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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys! Just looking for any general information and/or tips for a first playthrough. I did not play Gaiden, and from what research I did on this game, it seems vastly different from other FE titles I’ve played so far. I’m doing a Hard/Classic run, I won’t be doing any excessive grinding (but may do some if I have a chance at good loot or if some units I want to use are falling behind), and I have no interest in any “endgame” related stuff. Some spoilers are fine, just nothing major in regards to the story/plot. So with that said, I’m looking for tips on the following: - What units are worth using? Any units I should avoid altogether? - Good/Best weaponry? Any good places to look out for to farm said good loot? - Best classes and class options for the villagers. Or better yet, if there all pretty good options, any classes I should avoid putting them into? And if I’m not mistaken, it seems like promoting as soon as possible seems to be the more viable option (as growths seem really bad in this game)? Is re-classing a thing in this game.. like if I make someone a mage, can I make them a archer at a later time? - Skills/Combat Arts/Passives.. etc.. I’m a little confused on this part. So from my understanding, weapons have Combat Arts (CA) attached to them, and they are unlocked after using said weapon enough times.. this part I think I get get. Now as for Passives, do these function similar to CA, except they don’t need to be unlocked and are always active once the weapon is equipped? Anything else I need to know here? - Learned Spells.. and White/Black Magic. So there’s no tomes and staffs in this game, and anything magic related is learned.. is that correct? And the spells that you learn are character dependent not class dependent..? Is there any class-based skills in this game? - The fatigue system. Is this something you really have to micro-manage, or is it really not that bad? I tried looking into it, and have read (probably misinterpreted) different reports as to how it works. Does it not affect the main game, and only affects units when doing dungeons, or is that incorrect? Any other tips on how to manage fatigue and work around it would be awesome. - Anything else that could prove useful for a first time playthrough that isn’t so easily picked up/noticeable, or just any general tips/hints would be great. ______ I think that’s everything. I apologize if these questions have been thoroughly discussed or if this information is readily available, but from my end everything I came across didn’t really offer the most direct answers. So I just want to say thank in advance to anyone who takes the time to answer these questions or leaves me any information whatsoever. Thanks again!
  2. So yeah... Fates is my first step into the land of the 3DS games, and only my 3rd FE game overall. My first 2 were Path of Radiance, followed by it’s sequel Radiant Dawn, and I’ve enjoyed these SO much that I really wanted to check out more of the series. Anyways, after a bit of research.. I ended up going with Conquest, as I personally found even Radiant dawn a bit too easy, even on hard mode (it was more annoying than hard, considering no enemy attack range, but w/e), and wanted a challenge. However, I feel I might be regretting my choice, not because I’m worried about the game being too hard, but because I have literally no experience with these game mechanics. So what I’m trying to figure out, and would like to know more about is the following: 1) How important is utilizing the pair-up and attack stance mechanics? Like is the game strictly balanced around using these as much as possible? 2) In regards to pair-up and attack stance.. let me know if I’m understanding it correctly. - For pair-up, you pair-up via in the ingame command, and upon pairing up.. you gain stat boosts (based on your support level with the unit you are paired with, along with additional stats based on units class). There is also some meter that builds up (how exactly does this fill up, is it based on attacking/per turn?), and when maxed, it automatically activates on your next battle negating all damage. I believe that’s extent of my knowledge on pair-up, if there is anymore mechanics/benefits that revolve around pair-up.. please let me know. - As for attack stance, this is automatically activated as long as you are adjacent to an ally unit, and when entering a battle, the unit you are adjacent to will also unleash an attack. I believe that’s the extent of my knowledge on attack stance. Does support bonuses also affect attack stance (or the units class?)? What dictates the amount damage that the non-lead unit will deal? Can the non-lead unit activate/proc combat skills? I’m assuming all weapon triangle advantage/disadvantage and weapon effectiveness is taken into account for the non lead unit? Who gets the bulk of the exp... the lead unit, or the one who dealt the final blow? 3) Promotion, seals, and so on. This part I’m completely lost on. I’ve tried reading into it, and instead I manage to get even more confused. If somebody can please explain to me how leveling and promotion works, along with a gist of how all the seals work, or even link me to something that does.. I’d really appreciate it. I don’t know if this is true or not, but it seems like it is incredibly easy to mess something up considering all the different avenues you can take in regards to promotion and using seals, and how and which skills you acquire and so on... and I’d like to benefit from these things as much as possible. 4) Is there a “calculations” page somewhere that I can refer to? On the main page of serenesforest.com, when choosing the 2 games I previously played (PoR & RD), there was a calculations tab that told me how hit rate/avoid is calculated, how attack speed is calculated along with the doubling threshold and so on. I don’t know where to look for any of this information all in one spot. In game it tells me you need 5 more speed than your enemy to double, but how is speed calculated in this game.. if the weapons don’t have weight? Is it just my listed speed value with no further calculation? Does Awakening and Fates use similar calculations, and if so.. can I just refer to the calculations tab on the awakening section? 