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Found 4 results

  1. I'm currently about to start chapter 12 and I'm somewhat unsure who I want to pair with who. Either I keep going with Gregor/Nowi (currently sitting on an A support) or I have Gregor go with Cherche. Whoever doesn't get Gregor will get Henry. Any suggestions between Henry!Nah, Henry!Gerome, Gregor!Nah and Gregor!Gerome? Skillsets would also be appreciated.
  2. I have been having a really hard time deciding on a father for Gerome in my recent play through. His options are Gregor, Lon'qu and Henry. If you could vote and leave a comment on why you voted for the father option, I'd really appreciate it! Also, please don't tell me I "should choose this option instead." I already know Gerome has other popular choices, but these are the three I decided on. (And chances are I've already married Cherche to your option in past play throughs anyways.) Thanks again guys!
  3. Greetings everybody, I have been "optimising" my units before I start another run. I want to pair Cherche with Vaike this time, in particular because all the better fathers for Gerome are already taken, plus the strenght bonus. However, I kinda got stuck with his skill build, since most people recommend him as a Baribarian support maxing his strenght as far as possible. Generally, I rarely build characters to be support only, so that kinda surprised me. Despite not having the possibility to get Galeforce and therefore being one of the less preferable lead units among the second generation, I'd still prefer keeping him in his original class, as long as it doesn't burden him. What I thought of in particular was taking advantage of the Counter-Renewal combo, Deliverer, and Dual Support+ and probably Axefaire/Aggressor/Resistance +10, which, in my opinion, would make him good to pair with a unit that would benefit from the strenght and defense pair-up bonus as well as the Dual Support+ and boosted movement (10) Gerome would get to carry it around) To sum it up, I want to make Gerome capable without kicking him off his Wyvern and making him awkward. Is that a good idea, or is it downright stupid?
  4. So, I'm currently working on optimal skills to aim for in my next playthrough given this is my very first fire emblem (and first play through of this game) I wasn't really familiar with any of the mechanics whatsoever. Currently these are the two members I'm close to finishing with my choice of skillets: Kjelle; Parents: Virion x Sully Skillset: Hit Rate + 20, Aegis, Pavise, Luna and Dual Guard+ For Kjelle, I want to substitute out Hit Rate +20 for something (considering she is my defense powerhouse and overtook Kellam's role). As for a final class, after acquiring whatever skill is needed for the fifth slot should I leave her as a general or make her a great knight or paladin to give her better movement? Gerome, Parents: Gregor x Cherche Skillset: Strength +2, Breakers (Sword, Axe and Lance) and Sol. For Gerome, I believe there's a better skill for Strength +2, maybe go into acquiring Armsthrift or Vantage to increase his offensive capabilities? While his final class, I guess leaning into the more traditional Wyvern Lord is the obvious choice... any alternatives? Next I'm finishing up my Avatar, Chrom, Donnel, Lucina and Morgan. Any helpful info is appreciated. Peace.
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