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Found 53 results

  1. Simple as it sounds. I'll start with Hermit.
  2. I’m hosting a Three Houses D&D/Rp game thing that would ideally include 21 of you folks! You don’t have to be an expert or anything at D&D nor Roleplaying, simply join and try it out if you’re even remotely interested! This will be played entirely over discord so send me a pm to be invited! The game itself: There will be primarily three big parts of the overall game. Class Sessions, “Weekends” and Battles. Class sessions are small periods where everyone will get together in their classes’ voice chat and “Train” a specific proficiency in a weapon, just like in Three Houses, and the professor will give everyone a little “lesson” that will be a hint towards things to come, whether they appear on the “weekend” or during battle, the professor will have given you ample information to react to this unknown threat. These class sessions should only last about 7-10 minutes each anyway and won’t actually require work of any kind, everyone can hangout and chat if they would like. “Weekend Time”: The discord will have several voice chats labeled as different areas of the 3H monastery. During this also 10-15 minute time you will be able to hop between each chat and different events will occur, but ultimately where you are at the end of the 15 minutes will decide what you gained or what event you will be involved in that “Weekend”. Finally combat/battle: There will be large scale battles like the battle of the eagle and lion where EVERYONE is involved head to head and there will also be a story that goes along with this huge game. Friends may turn against eachother or maybe not! You can also recruit others from other classes. There will be non-head to head fights as well where a single class will face off against enemies, and outside of “In-School” fights people can die if they run out of health! Because we are on classic that would mean you are dead forever, and you will be temporarily removed from the discord until the story comes to a conclusion. More about how the combat functions will be provided when we start! We hope to meet on weekends and it shouldn’t be incredibly time consuming but I’m hoping it’s more fun than anything! I also plan to stream the whole thing on twitch for those who are too afraid/were not able to join! I love all you community and send me a message if you wish to be a part of all of this!
  3. Basicly what the title says. You first pick a favourite character from the 3 listed above and then name a Fire Emblem character of your own. To get it started I'll put 3 characters here, but all after me should just list one! Lachesis Ashe Boyd
  4. Guest

    Pokemon region in europe

    The new Pokemon Sword &Shild games ar coming out around a half year later. My question is: How would you imagine a pokemon region based on middle europe? For exemple hungary?
  5. User 1 states their problem. User 2 gives out the solution to the problem. Now the goal of the game is to create a problem and have someone else solve it. Problem can range from realistic to crazily unreal. The solution can be anything that is at least plausible regardless of how unreal it is. Example: User 1: You are stuck in an elevator. User 2: Scream at the top of your lungs. Lets start! You forgot to bring your sword to the battlefield but you cannot go back to retrieve it and you have no other weapons but your armour. You must fight, what to do?
  6. What music track from any fire emblem game is your favorite, and why is it Conquest
  7. Even Sacred Stones is my fav game in the series, when you put all bias aside and look at it as a game in general, it's pretty meh to be honest. The story has one of the best villains in the series, Lyon, and other than the dual lord story, thats really all the game has going for it. The overall plot is kinda messy, but in a way where it still works but very oddly so. And may I mention that the game is EASY. Compared to FE 6 and 7, this game is a cakewalk and doesn't show any real signs of difficulty until really late chapters, where your team will be super buff anyways so it all cancels out pretty much. I beat this game four times and I can say, with certainty, that this is the best, worst Fire Emblem game.
  8. First of all, I wasn't sure where to put this topic so I am putting it here. I know it isn't a ROM hack or a fan game, but I feel it still falls under Fan Projects. Once I have some progress to show, I'll begin to post some pictures!
  9. So for the uninitiated Berwick Saga is the second game from Shouzou Kaga, creator of the original 5 Fire Emblem titles, after leaving Intelligent Systems. It's set in the same world as TearRing Saga, although the two games are not directly related by plot. It borrows a lot of elements commonly found in the Fire Emblem series, such as permadeath and weapon durability, while adding several unique and interesting twists on the old formula. Battles are no longer carried out phase by phase, but instead on a turn by turn basis for example. Many skills and ideas found in modern Fire Emblem titles can be traced back to this title as well. This playthrough is based on this English patch created by Aethin, and I definitely recommend you check it out and support the project if you can. I'm all of two maps in and it's been an absolute blast so far. Anyways, Part 1 In this part, we're first introduced to our cast of characters and get our first taste of the crazy new battle system this game has to offer. I can't help but be heavily reminded of FE4 with how this game sets up the story. Nothing too crazy happens here story-wise, but I'm already finding a lot of things to like with this game. The art doesn't look that impressive in screenshots, but seeing the game in motion I have to say that the graphics are incredibly smooth and full of life. The soundtrack is already starting to grow on me too (that boss music!). Anyone who has played TearRing Saga and enjoyed it would probably say that this game has some big shoes to fill, but so far I have to say things are looking good.
