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Found 2 results

  1. First of all hello everyone this is my first post here, so don't kill me if I am doing something wrong, sooo I am opening this thread for a Europe group, where people can exchange rare skills on late Game Characters like Yukimura, Fuga and Flora etc. I hope I can help with this thread people in Europe to get some special skills In my case I need Flora with Shurikenfaire, Luna, as for Fuga Pavise and well other skills like Aptitude If anyone is searching for some Rare skills on Flora My flora:Aegis, Counter, Magic Counter, Aptitude and Pavise My adress: 10455-16496 93212-62408
  2. Hey guys, I'm having a bit of trouble at Nohr chapter 20 "Winds of Change" So my units are about on par with the enemies, a bit stronger in fact so they can easily keep up in the combat side of things. But the problem and what keeps getting me is the map's hazard, the wind. It keeps pushing you forward and or pulling you back from the progress you made, and it does that to the enemies too, and that usually left my weakest units exposed for the enemies to just wail on them. Can you guys help me with some advice for this level? I'd be much appreciated. I'm playing on hard difficulty by the way.
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