtank / Miresniper - Sage / Sorcerer Skills: Mag +2 (Limit Breaker), Tomefaire, Tomebreaker (/ Aggressor), Lifetaker (/ Aggressor), Renewal (All Stats +2) 3) Magekiller - Dreadfighter / War Monk Skills: Tomebreaker, Vengeance / Lifetaker, Lifetaker / Renewal (Res+10), Anathema (Aggressor), Miracle (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Henry / Gangrel] 1) Miresniper - Sorcerer Skills: Vengeance, Wrath, Anathema, Counter (Limit Breaker), Gamble (Aggressor) 2) Tank - Berserker Skills: Axefaire, Anathema, Vengeance / All Stats+2, Counter (Limit Breaker), Wrath (Aggressor) [spoiler=Basilio] 1) Lead - Berserker / Hero Skills: Axefaire, Luna, Sol (All Stats+2), Wrath (Aggressor), Counter (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Walhart] 1) Conquer live and reloaded - Conqueror Skills: Luna, Pavise, Deliverer (Res+10), Str+2 (Aggressor), Conquest / Dual Guard+ (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Yen'fay] 1) Lead - Assassin / Sniper Skills: Swordfaire / Bowfaire, Astra, Deliverer / All Stats+2, Lancebreaker / Prescience (Aggressor), Vantage / Str+2 (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Priam] 1) Lead - Hero / Assassin Skills: Swordfaire, Sol, Luna (Astra), Vantage / Bowbreaker (Aggressor), Lancebreaker / Counter (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Gen 1 Women] [spoiler=Lissa / Emmeryn] 1) Lead - Valkyrie / Sage Skills: Galeforce, Tomefaire, Dual Support+, Renewal (Limit Breaker), Healtouch (All Stats+2) 2) Rallybot - Falcoknight Skills: Rally Magic, Rally Speed, Rally Movement, Rally Resistance, Rally Luck (Rally Heart) [spoiler=Sully] 1) Lead - Paladin Skills: Swordfaire, Luna, Astra, Deliverer, Lancebreaker (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Miriel] 1) Support - Valkyrie / Sage Skills: Tomefaire, Anathema, Dual Support+, Mag+2 (Limit Breaker), Demoiselle (Bond / All Stats+2) 2) Lead - Sage / Sorcerer Skills: Tomefaire, Anathema, Dual Support+, Vengeance, Tomebreaker / Lifetaker (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Sumia] 1) Lead - Darkflier / Sage Skills: Galeforce, Tomefaire, Luna, Pavise/Dual Guard+ (All Stats+2/Iote's Shield), Renewal/Dual Guard+ (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Maribelle] 1) Gale Support - Darkflier / Valkyrie / Sage Skills: Galeforce, Tomefaire, Dual Support+ (/ All Stats+2), Mag+2 (/ All Stats+2), Lifetaker (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Panne] 1) Escort - Wyvern Lord Skills: Move+1, Deliverer, Pass, Lucky Seven / Str+2, Lancebreaker / Swordbreaker (Limit Breaker) Dedicated to mobility support, basically. IDK if Lucky Sevens works from the rear of a pair up, but if not, then Str+2 should always be used since Panne will probably never be at the front when attacking happens. [spoiler=Cordelia] 1) Falcoknight Skills: Galeforce, Vengeance / Sol, Lancefaire, Bowbreaker / Axebreaker (Iote's Shield/All Stats+2), Armsthrift / Anathema (Limit Breaker) 2) Non-Falco Lead - Sorcerer / Hero Skills: Skills: Galeforce, Vengeance, Anathema / Armsthrift, Tomebreaker / Patience (Limit Breaker), Armsthrift / Lifetaker (All+2) [spoiler=Nowi / Tiki] 1) Lead - Manakete Skills: Str+2 (All Stats+2), Swordbreaker, Deliverer, Lifetaker (Bond), Wyrmsbane (Limit Breaker) 2) Support - Dark Knight / Sage Skills: Mag+2 (All Stats+2), Tomefaire, Deliverer, Swordbreaker (Bond), Lifetaker / Lancebreaker (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Tharja] 