  10. Let's play a game within a game, and write a story within a story. A common complaint I've seen about FE 1/3/11/12 is the lack of development of characters. If that's a problem for you, we're going to fix it. I propose that anyone who is interested in this game/challenge takes up an Iron Man of their chosen Archanea game. From there we take notes of what happens (who kills bosses, who damages/defeats what enemies, what enemies kill your characters/supports that occur if FE12/conversations if FE 11) When finished, we write it into a cohesive story. Or you could do it chapter by chapter. Whatever works. Building characters you're using in the story as it progresses (thoughts, backgrounds etc). Use what we know about them, head cannon, and anything you can come up with that fits canon and your playthrough. I say "we", but given I'm mid-run of New Mystery, I'd have to restart so... really, at this point it's "you" until I've freed myself up again. Good luck, and may your death count not be too high.
  11. Inspired by Godhand ''Saddest Death Quote'' topic, a little game for everyone. Make a death quote yourself and share it here. Mine: Hehe... In the end, my death... meant as much as my life..... no...thing...
  12. Well, I recently beat this game, and...I really enjoyed it! Wasn't perfect, by any means; for example, the gameplay somehow managed to be even MORE unbalanced than Gaiden itself was...but I still enjoyed myself. And while the plot itself still had a lot of the doofy elements of Gaiden, the writing behind said plot went a long way to helping resolve it. Plus, I liked how much they expanded upon Act 5 (in the original Gaiden, the game just sort of...ended. It felt like the entire Act was written under a deadline). That all said, I also realize that the plot definitely had some loose ends that should have been tied up. So, I've decided it'd be fun, theory crafting ways this can all tie together. So without further adieu... Number 1: If Rudolf Could Beat Up Mila...Why Didn't He Just Beat Up Duma, Too? Why the Overly Convoluted Plan? As far as I know, Mila and Duma are equals. Otherwise, their long war before the Pact wouldn't have ended in a stalemate. So logically speaking, Rudolf could've just taken the BOTH of them out, just with the information available. But, I feel like that can be explained. I don't know the exact timeframe for all of Echoes' events, but... I think think there are two easy explanations. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) Maybe beating up Duma WAS Rudolf's original plan...and then Mila messed that up by sealing Falchion. 2) Where Mila's followers were namby-pamby pacifists, Duma's followers were scary dark mage types. If Rudolf went after Duma...it wouldn't have just be "Rudolf vs. Duma". It would've been "Rudolf vs. Duma + The Entirety of the Duma Faithful". Perhaps Rudolf didn't think he could take the both of them at once. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Going by theory No. 1, Rudolf might've decided he wanted to try his luck with Mila, first. Perhaps he feared what Duma would do to his family and kingdom if he failed to take him down. So, instead of marching into a fight he wasn't sure he could win, he picked a fight with Mila first, knowing that she was about as strong as Duma. Then, if he emerged victorious, then he'd know he could beat Duma, too. So Rudolf marches to Mila, does his thing, wins the fight... ... ....... Aaaand then Mila seals the Falchion! Rudolf marches back to Rigel, planning on defeating Duma, and then gets stopped in his tracks when Mila figures out what he intends to do. Because remember; Mila's still selling the mental effects of degeneracy. She's not in her right mind, and she doesn't want Rudolf killing her brother. That's theory No. 1. So going by Theory No. 2, well...let's face it. The Duma Faithful are a HECK of a lot scarier than the Mila Faithful ever were. So scary, in fact, that Rudolf felt that he needed to send Alm away with Mycen, instead of just crushing the cult himself. And that makes sense. Even assuming he could round up the army he needed to fight the Duma Faithful, his army's screwed the moment he himself gets taken down. Falchion is the one thing in their world that can kill Duma. So all the Duma Faithful would need to do is focus all their firepower on Rudolf. Do that, and the entire effort collapses. It wouldn't matter how many men Rudolf had with him. Hence, why Rudolf felt the need to turn to his utterly nonsensical, overly convoluted plan. It's risky as all-get-out, but, well...Alm and Celica are the prophesized saviors. It's not much, but, it's still better than nothing. Do either of those sound like reasonable explanations? Or is there something I'm forgetting about (like, maybe Rudolf beat up Mila many years AFTER sending Alm away? Like I said, not sure on the exact timeframe of everything that happened).
