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Found 3 results

  1. My curiosity was recently sparked when on another discussion and I just wanted to know what you all think about the different Pokemon Generations (and share mine as well)!
  2. Ghast (Bloodlines) in association with Arch (Elibean Nights) create a new ROM hack. Its purpose? To take you on a journey of which you've never experienced before https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7ZPX8pkyNw&feature=youtu.be More news to come at FEE3~
  3. Dunno if this has been done before, but whatever. My first challenge run. Playing Awakening with a few rules. [spoiler=FE4 rules I'm using] 1. All pairings must be done before entering ch. 14. (Halfway point) 2. All characters will be recruited. All children characters will be recruited before ch. 15. Parent characters are allowed in all paralogues until 16. 3. Once all children are recruited, I can ONLY use children characters (and characters recruited after ch. 15) EXCEPT for Olivia as a non-combat dancer. Inigo can't be a dancer :( 3a. Obvious exceptions are Chrom (required on EVERY chapter) and Avatar (for ch. 23 and Endgame) 4. Parent characters are NOT allowed after ch. 15 (unless there are more than 14 deployment slots available.) 5. Each parent is allowed ONE "special" weapon. This weapon will be forged for 3 critical per 6 levels gained. Weapons are either passed down to the children or re-forged if broken. [Prepromotes start with +20 levels.] 6. No parent can use/pass down the lv. 15 promoted skill. (This corresponds to a total level of 35) 6a. Exception: Chrom's son, if he has one, will inherit Rightful King. [spoiler=Special rules] 1. Spotpass paralogues and Outrealm characters not allowed. Assume 1,000 Renown start. (10,000 Gold helps with forging.) 2. Risen skirmishes can be done once per cleared chapter/paralogue, up to ch. 12. After this, they are not restricted until ch. 15. 3. DLC is not allowed until the completion of ch. 12. DLC can be completed once per "generation." 4. Panne and Nowi must reclass at lv. 10. Donnel can reclass at lv. 15, but cannot promote. No other Second Seals are allowed for the parents. 4a. Children are allowed ONE Second seal. A character cannot exceed 30 levels as an unpromoted unit, 30 levels as a promoted unit. Manakete and Taguel children are not allowed to reclass. 5. Merchant shops are allowed until ch. 12. 6. Unpaired males WILL be killed off by Risen somehow. (No future for you, lol) 7. No forges except the ones specified above. No screenshots or video, just me talking strategy and fails. I guess that's all the special rules I can think of. If anyone has a suggestion, post here. Playing on Normal Classic (because I suck at strategy lol) Suggestions for pairings? Might start today(Aug. 1) or tomorrow. Avatar: Male EDIT: rules changed a little to avoid abuse and for clarification EDIT: trying to fix poll
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