1) Sniper Skills: Bowfaire, Luna / Vengeance, Hit Rate+20 / Pavise, Pavise / Hit Rate+20 (All Stats+2), Lifetaker (Limit Breaker) 2) Tank - Sorcerer Skills: Vengeance / Luna, Pavise, Anathema, Tomebreaker / Bowbreaker (All Stats+2), Lifetaker (Limit Breaker) 3) Miresniper - Sorcerer Skills: Luna / Bowbreaker (Limit Breaker), Lifetaker, Hit Rate +20, Prescience, Tomebreaker (All Stats +2) [spoiler=Anna] 1) Utility - Sage Skills: Tomefaire, Locktouch, Pass, Acrobat (Limit Breaker), Movement+1 2) Bride of Avatar (DLC only) Skills: Bowfaire, Hit Rate +20, Bond, Mag+2 (All Stats+2), Lucky Sevens (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Olivia] 1) Dancer Skills: Special Dance, Galeforce, Swordfaire, Astra, Lethality/Pass (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Cherche] 1) Heal Support - Valkyrie Skills: Dual Support+, Deliverer, Tomefaire, Healtouch, Lancebreaker / Demoiselle (Limit Breaker) 2) Escort Support - Wyvern Lord Skills: Dual Support+, Deliverer, Str+2 (All Stats+2), Swordbreaker (Bond), Demoiselle (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Sayri] 1) Lead - Wyvern Lord / Assassin Skills: Galeforce, Lancefaire / Swordfaire, Astra / Speed+2, Deliverer (All Stats+2), Swordbreaker / Lancebreaker (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Flavia] 1) Lead - Assassin / Hero Skills: Armsthrift, Luna, Pavise (Limit Breaker), Sol (All Stats+2), Lucky Sevens / Move+1 / Acrobat [spoiler=Aversa] 1) Lead - Darkflier Skills: Shadowgift, Galeforce, Vengeance, Anathema / Lancefaire, Deliverer / Lancefaire (Limit Breaker) 2) Miresniper - Darkflier Skills: Shadowgift, Galeforce, Deliverer / Lancebreaker, Lancebreaker / Tomebreaker, Lifetaker (Limit Breaker) Oh yeah and we're skipping the Avatar/MU since they can do basically everything. EDIT: Actually if people want, now that we're more or less done with preliminary skill sets for everyone else, I suppose we can attempt Avatar skill sets for each class just for the hell of it if people want.
  5. A list of some things that could have made the metagame of Awakening more competitive/easier to do. Possible Pairings that Should have Been Possible: Chrom x Cordelia (Obvious reasonings, mainly Severa with Aether and Armsthrift Lucina) Sumia x Stahl (Myrimodon tree would be good on Cynthia and possibility of being physical) Sumia x Vaike (Merc tree and pretty decent strength) Chrom x Nowi (Imagine it. Aether Nah. Manakete Lucina. Need I say more?) Chrom x Panne (Taguel Lucina,RFK Yarne and good skills for both of them, win win) Sumia x Lonqu (Similar to Lonqu!Brady, just weaker magic but amazing speed and skill) Possible Things that could have Changed the Metagame: More males having their own Child Gerome, Yarne,and Laurent having access to Galeforce More options for Chrom (Like ones listed above) Chrom's second child being able to get The Lord tree. Vaike giving access of galeforce to Nah Noire or Kjelle. Olivia can pass Dancer to her female Children(Or just more Dancers,either way would be fine) Light Magic Maybe I went overboard and made too much OP stuff, but I'd like feedback, Thx
  6. I'm planning to get some DLC, but I don't know which ones. Which packs/ indivisual maps should I buy? The ones I'm planning are: Golden Pack, Rogues and Redeemers 3, the one that gives you dread fighter,Apotheosis. The ones I'm not sure are the all stats +2 one, the one that gives you the bride, and paragon.