  13. Greetings, Serenes Forest! I hope everyone's having a great Easter. As it happens, today is the day I have finally completed my magnum opus, THE BEGGINING. I sincerely believe you will find this game to be an epic and scintillating quest for revenge that will keep you on your toes. The game patches to FE8. DOWNLOAD SCREENSHOTS: SPECIAL THANKS:
  14. There's something that has been bothering for quite a long time, why does so many people hate Kris, the MU of New Mystery of The Emblem. Some say that is because he takes all the spotlight from Marth, I mean sure, sometimes I think he becomes too much of a hero for a deuteragonist, but still, I never saw him as such. Considering the fact that the MU customization began with him (Fire Emblem Rekka no Ken doesn't count, I'm sure you know why), of course there would be flaws, but it just seems that he's too much hated, he may not be the best MU and absolutely not the best character, but still he ain't the worse either. What do you guys think?
  15. Hi there, I've played Awakening a few times and I finished it once in hard (during my Kellam only run). While the main game can offer you a tactical performance if you play without grinding, I've found that the paralogues' difficulty is just stupid. Let me explain: I'm doing a generals only run. My team so far is Kame(avatar) with Nowi A, Tharja with Lon'qu S, Kellam with Sully S (Kjelle was hard enough to recruit with the desolation sorcerers hitting 20-ish x2 on my fastest units, x4 on Kellam and litterally tsunamis of reinforcements), Kjelle which is level 12 so she's on the side for the moment (80 stats aside of 33 HP it's ridiculously low...maybe I should've levelled Sully in EXPonential growth because 9 spd at her join was really bad), Fred with Cordelia A (yes, I reclassed him directly into knight before chapter 5 with Anna's shop that gave me a second second seal and a magister and he was a pain in the ass to get going at the beginning but now he's better than Kellam in nearly everything) and Chrom level 2 with Olivia level 1 (Lucina level 10 with aether and luck +4 has more stats than her father, like far more, but still unusable from the get-go). I've beaten Kjelle's paralogue overusing Kame and Tharja because they were my fastest units and Fred because he was holding silver weapons and his Cordelia support helped him stay relevant. But now I have to beat Noire paralogue. In hard mode. My units have average 30 def +2 and their supports, speed ranging from 15 (Kellam...) to 26 (Tharja without Lon'qu's bonuses). Using rally def I have 36 average total def. The ennemies hit 2x on Kellam with around 42 damage (except maybe Falco knights, and I'm not even sure they hit less). there are shittons of ennemies, all have 8 movement, some use bows, they can't be ORKO because LOLHP and LOLDEF and LOLSPEED. how am I supposed to beat a chapter with so high stats and keep both Fuchrom and Noire alive? The answer is simple: screw no grind and level everyone to 20/20 and maybe reset them to 20/1 until they cap all of their fuckin stats. No but seriously, how can we still call FE a T-RPG after seeing that? And these are my stats using 65% of the random encounters I've had access to+Kjelle's paralogue and Donnel's paralogue earlier. Kellam is 20/5 (he can't ORKO so he doesn't gain as much exp), Fred level 20/8, Kame 14-14/9, Tharja 10-20/6. They have more stats than they're supposed to (except poor Kellam who I'm gonna bench straight after his daughter can do the job better than he ever will). And yet they struggle even with rally-abusing. Noire died when the top ennemy units joined with the middle ones (impossible to kill them fast enough without hero weapons, even Kame deals around 15 damage per hit with steel lance B rank and Nowi A support against 50+ HP ennemies). The worst is that I bet there are paralogues even harder (I mean ennemies with even higher stats). It's no more a T-RPG, it's a stupid grinding game. If generals with 36 def can't tank with potions, it's not normal. In a T-RPG game, there are 3 kinds of levels: 1. The ones with high quality but little number ennemies (and a few low quality fillers), 2. The ones with low quality waves of ennemies, 3. Puzzle maps (lunatic early game is the best example but it is also the best example of a LOLSTATS game rather than a T-RPG since you absolutely can't win these without oversuing Fred, the only units able to tank 2 hits+). And in Noire's paralogue, I see a mix of all these. Meaning you fight fckin hoards of high quality ennemies with max mobility coming from every corner of the map and taking you in sandwich, to recruit a unit who can't do shit and get nearly OHKO by anything. Even Lunatic Donnel is easier to recruit (and he still needs a level up while Noire doesn't require any). How am I supposed to play Noire if I have to reach endgame just to reach the stats requirement for her paralogue's completion? What's this game design?
