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Found 2 results

  1. I made a short rap for Ganondorf that's been brewing in my head for a while. Decided to see what others think about it(kinda can thank Epic Rap Battles of History for inspiration)! "I am the Ganondorf, you cannot hope to possibly beat me! I am the Ganondorf, You can try as much as you please! I am the Ganondorf, but I will still beat you with ease! I am the Ganondorf, I will bring you down to your knees! I am a Warlock, a powerful king, hits so hard, it'll leave more then a sting! Your power can't match, you barely have a chance, try to tango with me, it'll be a short dance! And if you anger me, all H*** will break loose, and you'll be reduced, to a stain on my boots! So go ahead, set in the ring, It will most certainty, entertain your King!" I hope it was good! ;3
  2. Do you remember how Zelda could transform into Sheik in Smash Bros. Melee? I hadn't played ocarina of time yet, so thanks for the spoiler Nintendo! Do you think there could be a way of keeping people from being spoiled, unless they really wanted to? Perhaps a spoiler setting, or maybe a questionaire about games and the spoilers involved. Perhaps, as an example, they could use Lucina in the spoilerriffic versions, but replace her with masked Marth in the spoiler-free ones. It could run as a client-side service, I don't know, I know it'll keep people who haven't played awakening yet from being angry about how marth isn't really who she says she is, though.
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