  7. Drafting: 1. This draft is for four players. 2. You may join this draft without intent to finish, but you must draft to the best of your abilities. 3. Chrom, Frederick, Olivia, Lucina, and Inigo are free for all to use. 4. Avatar is banned. 5. The game will be played on Hard Mode Classic. 6. The two undrafted units left after the seventh round are banned. Rules: 1. Every unit is free on any map where they are forcibly deployed. 2. No unit may be deployed unless that unit is drafted or forced. 3. NPC units may do as they please without penalty. 4. Paralogues are optional, and free up to ten turns. Morgan's paralogue, however, is banned. 5. Challenge battles are banned. You may have undrafted units clear a challenge battle to shop, though any items obtained must be discarded/cannot be used or sold. 6. Map shopping is allowed, excluding items sold from Anna Merchant shops. 7. Mothers are drafted with their children, but are drafted at the same time as the rest of the units. 8. Use of items obtained from event tiles, the barracks and renown items are banned. 9. Use of DLC and Spotpass (including Free Content) is strictly prohibited. 10. Forging is allowed. Extra: 1. Galeforce may not be used to: move again, attack, use a staff switch, transfer, trade, use an item, Rally, talk, or otherwise do anything that couldn't be done without the skill. 2. The Rescue staff is banned entirely from use. 3. Don't be an ass. If there's a rule ambiguity, discuss it with the other drafters. 4. Avatar is free to marry Chrom, if you so desire. If you do, Lucina is limited to the following class set: Lord, Archer, Cavalier, Tactician. Players: Terrador, Mr. Iggy Koopa, General Horace, BBM Teams: Terrador: Sumia+Cynthia, Nowi+Nah, Gregor, Miriel+Laurent, Libra, Basilio BBM: Sully+Kjelle, Cherche+Gerome, Lon'qu, Gaius, Maribelle+Brady, Donnel Mr. Iggy Koopa: Lissa+Owain, Cordelia+Severa, Vaike, Anna, Kellam, Ricken General Horace: Panne+Yarne, Stahl, Virion, Tharja+Noire, Henry, Say'ri [spoiler=Units!] Tiki Flavia
  8. Owain the son of Endgame, has a conflict with Endgame because he want to become a Hero. Or Swordmaster. Or anything that allowed him to use his Sword Hand. However, Endgame refused his proposal because he wanted Owain to use Nosferatu. After a long conflict with Endgame over Nosferatu vs Missiletain, Owain decided to leave his home with his companion and cousin Cynthia. It is said that they travelled to a land far, far away known as Tellius. In Tellius, Owain, after reclassing from Sorcerer into a Hero, changed his name into Gawain and served Daein. Owain's legendary skill with his sword hand make him known as one of the Four Riders of Daein, with the title "Divine Knight". His cousin, Cynthia decided to reclass into a Cleric and served as a priestess with the last Second Seal that she bring with her from Ylisse, under the name Elena. Thankfully, Tellius allowed the marriage beetwen companion, and Gawain proposed to Elena to become his wife. He was remembered as the premier swords hand of his generation and his name was famous throughout Tellius. It was during this time he trained Zelgius, who called Gawain "invincible" during this period. However, in the year 626 he fled his homeland with his fiancee, the priestess Elena, after she was entrusted with Lehran's Medallion, and the melody Galdr of Release by the heron Lillia, the elder sister of Prince Reyson. They lived in Gallia with Gawain taking on the name Greil, and it was there that Ike and Mist were born. One day, tragedy struck when Greil made the mistake of taking hold of the medallion, and immediately went berserk. After engaging in a mindless slaughter, the medallion was eventually pulled from his grasp by Elena. When he returned to his sane mind, he found his wife impaled on his sword. After her death, he hired the assassin, Volke, for the purpose of killing him should he lose his mind again, and slashed the tendons on his dominant sword hand so that he would no longer be able to wield a sword. He entrusted the medallion to Mist, who had the same gentle spirit as her mother, and forbade Ike from ever touching the medallion