  16. Hello and welcome; to the first Serenes Forest Survivor! *Excitement intensifies* We're here in the dark, mysterious woods of Begnion, where in the next few days, 14 Fire Emblem enthusiasts will begin the adventure of a lifetime! Together, they will have to adapt to the rough conditions, terrible time-zones and to each other, to thrive in the wilderness. They will have to collaborate with their enemies and back-stab their friends, and be sure to not be the one voted off! Who will be eliminated, who will be the last one standing? 2 Tribes, 14 people, ONE.... SURVIVOR! THE GAME: The 14 players will be randomly divided into 2 teams before the game starts. When there are only 8 players left, the tribes will merge and all challenges and immunities become individual, in a free-for-all style. Once there are only 10 players left, all eliminated participants will become part of the jury, who will vote one of the last 3 remaining players to become the holder of the title of Sole Survivor. The game will run in a 2 phase basis, each lasting 24 hours (so you should be able to chip in at least once a day regardless of your timezone! :3 ). During the Challenge Phase, both Teams will compete against each other in simple tasks (ranging from puzzle solving, internet scavenger hunts to dem paint skillz!). The victorious team will receive immunity, and the game will turn to Voting Phase, when the losing tribe will eliminate one of their member by voting him/her off. Once the results are out, the Challenge Phase starts again. THE TWISTS: Exile Island: After a challenge, the winning Tribe/Player will select someone from the loser Tribe/Players to go the Exile Island, where they will be incomunicated from the rest until the next Voting Phase ends.They will still vote, but they will go on blind. However, Exile Island is the only place where a player will have the chance to find the Hidden Immunity Idol Hidden Immunity Idol: After arriving Exile Island, the exiled player will receive a clue to the location of the Idol. The player must then guess its location. If successful they will receive the Idol in private. Said Idol can be played up until there's only 4 players in the game, it can be gifted to another player, and can only be played BEFORE the Voting Phase results are announced Once used, the Idol will return to Exile Island, where it will be placed in a new location. THE RULES: Starting private conversations is not only allowed, but recommended. Throughout the game you should be strategizing with multiple people. There are two rules however. In all game conversations you should add me as a participant. This way I can monitor everything that’s going on in the game. I won’t post in the conversations or let it affect the game, but I will keep up with all the game talk. You must keep all In-Game activities in the official Serenes Forest Survivor server, or this thread. No tribe/secret alliance server, please. Be cool :3 THE PLACES THE PLAYERS: Sign in by typing "/in". The game will take place in THIS Discord Server. This thread will remain for signups, game discussion and updates More details will be given in the Game server. Feel free to ask any questions! Game will start December 18, finishing right before New Year (What a better way to celebrate than being crowned Sole Survivor!)
  17. There's this neat short game thing that I enjoy playing called Geoguessr and I wanted to share it with this forum and see how many points you guys get. It basically presents you a google street view picture from anywhere in the world, and you have to guess on a map where it is, for 5 rounds. It's really neat because after a while you can get really precise and really learn how each place is without leaving your room. It's a fun and informative way to pass time/be entertained. https://geoguessr.com/world/play
  18. Hey guys! I've been a long time fan of the Fire Emblem franchise. I've played every game released since the GBA era, so even though I'm not a die hard, this is definitively my favorite game series. Fire Emblem Heroes hit me and my wallet hard, but after a while I realized the art assets would be a perfect spring board for a board game! So here it is! You can download the game via drop box. The link is on my FB page (click the play game button) so please like and follow! I'll be posting updates as I update balance and release new unit cards! I'll also be posting tutorials on my fb page on how I printed my cards, as I've gone through a LOOOOT of trial and error to make really good looking cards, and theres alot of different materials and techniques you can use. (But to start, for best results, use a Laser Color printer with Cotton Linen Cardstock 65lb) Dice are only for keeping track of HP, not anything else. No RNG in this game :) Also theres typos in the imgur album but they're fixed in the dropbox download folder. https://imgur.com/a/8n7rk https://www.facebook.com/BrotherMingGames/
  19. I don't know if someone started something like this, but I'll go for it. Tell people what you think of their sig. No rude comments, please.
