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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, great warriors and their retainers, Welcome to the battlefield! 12 chosen Fire emblem characters got an Invitation for 'the battlefield'. Matches will be held every day! Only the best warrior will be able to survive! We hope everyone plays Fair and square, And have a great time! What is this game? Welcome to The battlefield is an RPG game, This game is located in the wonderful Kingdom of Santraua. This game will include locations for different converstaions, but there is one But, 2 people decided together that they wanted to win this game no matter what! they call themselves the mysterious Mandione's. Will the contestants be able to uncover the Mysterious Mandione's in there mid, or will the Foul players win it all? Rules! - Try to actually make sense with your story. This makes it more fun for everyone! - You may NEVER tell your 'Secondary Role' to anyone. If you do it, you will be disqualified! - Only talk to each other on the forum! Only the two members of the mysterious Mandione's may explain via Pm. but they also need to post their doings in this forum - When you want to use your special power, PM me! - If you do not vote in time you will vote for yourself! So please vote in time! - Always say your Role's name in your post one's the game starts. - Being an active Member is a requirement Explanation - I tell you when its day or night. At night, the Mysterious Mandione's Kill someone. At day, the contestants and the Mandione's are able to vote someone out of the game - When signing in, you will send me the role, and a number: 1, 2, 3 ,4 ,5 ,6, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12. The number is linked to your secondary role. So keep it a secret! - Sign in by posting the wanted role and the number! - The goal for the Mandione's is to kill all Warrior's except themselves. The goal for the Warrior's is to survive and vote all Mandione's out of the game. The general goal is to survive the longest. - Vote by sending me the name of the warrior you want to vote on. - Don't act like the secondary Role, but the Regular Role Contestants with their roles: - Devil's Hellfire - Corrin - - - - - - - - - - - Possible Roles: - Marth, The hero King - Ike, The Radiant hero - Roy, The young lion - Robin, The master tactician - Lucina, The Warrior from the Broken future - Corrin, The Hero who chose Fate - Lyn, The mistress of swords - Azura, The lady with the beautiful voice - Seth, The awesome warrior - Tharja, The proffesional Stalker - Shiida, the Beautiful pegasus knight - Tiki, The Manakete Princess Post a comment with your Wanted role Possible Secondary Roles - Warrior (5x) - These people have no special powers, they can vote someone out of the game at day - Member of the Mysterious Mandione's (2x) - These two can Murder someone at night. - Aunt Annabella - Annabella is such a Chatterbox, Everyone gets Tired off her Twaddle. Her vote does not count in the ballot, (She does off course vote) Even the Murderers get tired off her. So she will survive the first attack on her. - Cupido - In the first round, He or she will select two contestants who fall in love with eachother. These people will know that off eachother, but no one else does. When one of the 2 dies, the other one does too. This matchmaking will happen whatever the gender or the secondary roles may be. - Guardian - Each night, This person selects someone who cannot be killed. He/she cannot select the same person 2 times in a row, And he/she also can't protect themselves. When an attack on the Guardian happens, He has one of the amount of players in the game left, to survive it. - Witch - This person has 2 potions. A healing Potion and a Toxic potion. She can use Both of them Once. The healing potion only at night, And the Toxic potion whenever the witch wants it! Each night the Witch hears which person was killed. She can then saves him/her. She can also protects herself if she still haves her healing potion. - Village Idiot - The village idiot can each night select 3 persons and see their secondary roles. Off course, I won't tell them which roles belong to who! Locations in Santraua - To buildn RPG srategies around - Anna's Market (Market) - Santraua Stadium (Battle Arena) - Syaraya (Village) - Playa La Santraua (Beach) - Darkness Woods (Forest) - Puerto De Rosa (Port) - National Castle (Castle) Thank you all for reading this huge piece of text. Choose wisely :) If you have any Questions, feel free to ask! Michelaar
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