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Found 2 results

  1. I am rather embarrassed to ask this, but every time I try to insert a portrait with Feditor Adv, the game refuses to load it, despite the mugs themselves matching all criteria (128x112, 16 colours). I've successfully inserted mugs before, but what baffles me the most is that this only happens in Arch's Fire Shell (Zeta), and I know this because I've inserted the mugs in a clean ROM and they work fine. To be more specific, the problem is that whenever the game has to load the mug I inserted, it restarts, and this happens with any mug I insert and point it to the character number 0x01, but more recently with 0x1A as well. Here is what happens (undoctored footage): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOkqfCsOSS0 (the pirate on the right is 0x01, and the Great Knight is 0x1A) Can anyone please help me with this one?
  2. FIRE EMBLEM: TIDES OF WAR Plot: Our story follows Slyker and Marcus as they are both drafted into military service. However, there couldn’t be a worse time to be a soldier as the continent of Vishnera has been at war for as long as anyone can remember. As the young recruits gain a new perspective on life through military service, everything they thought they knew is cast into doubt. Screenshots: This is a FE7 hack using Arch’s Fire Shell Project. That means a good chunk of the FE8 classes will be included, as well as some other cool additions that are in Fire Shell. This hack features an original story and new portraits, maps, events, ect. I am currently working on rebuilding the project since my computer crashed causing me to lose all my progress and swear off ROM hacking for good. But now that I’m back I plan to add more things as I learn, such as music and title screens and such. [spoiler=Credits] Big thanks to Arch. Hacking: Blazer, Hextator, Nintenlord, Camtech, Venno, Icecube, CrazyColorz, Primefusion Graphics: The Blind Archer, Nickt, Mageknight404, MarkyJoe1990, Jubby, eCut, s/Kitty of Time, Agro Testers: Emerick, TheErrantShepherd, Lord of Gabriel Knight, SilverHairedFreak25, Willie If I missed anyone shoot me a PM Thank you! :)
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