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Found 3 results

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YISoxu3-S9A&list=PLcU-h8ycX_j9adDRBXeR7ehdRWnsY3mQQ Credits to SEVA for created this year's logo~ Day 1 All times are EST* FEE3 Introductory video (Ghast) (4pm) Day One Digest Video (Ghast) (4:10pm) Elibean Nights Final showcase (Trent) (4:30pm) Fire Emblem Requiem (Trent) (5:30pm) Sun God's Wrath (Mangs) (6:30pm) Fire Emblem: Fates Translation Interview with Cellenseres (Ghast) (7:30pm) Tech Demo from Eastern Wizard (Ghast)(8pm) Tech Demo from Western Wizard (Ghast)(8pm shortly after Eastern Wizzy showcase)) -------------------- times are TBA Day 2: Digest Video 2 (Ghast) (3pm) KelssFE (Ghast) (3:pm) Fire Emblem: Scions of Kings (Ghast) (4:30pm) Fate of Fire Trailer (Toa) (5:30pm) Fate of Fire LP (Ghast) (530pm) Fire Emblem: Origin of Creation Interview (Ghast) (6:30pm) Fire Emblem Immortal Sword (Trent) (7-8pm) ------------------- Day 3: Digest video 3 (Ghast) (3pm) Fire Emblem Multiplayer (Ghast) (3:30pm) Micro Emblem (Ghast) (4:30pm) Staff of Ages (Trent) (5:30pm) Brendor's tech demo compilation (6:30pm) Exalted Legacy Teaser Trailer (7pm) Generations Teaser Trailer (7:30pm) Fire Emblem: Bloodlines AMA (Ghast) (8pm) Closing Video (9pm) Veteran Projects: Elibean Nights Immortal Sword FE: Bloodlines Origin of Creation New Projects: KelssFE Sun God's Wrath Fate of Fire Micro Emblem Staff of Ages Fire Emblem Requiem Scrions of Kings Research & Development: Mystery entrant: Wizard of the West Mystery entrant: Wizard of the East FE8 R&D Presentation Community Panel Discussion In partnership with ghast, the man behind the Monthly Hacker's Digest, there will be an "FEE3 Digest" to kick off each day of the show (so, three in total). These videos will condense the day's showcase, providing a synopsis of the project and showing trailers (like a Nintendo Direct). The Let's Plays and interviews will be extended coverage of the projects. If you would like to provide your own synopsis for the FEE3 digest video (which could include your own voice, if you'd like), please get in touch with ghast. The idea is to summarize them for first-time viewers, give bullet-points of recent progress made, and then cap things off with a trailer.
  2. All right. I have a bit of a problem to deal with. Basically I imported the animations of a female Hero from FE6 to FE8 and the animations worked fine. Next, I changed the female Mercenary's promotion path into just the female Hero via the Promotion Branch Editor module. And again, it worked fine. However, the issue comes into play when I branched the promotion paths of the female Mercenary; to the standard options of female Ranger and female Hero. When I tried to promote the class, the game stalls at a black screen as it gets to the choosing part.The music continues to play but the game itself freezes. I tested again, but with the male Hero as an option instead of the female one, and it worked. Finally, I tested it with another class with a custom animation and the game freezes once again. I figured out that it was the custom animations that was causing the problem, but I just can't get a solution for it. (The indices of the imported and custom animations are CA and beyond fyi so does it have to do something with it?) I'm a complete n00b when it comes to hex editing but does it have to do something with it? Sorry if this is long-winded but I tried to give as much detail as I could. Do I have to resort to single-path promotions with custom animations or is there a way to have branched promotions with them?
  3. (Sorry for the delay (life)) The Quarterly Fire Emblem Fan-game Awards! The goals of these awards are to promote and encourage fan-game creators and to recognize all the hard work they put in to bring the very best of what they can make. Whether the creations are intricately designed chapters, or amazing sprite work, or gripping plots and characters, or a potentially great concept, now's the time we buck up and truly show each other our appreciation for our fellow community members and make this forum a more pleasant experience for all! Voting Rules 1. Voters can vote once per category. 2. Don't be lame, don't vote for yourself. 3. Putting down other members, projects or concepts, for ANY reason is COMPLETELY NOT COOL. CLASHING EGO'S ARE ALSO NOT COOL. It's okay to disagree and discuss decisions like grown ups, and clashing opinions are probably definitely going to happen. But please, just don't be a poopy-head about it. If there's something or someone that you don't like, don't vote for it. Tangerine (thank you)was kind enough to allow me to organize this and okay'd the pinned thread prize. But if the topic goes to utter shit, the event can easily be canned. And that would be lame because this is fun for me to organize. The whole point of this is to promote, encourage and recognize our work and our fellow community members. No matter the quality. Survey Monkey's free trial only allows for 10 question in their free trial... So I picked the 10 most questions that had the highest competition between them. Voting ends May 1st! Vote Vote Vote!
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