5) The weapon triangle. I understand how it works in regards to: Swords/Magic > Axes/Bows > Lance/Hidden Weapons > Sword/Magic, what I want to know is what is the WTA/WTD in this game? 6) If there is any other general information, tips, or advice... or anything that will help for a first time playthrough, that would be absolutely awesome and much appreciated. Such as building supports, best weapons, good units, good skills, good classes, and so on. I’ve been trying to look for all this information, so I am sorry if it’s readily available, it’s just I keep finding basic guides of things I already know, or I find something else that just makes things even more complicating after reading it. Thing is I when play games like this, I like knowing how everything works and how my stats are calculated, and so on, so serenesforest has been a god send for me, but there seems to be a lack of general information on this game and I feel like I’m at the point where it’s not even worth getting into and checking out older FE titles instead. Or maybe I should play Awakening first to get a feel for the newer mechanics? I don’t know. Seriously, any help would be greatly appreciated, as I really want to give this game a chance as the the art style looks amazing to me, it seems to have a lot of depth (which I like, as long as I understand how everything is working), and it’s suppose to present good challenging gameplay.. which are all things I look for in a game like this. Thanks in advance to anyone that goes out of their way to leave a comment, and I apologize for asking so many questions at once.
  3. Hello again! I’ve made a few posts within the last few days in regards to some questions/advice and so on, so I apologize if these have been brought up time and time again, it’s just hard to find direct answers to specific questions in regards to RD. And with RD only being my second FE game there is a lot of stuff going on.. at-least from my perspective (which I actually really enjoy). With that said, I’m currently on part 2, and I’m looking into how to get items out of part 2 into part 3 efficiently. I also have a few other questions in regards to chapter advice/strategy, BEXP, and unit viability. So here is what I’m curious about: 1) I am currently on part 2 CH.3 (2.3), the “Geoffrey’s Charge” chapter. Now from looking at the availability chart, it seems like you don’t have access to any of the characters from 2.3 (Geoffrey’s Crew) whilst at the base during 2.E. So what I want to know is, do my units in 2.E have access to everything I put in the convoy in 2.3? For example, can I take Geoffrey’s brave lance from 2.3, stash it in the convoy, and then access said brave lance in 2.E convoy and equip it on say.. Nephenee? Or does Geoffrey and Elincia’s units/team have different convoys? 2) Now I’ve also heard that some items in part 2 are rather useful in part 3 (the hammer you can buy from the bargains in 2.3 for example, along with stat boosters). I’m wondering what’s the most efficient way to get items that I want from part 2 into part 3? So back to question 1, can I just stash the hammer (among other items I want) from 2.3, and load em onto Haar/Neph/Brom/Heather from the convoy in 2.E? Or should I load up Marcia during 2.3 (as I heard she joins in on Elincia the first turn of 2.E) and when she joins trade it to Haar, Nephenee, and Brom? Or is this something that’s not even that beneficial and it’s not worth going through the hassle? 3) Back to Chapter 2.3: Geoffrey’s Charge. I’ve been trying to maximize BEXP by killing the least amount of enemies as possible. My current strategy is utilizing the reinforcements by having them charge up as meat shields (by targeting an area so they only do damage on enemy phase) and bringing up Kieran, Geoffrey, Makalov, Devdan, and Marcia to cut off chokepoints and use as additional meat-shields, and only killing enemies if I’m fully boxed in. My issue is every time I get close to the boss (which I get there fairly quick) everything just becomes so cluttered and I’m forced to kill quite a few enemies just so I can get to the door/boss, so I end up restarting (I’m playing on normal atm, but I avoid battle save for the extra challenge). I feel like I could just take the small BEXP loss by killing the enemies and go straight for the boss, but then I miss out on the stat booster from the enemy. So any advice or tips for this chapter to maximize BEXP gains and get the stat booster from the enemy would be awesome. 4) Lastly, some questions on BEXP and units. Once I successfully finish 2.3, I’m going to have a bunch of BEXP (I earned max BEXP on the other chapters up until this point), and I’m wondering what should I do with it? Should I spend it all prior to 2.E, or should I just hold onto it until it eventually pools together with everyone else? With that said.. if I was to spend any, who is worth using it on in part 2? I am really enjoying Nephenee (regret not using her in PoR as I feel like a speed boost would be really good for her), I loved Marcia in PoR (and I capped 4 stats on her for the data transfer but didn’t realize you had to be 20/20!!) but she doesn’t feel as powerful as she was (although it’s probably because it’s still early) and I know Haar is a straight beast, so are they worth dumping it on.. or should I just keep saving it? Okay, so I think that’s it. Once again, I do apologize if these are repeated questions, as I did try googling extensively for these and found so many mixed results or halfway answers. The thing is I really enjoy maximizing my gameplay, and as soon as I finish RD on normal I’m jumping straight into HM and want to be as optimized as possible for this run and my next run. So any answers, advice, and so on would be much appreciated and want to thank anyone in advance that does comment. But yeah, I’m truly glad I got into fire emblem, and have been having a blast with PoR & RD, and I can’t wait to try out some other titles. Any recommendations for which FE to play after RD (preferably one with a good storyline and challenging gameplay) would be awesome. Thanks again!