himself. Greil eventually founded the Greil Mercenaries and earned a living by performing tasks for various villages in Crimea. Sensing the danger that Daein posed upon news of the invasion, he quickly had Ike take on more responsibility within the company, and eventually fled with the mercenaries to Gallia in order to protect Princess Elincia from Daein during the Mad King's War. Following Chapter 7, in the midst of the night, Greil engages in a duel with his former pupil from his days as General Gawain, the Black Knight. Ike shows up during the middle of the battle, when The Black Knight throws the sword Ragnell to Greil, saying that he wishes to fight General Gawain at his full strength. Greil tosses the sword aside, saying that he has thrown the name of Gawain away. He instead chooses to fight with his axe, Urvan. Ultimately losing to the Black Knight, Greil is mortally wounded and dies as Ike hauls him back to the mercenary encampment. Following the end of Radiant Dawn, Ike leave Tellius with Soren as a companion. Ike will then marry an unknown woman to continue his legacy. This will resulted in the existance of Priam, who travelled to Ylisse through unknown means. One day, while browsing the internet to min max his unit, Endgame accidentaly learned about his son. Devastated by the news of Owain's death, Endgame is mad at the Ylissean royalty for ruining his son by not allowing him to marry his companion, forgetting that the reason Owain left is because Nosferatu is too cheap. In his madness, Endgame shouted "FE2, FE8, FE9, FE10, FE11, FE12, and FE13 are not real fire emblem!!" over the main Lord who have Rightful King and Aether in their skillset in FE13. Chrom is confused by this statement because the only Fire Emblem he knew is the same shield that he used as a Great Lord. Still a better love story than Twilight And by love I mean companions. A better companionship story than Twilight
  9. If you're new and need help with pairings, I will recommend this. First off,here are the best father and mother for each stat.Just because they're the best with stats doesn't mean it will make them OP all the time. Just remember that usually,Skills>Stats>Levels Father. Mother Speed:Lonqu. Speed:Panne,Sumia Res:Maribelle,Nowi,Tiki Skill:Lonqu. Skill:Panne,Cordelia,Sumia,Sully LSuck:Donnel Strength:Cherche Strength:Vaike. Defense:Nowi Magic:Ricken. Luck:Maribelle Res:Libra. Magic:Miriel,Tharja Def:Kellam Galeforce is a really important skill in this game,let as many units get it as possible.Donnel,Gaius,And (M)MU will give 3 children (Kjelle,Nah,Noire) access to galeforce.Dont ask me why vaike doesn't. The children who can't get Galeforce in any way is Laurent,Gerome,and Yarne. Based on skills and stats,here are the best magic fathers (because most of the women have children than males) Magic. Gregor(Doesnt hurt magic too much,offers armsthrift and vantage) Henry (Offers Wrath,Sorc,and Lethality) Ricken (Offers Tomefaire,Luna,and Aegis) Lon'qu (Doesn't hurt magic too much,and gives vantage) Libra(Gives Tomefaire,Sorc,and Renewal) Virion (Doesn't hurt magic too much,and gives tomefaire) Strength Vaike (Offers Axefaire, and gives Luna to female children) Chrom (Offers Luna and Aether to female children) Stahl(Offers Swordfaire and Luna) Gaius(Offers Swordfaire) Donnel (Offers physical power with armsthrift) Defense Kellam (Pavise and best defense mods with Renewal) Frederick (Both Pavise and Aegis) Vaike (Gives merc,knight,and cav tree to female children if they don't have it on their own) Hope this helps. It might suck but whatever :<
  10. Hello,welcome to the first season of WAIFU WARS and HUSBANDO WARS.What you have to do is vote for your favorite waifu and husbando,but you can only choose 1.The one who has the least votes is OUT!Now everybody will learn Lucina is best waifu once I count the votes May the best waifu and husbando win! (By the way,I don't have enough space for all the waifus/husbandos.If your waifu is anyone besides Lucina and Inigo pick other children.Thanks Edit:http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=50237 The second war is ready!Vote now!
