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Found 2 results

  1. So outside of Genealogy of the Holy War, which had a lot of throwaway recolored female bosses pictured above, its noticeable minor enemy bosses like Batta and Gromell are always male. And before anyone states Clarisse or Pheros, those characters are not minor bosses with no story importance like Lumel or Campari are. I'm talking about bosses that just walk into a map and die with no fanfare. This is speculation but it is quite possible the lack of minor enemy female commanders could be due to the developers not wanting to design female characters with the ugly/evil look that minor bosses have. Similarly outside of the aforementioned Genealogy of the Holy War, Thracia 776, and Tear Ring Saga which occasionally sprinkled female generics among the otherwise male enemy forces, generic enemy units are almost always male outside of female exclusive classes like Pegasus Knight or Troubadour. We know lore wise, nations like Macedon, Grado, Plegia, Bern ETC have female soldiers and commanders from the recruitable characters those locations, but the rank and file enemy grunts and lowranking commanders are always male. Several games like New Mystery of the Emblem even punish the player for attacking female generics the rare times they appear. This is again another guess, but I speculate that the developers avoid female generics to avoid making the player feel bad. I''m asking everyone what do you think the reason for this is and would you like this to change? *My original version of this post was deleted when my browser glitched so I had to retype the whole thing.*
  2. If you would indulge me, if you are female will you ever play the game as M!Kamui and vise-versa for males? My answer would be yes because I feel like I'm getting more out of my game when I do that.
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