  4. Hello! This is my first playthrough, and just have a few questions in regards to the end of part 1 and taking advantage of Ilyana to load up items with. So I’m getting ready to finish part 1, and from my understanding Ilyana joins up with another group (not sure which group, as I’ve been trying to avoid story spoilers). And I just have a few questions of how to take advantage of this: 1) When do I load up Ilyana with the items I want to transfer? Do I have to do this before jumping in to the endgame chapter, or do you get access to the base again after the chapter? 2) With that said, what items should I transfer? I’m guessing money related stuff such as gems or useless skill scrolls? Besides that, is there any skills that the DB doesn’t really need, that the group Ilyana goes to can benefit from? What about weapons? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. 3) This next one is actually off-topic, but I’m just wondering if there is any AR/Gecko codes out there that allow you to toggle enemy attack ranges when playing on hard mode? If anybody knows of any, or if there is any way to view enemy attack ranges on hard mode, please let me know! So yeah.. I think that’s pretty much it. Just want to thank you in advance if you took the time to comment and leave me some advice, it’s much appreciated!
  5. Hi there everyone! I'm doing a first playthrough of FE4 Binary and streaming it for the world to see. Drop on by and let's all have a good time watching me suffer! https://www.twitch.tv/lunarisparadox
  6. So I decided to begin my first playthrough through FE , I heard that some legendary weapons are enemy locked, and also that they require major holy blood, that none of my characters will have in the game, so I ask for: - Tips - Ways to unlock the unobtainable holy weapons or holy blood - And also the so called tips for pairings, to unlock other legendary weapons - + How to aqurie/hack and use siege tomes and dark magic
  7. Basically what the topic title says. I am finally going to start this now that I have beaten FE4 and I just replayed FE7 too. I just want to know if there will be units that I have to pick between such as with Karel or Harken and Wallace or Geitz in FE7? Thanks in advance.
  8. So, a few days ago I decided to start playing this game...I've never beaten the "hardest mode" of a Fire Emblem game before (did Normal & Hard in Awakening, would like to do Lunatic at some point; and did Normal in Path of Radiance) and figured...I have enough experience with this that I can do a blind Lunatic run and not get obliterated riiiiiiight? WRONG. I started out as a mage stop laughing I like magical stuff and got all the way to Prologue 7, at which point the game was like: "You're a mage? LOLNOPE!". So I restarted as a Mercenary, and now I'm on Chapter 6 (I did grab a few pointers from the wonderful world of YouTube for a couple of the chapters). At this point I'm just doing whatever...no LTC really (sorta self-explanatory). I feel like I'm learning quickly (probably faster than if I was playing an easier mode...I was probably lured into a false sense of security based on my previous FE lower-difficulty experiences), but I've still got a ways to go, so I'll just put up playthrough stuff and if you could critique it, that'd be awesome. Or you could just laugh at my many blunders . I didn't actually realize I could record stuff until I hit Ch 4, so Prologues => Ch 3 is pretty much from memory. Working on putting together the videos for Ch 4 & 5 now. [spoiler=Playthrough - Prologues => Ch 3] Prologue 1 Not much to say here...took out that guy in the middle, took out Jagen. Wooooooo...exciting. Prologue 2 Also not a lot to say...took on Luke first, then healed up at the forts and moved on to Rody. Prologue 3 Did a bit of a triangle formation, stuck Rody in the rightmost fort, Luke out front, MU at the top, and Ryan in the middle. Healed off damage via the forts for a number of turns, then took out the last troop before baiting out Caeda with Luke to seal the deal. Prologue 4 (Athena) I sequestered myself in the top left corner and used Caeda and Luke (mostly Caeda) to take the enemy on one at a time (YES! FACE THE DEVASTATING POWER OF COWARDICE!!!) while Ryan poked at the enemy from behind the wall (still don't get how archers and mages shoot through walls). Prologue 5 I stuck Athena on the edge of the map (where only 1 bandit could hit her) to bait out the 2 closest enemy bandits. I finished them off with Merric and MU, letting the Archers live. I positioned it so Wrys was in the path of just 1 archer, and left the rest to the AI. Archer 1 hit Wrys, archer 2 hit <Insert Name Here>, and in the next turn I finished them off. Healed everyone up, then proceeded to bait the final 3 non-boss enemies. Killed the boss with <Insert Names of People Here> (probably MU, Caeda, or Luke). Prologue 6 (Draug) More baiting. I plastered everyone