  11. What if you can have a custom final smash,like the custom moves?It sounds kinda OP,but then again,custom moves are kinda OP too.Here are some examples of a custom final smash I made. Robin- 1.Normal Final Smash 2.Robin uses vengeance,the percentage you have is dealt back to the enemy.For example,if you had 75 percentage, Robin will hit that 75 percentage back at your opponent. 3.Robin uses a very slow Lethality.It KO's in a hit,but can be blocked by rolls and shields,and stopped by projectiles. Lucina-1.Normal Final Smash 2.Lucina calls Owain,Severa,and Brady (similar to how robin calls chrom in his normal final smash) Lucina,Severa, and Owain hit the opponents who get caught in the hit with Lunas and Astras while Brady slightly heals Lucina.Not likely to KO something though,just deal damage. 3.Lucina catches the opponent in a hit,using Sol and Luna,and then using Aether.Sol and Aether slightly heals her.Is pretty weak,but has high knockback. This is all I thought of for now,but if you like this idea,give me a custom final smash you'd like to see happen ;)
  12. The highest amount of damage ever calculated was 643 (maybe something a little higher?idk) I think its possible to get just a little more than that. First off feMu with strength asset and anything besides luck flaw. Luck flaw affects your strength stat,which is why we don't do luck flaw. Maybe a skill or magic flaw. Next we need the children with the highest possible strength stat aside from Morgan,Gerome. His mother cherche gives him the best strength stat a 1st gen character could have aside from robin, so he needs a father that will do the same.That father is Vaike. With those parents for Gerome, he gets +7 strength. He will then marry the femu that has the strength asset. That morgan gives the best strength stat. Now we need the best classes and weapons for the best strength. Im pretty sure the strongest weapon is Parthia,one of the three regalia.(or is a forged weapon stronger?) The class which the best strength and has access to bows is warrior,which is what morgan will be. Gerome will be the class with the highest strength, which is beserker (im pretty sure) Now,the skills,team,and enemies you need Morgan - Vengeance,Bowfaire,Hp +5,Aggressor,All stats +2. If there's a better skill set,tell me Make sure morgan gets more items that boost his hp. (HP tonics,tiki's tear) Two Rally Bots with - Rally spectrum,rally strength,rally heart Olivia as Dancer - Special Dance Gerome- Aggressor,Axefaire,All stats +2,strength +2,i dont think you need anything else? Enemies Are: Florina/Level 1 Sumia,whichever one has the least def,i forgot which one does another enemy that has no weapon equipped,but has counter Make morgan get hp tonics, tiki's tear,and the other hp giving items. make morgan attack the enemy with counter.keep doing this until you have 1 hp. We are not using miracle because we will use a weak weapon to get to 1 hp,miracle is unreliable anways. Now,pair morgan with gerome.Make your rally bots rally heart spectrum and strength,then make olivia dance for morgan,it adds another 2. Now we are using parthia and florina/sumia's pegasus knight weaknees to bows to our advantage. But to make this work, Morgan MUST activate vengeance,and crit at the same time. I haven't tried this yet,but I think it's bound to work.If this is wrong,just tell me.Thx
  13. Welcome to season 2! Last season, nobody voted for panne, Sayri, Flavia, Aversa,and Emmeryn.(Emmeryn Emmerout I guess) So they are officially out! The remaining are Lissa, with 1, Sully with 3, Miriel with 1, Sumia with 3, Maribelle with 1, Cordelia with 4, nowi,tharja, Anna and cherche with 1, olivia and Lucina with 3, and other and other children with 2. Now for husbandos, Ricken, Gregor, Basillio, Yen'fay,and Priam are out with 0 votes. The remaining are Chrom with 3, Vaike,Frederick,Donnel,Kellam,Inigo and other children with 1,Stahl,Lonqu,Gaius,Walhart, and Virion with 2 and - . Wait, are you guys trolling?Libra has 4 votes. Wow. Well, last but not least, Henry,with 5. There are only those left, and Henry and Cordelia got in the lead last season.Let's see who gets in the league this time! Please be Lucina Again,I am only giving a week to vote. Do it while you can!
