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Found 1 result

  1. It's me, Neal... or Fruit Ninja... or whatever you want to call me... Anyway, I was just stopping by to give myself a self-given probation from social networking. And video games. And TV. And movies. And... you get the point. (Weeeeeellll, I might make Pokemon X/Y an exception, but I'll have to seriously think about that...) >_< The reason is..................... *drum roll* ................STUDIES! HOW STEREOTYPICALLY ASIAN OF ME! Seriously, I have to concentrate on this now... I should have a pretty packed schedule... with AP Computer Science, AP World History, Physics 101 at a nearby community college, US Govt, and English at home and/or English Language and Composition at CC... And I have to prepare for an SAT re-take in November. And the SAT IIs in October. And I have to get my college application together. And community work. (Okay, okay, maybe this isn't that much to some people, but to someone who's not used to so much, it's hard... for someone like me. -_-') *sigh* So yeah, I'll probably be gone 'til, like, December. Or mid-November, depending. It depends on when this whole college thing is over... T~T Maybe I'll drop by once and a while, but it'd probably be better if I didn't. (Don't want to get tempted, now do I?) Oh! Actually, if anyone wants to contact me, PM me; I'll reply to those... not that anyone here needs to talk to me. >_< Maybe I'll come on October 25th! Y'know, and make my "I was here for one whole year" thread... =P (Dang, one year already...?) *sniff* I'll miss it here. Actually, I miss here. We just moved and got good Internet, too... AFTER ALL THOSE MONTHS OF TERRIBLE INTERNET IN KYRGYZSTAN!!! D:< How long have I been gone for now...? Let's see... since the beginning of June, so... 3 months. Wow. ;~; *sigh* ;~; Priorities are priorities, I suppose... I hope this sits me in UPenn. (<- 99% chance of not happening) P.S. Hey guys, I was going to buy some video game console with some spare money I had (after my studies, of course), but I don't really know what to buy... A PS3 seems good, since there are a lot of good games on it. But a PS Vita seems okay, too. Since the price was cut and Sen no Kiseki and all. But if a Pokemon 3DS XL Bundle comes out, that's a big temptation as well. Especially since my current 3DS's L and R buttons are not functioning... So what do you guys think? *putting up a poll to see what the community has to say*
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