against the far right edge to keep them out of the way of the Archer & Mage, then baited those two out after finishing off the melee people (except the boss). Baited the boss with Luke, weakened him with Merric, and finished him with...someone...Ryan or MU...don't recall exactly. Prologue 7 (Cain) Strat pointers taken from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zqez8IDuloo ... though I did end up deviating a bit in turn 2, sending Luke and Athena to deal with the Archer in the lower left instead of letting him approach. Everything else was pretty much the same though...I think... Prologue 8 Gosh darn it Katarina, why? Anyway...started by forming a wall (Caeda->Luke->MU->Marth->Cain) with Wrys, Ryan, and Merric in the back. That worked for a bit, until the mages started moving. At which point I realized 1) I couldn't reach them 2) My team's res is [email protected]#$. Restart. Did the wall again, but pushed out a bit after the first few turns so that when the mages moved, I could fall down upon them like thunder from the heavens. Got to the save point (which I did not know was a save point until I walked upon it), then baited out the final wave with Caeda (on the left) and Merric (on the right). Before that I was trying to do some weird Caeda-only bait but the enemies had too much hp for that to work. Chapter 1 So...all the units I was putting effort into training (Merric, Caeda, Wrys...although the only effort with Wrys is making sure he's not in the range of the enemy...) left except for Luke and...well...me. Ryan is ok xp-wise, but not great, Rody is pretty much screwed at level 1, so...yeah. Took more strat pointers from a run by the same person as the vid linked in Prologue 7, essentially doing a wall move for the first Part, and turning the second part into a "stick the MU in the fort and hope he doesn't die" thing. Missed Malicia because on one of my unsuccessful attempts I had tried to visit the big village with one of my Cavaliers (Luke?) and nothing happened, so I assumed big villages were unvisit-able. *headdesk*. More on that in Chapter 3. Chapter 2 Reclassed a lot of people to Archer/Sniper. After a few botched tries, I finally weathered out the rain of enemies. Lured away a few of them with Catria by sending her off to the left while the main force went straight into the trees to engage the enemies that decided (rightly) to not chase her. Missed the Lady Sword because to heck with trying to get it and survive, missed Cord because see Ch. 1. Baited the Wyvern Riders with MU (went with a high-risk, high-reward maneuver and put him in the range of 2 of them...the boss and the right-middle one, resetting until he survived), Luke (Left Fort), Marth (Right Fort), and Catria (the left-middle one). Proceeded to poke with the archers until the melee units could finish them without dying. Chapter 3 Super-High Turn Count at its finest! I went all the way around the island, and after THAT I spend about thirty-odd turns waiting out the ammunition on the ballista thing (Pirate MU goes in, takes some shots, leaves for healing, goes back) before finally finishing it off. Also, this was the Chapter in which I finally discovered that Marth alone can visit the large village places, so I got a Bridge Key, Julian and Bord. Yippee. Chapter 3 (Gaiden) More luck dependency...but this time with LOWER odds than hoping enemies miss the MU! (Those ones were about 50% enemy chance to hit). I had Marth hit the top general (the only one he can reach) and had Arran (still a Sniper) hit the middle general. Prereq. for continuing past that point was that BOTH of them killed their opponents via critting (16% and 13% chances, respectively), otherwise reset. Linde & MU took on the bottom general, Catria (reclassed to Cavalier because archers) took on one of the enemy archers while Palla flew up to the top mountain, safely out of range of archer #2. Moved Wrys to safety (I almost forgot to do that). Archer #2 attacks Marth. Catria moves in as far as possible (otherwise she won't be able to reach the Knight pursuing Wrys) and switches weapons to Javelin (she is now in the range of the Archer pursuing Wrys). Moved Palla as far as possible while still being safe. Took out the remaining Archer from Turn 1 with...someone. Moved Marth onto the 1st fort, and moved everyone else toward the 2nd. Moved Wrys farther along to safety. Archer attacks Catria, both live (Catria missed with the Javelin, only 70-80% hit chance I think...), Knight moves further toward Wrys. Palla moves into the range of the Knight while Catria finishes off the Archer. Wrys makes his last possible move into safety. Bait successful! Knight attacks Palla, leaving Wrys sweating in terror, but alive. Finished the Knight with Catria, moved onto the fort with Palla, healed Palla with Wrys. Baited out the rest of the enemies one by one.
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