  20. Repost from feu These are ideas for a game(not an hack)i plan to make one day. This list will most likely be updated with more ideas later
  21. I am sure many of us (if not all of us) are familiar with Marth and how Shadow Dragon and its sequel, to an extent, (note, by Shadow Dragon, I mean both the original and the remake) had a rather minimalist plot. That being said, we know that Marth's indirect ancestor, Anri, defeated Medeus and the Dohlr Empire 100 years before the events of Shadow Dragon, and we know of some other characters who were around at that time, including the following: Anri's brother Marcelus, Cartas who became king of Archanea, Cartas' brother Marlon who became king of Aurelis, Ordwin: a soldier who founded the kingdom of Grust, and Iote: slave-turned-rebel against the Dohlr Empire who would become the first king of Macedon. With this and what little was revealed about each of these characters in mind, I had an idea for a Fire Emblem game that took place 100 years before the story of Marth. The story would follow three protagonists down their initially separate routes: Anri, Iote, and Cartas, and all three would have unique classes: Anri would be the typical swordsman lord (though a peasant; quite ironically), Iote would ride a wyvern (one idea I had was that he could dismount the wyvern and the wyvern could fight as a separate unit), and I hadn't decided in the case of Cartas; likely some form of cavalry unit. It would also feature the other listed characters as well as a young Wendell (and/or a young Wrys) as playable characters. The story would help answer a lot of questions left unanswered by the thin plot of Marth's games. What do you think?
  22. I was lazy and this text from this website ( http://rpgcode.ultimaterpg.org/t3-roll-to-dodge-rules ) explains the rules Better then I could: The GM (Game Master) posts a situation the players are in. The players then post their actions, according to the conditions GM sets. The GM then rolls for the actions' results, and writes them out in his post. Then the players post actions again, ad infinitum. The action results are defined by a six-sided die roll: [1]: Epic Fail. Your efforts only worsened your situation. [2]: Fail. Your skills or luck were insufficient. [3]: Meager success: The situation didn't improve by as much as you have intended. [4]: Success: Your efforts were sufficient to achieve your goal. [5]: Epic Success: Your skills and luck have combined to ensure your success. [6]: Overshot: Your efforts were more than required for the goal's completion, and your luck is such that unfortunate side-effects are inevitable. If at any time something threatens a player, that player may make a roll to avoid the threat. For each action, any number of rolls may be made, as determined by the GM. Primary causes for multiple rolls include, but are not limited to: * Actions explicitly composed of multiple actions * Actions that imply other actions that are not declared free For every dodge roll, any number of additional rolls may be made, as determined by the circumstances, and any skills or special effects applied to the player" end website quote (i edited some part of the website text out here because I didn't agree with It) The goal of the game is to kill the other players. Everyone starts out with 100 Hp. I will probably accept 8 players for the first round but that could change if I get a lot of interest. Here is an example action: " I shoot an ak-47 at player x" This person would not be able to perform this action without having a ak-47 (they would have to use an action to try to pick one up or summon one) but if they did have an ak-47, I would roll a die for the person doing the action to determine the result. If the roll was a success, then I roll a dice for player x to see if x dodges the attack. You can make alliances during the game. If you have any questions you may ask me.
  23. At the urging of a certain someone, I am reviving this game with a new BlankMan base. The base is free to use for other spriting projects as a blank base. Credit would be appreciated if used; please don't claim it as your own. For those of you familiar with this: Great! Get started. For those of you who aren't, the story goes a little like this: BlankMan lost his parts one day when a digital wind blew by, 0ing and 1ing away his features, clothing, accessories, and even his girlfriend. He, being the smart, albeit faceless man he was, came immediately to seek the help of some spriters (us) to help put him back together. Help BlankMan by giving him a face with eyes, nose, mouth, and brows, and then dress him up in style. You may splice or custom parts, but you may only add one part at a time. BlankMan is a respectful sprite and hopes no one will edit another spriter's lovingly-donated parts. He also hopes he will look decidedly presentable to his girlfriend when he is finished. The TL;DR Explanation: Basically, the game functions very similarly to Mug Medley. However, the difference is that only one part can be added on per turn, and each part added cannot be removed or edited (with exceptions*). Forum rules apply to added content, so please try to keep it appropriate. That being said, have fun. Splice or custom features, clothing, hair, etc. onto the base Only one part may be added at a time. You may not edit or remove anyone else's parts. Please be courteous. Don't cover up too much of the base at a time. Please try not to be obscene. If anyone takes offense to your addition, consider it disqualified. Please save in PNG format to prevent loss of color and quality. *Exceptions include: overlapping parts (try to keep as much of it visible as possible), palette consolidation **Claim rules may be added if post ninjas start getting a little too frisky.
  24. I was going to make this thread earlier, but Hearthstone was in closed beta. However, as of this posting, the game is now in open beta! This thread is for all discussions Hearthstone. Have an awesome deck you want to share? Want to talk strategics? Want to complain about an OP class? You can do all that and more here!
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