  14. Hello,welcome to the first season of WAIFU WARS.What you have to do is vote for your favorite waifu s,but leave out 1 waifu on the poll.The waifu with the least votes is OUT!I'll try to upload this every weekend.LET THE WAIFU WARS BEGIN!!!(By the way,for the poll I didn't have enough space for all the waifus,so if you are voting for any child besides Lucina vote for any other children) Edit:Sorry,I did something a bit wrong,sorta on this.I have a new and improved version of WAIFU WARS #1 right here ----> http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=50155&st=0&p=3397120 If you did this one that would be great.It contains HUSBANDO WARS too.
  15. Me: Whats a rescue staff? its useless Me: (married lissa) Me: Morgan came!:D Risen: *Kills morgan* Me: *SAVES* NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU *gets deppresed untill new save file)
  16. so i have been holding off some money to spend on getting my first copy of awakening (yes i'm the only 100% of the people in this forum who don't has awakening) but then i noticed something funny, smash that i have been hyped to, is releasing next month/7days, so it auto-created a decision, either i buy smash 4 with the money or awakening. and i can only spend the money once it will take some time before i can start to get money for the next game again so it's pretty important the decision. so i didn't have any ideas besides forcing you guys to help me out so.. YEAH, help me out with this choices.
  17. I'm new to the Fire Emblem series. Awakening is the very first game that I have played and it has become my favorite game that I have played on any system. I have been struggling very much lately with my Lunatic mode save file. I have tried looking online for guides for optimal parent pairings for the top children. I have not had much luck in finding anything to help me out. I am trying to find Chrom a wife since the next chapter is the chapter where he is married automatically afterwards. I was thinking Sumia because she really just seems like a power house. I'm not sure though if that is wasting Chrom's fantastic skills or not. I've also seen a lot of places that Olivia is a great choice, but for a defensive Lucina. There is just so much information that I am overwhelmed and undecided on any pairings. I'd really appreciate help on this and some guidance for optimal pairings.
  18. So, what units do you players keep in your Avatar Logbook? Streetpass Avatars? Legacy characters? Avatars of your own creation? Share them here! At the moment, my Logbook is filled with a grand total of 96 units (that are maxed out with Limit Break in all classes, have all skills and Boots used on them) with the following: All 17 DLC legacy characters My Normal Casual Avatar (Robin; male; +HP/-Lck) My Lunatic Classic Avatar (Robin; male; +Def/-Lck) My genderswap Avatar (Robin; female; +HP/-Lck) My Bow Knight Avatar (Sue; female; +Spd/-Lck; appearance based off of Sue from FE6) My Griffon Rider Avatar (Skyla, female, +Str/-Lck; based loosely from Skyla/Fuuro from the 5th gen. main series Pokemon games) 75 Spotpass legacy characters (which includes all female Spotpass legacy characters just so Fire Emblem Awakening can live up to its nickname "Waifu Emblem")
  19. Not sure if this has been made before or not, but one of my friends and I were talking about this earlier and I thought it'd be a nice discussion thread. (No bashing please. Let's try to act at least half our ages.) EDIT: Sorry, my brother decided to be a jerk and takeover my laptop when I was on the phone. -_-+ Feel free to delete this or whatever.
  20. Hi guys. Hope all is well. I've been considering making my Virion!Laurent (who just maxed out his Mage class) into a Wyvern Rider, but I wouldn't mind hearing someone out if they had suggestions and/or advice for a class change. I don't want to Master Seal him and make him a Dark Knight or a Sage since those are his parents classes and they passed down the skills I wanted for him (Virion -Tomefaire, Miriel -Lifetaker). His other options are Barbarian, Archer, and Dark Mage. (The Archer is kinda tempting since I have a lot of great bows in my Convoy that I feel bad for leaving there, but we know how annoying it can be when a unit is (somewhat) defenseless.) (Another option is Dreadfighter but considering I already have 4 or so, I'd like to hold off on that.)
  21. I got a save dongle for this game (and no, I'm not planning on doing anything illegal with it only backing up and restoring these game saves). I wanted to test it out and see if it was safe, so I tried it on MK7. I backed up my sav file, and tried to restore it with the same sav file just to see if it restored properly. It didn't restore, and just said something about it failing to do so. After that I tried playing it and it said the data was corrupted and deleted it. I don't really care, because although I beat all the ghosts and got all the karts, I didn't plan on playing MK7 again even since I lost a tournament because of items (would have won if blue shell on the last course didn't screw me over). Now, I'm super skeptical about backing up this game and restoring it (since I have over 200 hours into my main game, and also didn't really care about MK7). Does anyone have experience with this? Also can you backup and restore FE:A saves? Thanks in advance.
