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Found 7 results

  1. My fellow FE fans, To get the guild key in Holmes Route... I see you need to complete the forging side quest. However, I cannot figure out where to get the master sword needed to complete the 3rd forging. I see you can get it from map 23... but is that too late? The only other place I see it is from the mermel caves encounter but that is a 2% random chance to get it from a chest which would be miserable to farm. So if anyone has any knowledge about this I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks,
  2. I was wondering, because i've seen some names here or there for people's weaponry, what you all decide to name Forged Weapons, if you do at all? Personally, I like to name them based on the character (or in the case of my Avatar, what I like and what my OC she's named after likes), as I like to have weapons that fit their character in some way. My current list of names is: Silas' Vow (Silver Sword used by Silas) Silas' Honor (Venge Naginata used by Silas) First one refers to his vow to be your friend, and Silas' Honor refers to his voiced quote "On my honor as a knight." Then there's two for my Avatar (Thalia) Caliburn (Silver Sword used when in the Great Lord class or other sword using class) Carnwennan (Silver Dagger/Knife used when in a Shuriken/Knife using class) Both are taken from Arthurian Legend, which I kinda like. I then have: Missiletainn (Forged Silver Katana used by Owain/Odin. Referring to his unique sword in Awakening) Severa's Last (Silver Sword Referring to Severa/Selena's Awakening name and the fact that in Birthright she was a Bow Knight who primarily used bows. And I make her a hero. Ergo, it's Severa's Last Sword. Originally I meant it to be Severa's Last Memory, but that wouldn't fit and I had to find a new meaning for the name. It being her last sword has thus kinda stuck with me lately) Inigo's Dance (Silver Sword Referring to Inigo/Laslow's Awakening name and the fact he dances.) Hinoka's Goal (Silver Naginata Referring to it's user and her reason for starting to use a Naginata) Adoration (Silver Axe used by Camilla and referring to her absolute adoration [at least to me] in regards to the Avatar) Sakura's Love (Shining bow referring to it's user and the fact she seems to love everyone) Elise's Beam (A forged Robin's Primer, because I'd hoped it'd be a Thoron, thus beam. Used by Elise and one I really have to rename because dammit it's not a beam!)
  3. So it find it hard to believe how anyone has gotten a weapon to +7. I'm on chapter 25 of conquest and the highest I've gotten is +3. So how do they do it. Also does anyone know how get Lucinas Estoc? I've seen it on multiple sources, but I've never actually seen it in game before.
  4. So, the title is pretty self-explanatory. Weapon forging was tweaked due to infinite weapon durability. You have to have two of a weapon and a certain gem (depending on weapon type) to forge. Forged weapons get more powerful by a set amount. Not too broken on paper, right? Except you can visit other people's My Castles and see their resources. As such, you can just hop by a My Castle and grab the gems you need. And this is where the balance issues come in. Iron weapons cost 1000 gold, steel weapons cost 2000, and silver weapons cost 4000. An iron sword +1 costs 2000 gold and one gem, with one less might than a steel sword but attack speed penalties. An iron sword +2 effectively costs 4000 gold and 4 gems (as you need two iron sword +1's and two gems to forge), and has better accuracy than a silver sword, 3 base crit, and doesn't decrease strength/skill by 2 upon use, all at the expense of one or two points of strength. Which would you rather do: spend 4000 hard-fought gold on a silver weapon that's going to be pretty situational, or spend the same amount on 4 iron weapons and five minutes hitting up a My Castle or two to get the required gems? So, really, as long as you stay on top of it, there doesn't seem to be any reason to use anything else but iron outside of a few very specific situations. The Royal Bros can just lug around their personal weapons and everybody else can use forged iron weapons. I kind of hope there's some hitch to this I haven't heard about, because this seems like the biggest balance issue in the game. The idea of weapon disadvantages/penalties falls really flat in the face of this (at least as far as steel and silver weapons are concerned).
  5. Forging.... one of the more interesting ways to give your units an advantage, by upgrading a weapon's stats (though not without paying coin, of course). I find myself using this mechanic pretty often, as I enjoy just making certain weapons much stronger than before, and also giving said weapons a not so creative new name. Of course, this requires a ton of gold to do so, but I personally find it worth the trouble. So, how often do you forge? How big are your adjustments to the weapons you forge? Do you also name your weapon?
  6. Alright, so I wanted to ask the community what they think would be healthy for PvP. Everyone has their own definition for what's healthy for a PvP community, so I want your answer. There will be bias shown in my explanation for why they are in the polls, but please think for yourself before answering. Comment about your choices if you want to express your opinion. Lethality: Everyone knows about how Lethality builds feel cheap, but do you think it is healthy for PvP? Extravagance+Line of Death: With two skills, the player can have +20 damage on their turn, thus creating a situation where you can easily OHKO many classes with a high movement class, but do you think it is healthy for PvP? Forged Weapons: Forged Weapons give a significant boost to damage, hitrate, and critical, thus allowing for more situations where you can OHKO the opponent with certain builds. They also favor certain weapons which narrows down variety in weapon choice, but do you think they are healthy for PvP? Character Specific Weapons: These weapons are very powerful compared to base weapons. They are even comparable to S rank weapons in some cases. However, most of them are only available to first generation characters, but do you think they are healthy for PvP? Yato Final: So, let's say you think Character Specific Weapons are okay, but what about Yato Final? This weapon is so strong that even fully forged +7 Silver weapons aren't necessarily better. +4 Str, Spd, Def, Res is very strong advantage on an already excellent blade and makes Kamui undoubtedly the best unit the game, but do you think it is healthy for PvP?
  7. Just wondering, but does anyone name items for fun, (Or Streetpass) And if you do, what do you name your items (sets of items are better)? [spoiler=Rando' Screenshot] Ok, I'm missing a few commands to copy Bravely Default... And I thought "Abilities" were "Skills". Oh well.
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