  22. Does anyone know what skills all the characters have in Double Duel? I caught wind of how the enemy versions of your units have skills that they normally wouldn't have access to, like Henry with Swordbreaker or Tiki with Aether, etc. Are there any sources that list what skills each of the characters have? Otherwise, is there any way to view or find out what they have in-game, or else can anyone just tell me what is known of which abilities they have? Much appreciated. EDIT: By the way, if there's no easy way to check it without playing through all the DDs then don't sweat it, I can do my best to find out who has what myself just by watching SoC and other people's DD vids.
  23. I have been having a really hard time deciding on a father for Gerome in my recent play through. His options are Gregor, Lon'qu and Henry. If you could vote and leave a comment on why you voted for the father option, I'd really appreciate it! Also, please don't tell me I "should choose this option instead." I already know Gerome has other popular choices, but these are the three I decided on. (And chances are I've already married Cherche to your option in past play throughs anyways.) Thanks again guys!
  24. Okay, so I love grinding and DLC and constant reclassing/customization for the best results, so gameplay on Normal/Hard passed pretty easily for me. Consequently, I didn't care much for "optimal pairings" or "best children" because I had no difficulty with the stages. Upon finally starting my lunatic run however, I discovered that this time I wanted to really plan out my pairings, skill inheritance and try to get the "best children in their best classes" possible! I'm absolutely fine with any sort of grinding and reclassing, so please don't hesitate to give me long reclassing paths if it's worth it! I also have full access to DLC and additional classes such as Dread Fighter and Bride, and skills like Limit Breaker - so there's no problem recommending me pairings that would utilize these skills/classes for their children. I've done some research of my own, and combined with the pairings that I used in my past playthroughs, I have come up with a draft - please don't hesitate correcting me! Chrom/Olivia (I've heard that this gives a great Inigo and Lucina) Inigo/feMU (Chrom or second gen is best for feMU, and Rightful King, so...) Cherche/Vaike/Frederick (Vaike gives crazy strength and I love a strong Gerome, but others seem to agree that Fred makes a tank Gerome. I'm a little worried about Fred's stats because in my past experiences Fred had quite inferior stats compared to other units further into the game.) Gaius/Tharja (Noire gets galeforce and that's awesome, but I've always made Gaius the father for Noire...is there any other good candidate for her father?) Maribelle/Lon'Qu/Henry/Libra (I've always done Lon'Qu for Brady and it worked out fine...but apparently Henry or Libra gives a good sorcerer potential for him. What should I do?) Miriel/Gregor (My mind is set on this one.) Nowi/Kellam/Donnel (Kellam gives Nah amazing defense. But why is everyone suggesting Donnel?) Sully/Donnel (Isn't this the best? I've heard Stahl and Vaike are good, too, but...) Panne/????? (Seriously, help me.) Lissa/Ricken/Libra/Henry/Vaike (So much potential...Owain might be a good magic user, but how about Dread Fighter? What should I do about him?) Cordelia/Lon'Qu/Stahl (That speed with Lon'Qu...but Stahl makes Severa a good hero...BUTBUTBUT) Sumia/Henry/Gaius/Fred/??? (I have zero ideas. But unfortunately Chrom is definitely out of question.) Please keep in mind, this is all for optimization and not supports or hair colours...(though I was very adamant on those before...) so no shipping wars! I greatly appreciate all the input, and thank you!
  25. After you beat Fire Emblem Awakening, next to the Character titles 3 will have a gold, silver or a bronze medal which represents them as being your most used units during the game. For you guys, who are the units that earn these medals? For me it's usually Frederick, Owain and Donnel because i love those three B) I'm guessing to hear lots of Chrom and MU because those tend to be your most used units no matter what since you have them since the start. s:
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