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Found 7 results

  1. Ok, so i'm stupid and haven't played this game but i'm doing a script on top 10 overpowered characters and would love to hear about everything that makes Seth so powerful... I have heard the following about how good he is " so good that top-efficiency run Tier Lists base the placement of all other characters on what they can actually do to support Seth, or whatever minor thing they can chime in." So in as much detail can you explain his power level since I haven't played his game and would love to hear more about him
  2. In half an hour, Tana, Princess of Frelia, and Amelia, former rookie soldier of Grado, challenge us! Map Hard / Lunatic Infernal Infernal Enemy Data Tana Amelia Sword Armor Green Mage Knight Sword Pegasus Turn 2 Lance Armor Axe Pegasus Turn 3 Axe Armor Sword Pegasus Lance Pegasus
  3. Fingers crossed for the next Focus!
  4. I think this individual has been long underrated by the community considering he hasn't been properly appreciated by Nintendo not introducing Gheb to the mainstream audience. Never have I seen a tragedy this horrible since he was "killed". Luckily we know he only faked his own death to get out of having to go to work. Therefore, I say we give this legend the love he deserves.
  5. So, I need a break from FE6 HM's stupid bullshit(fuck you copypaste trollreinforcements), so I decided to do another LP in the interim. However, because I am not a smart man, I chose GhebSaga, a hack full of stupid bullshit. GhebSaga is an FE7 hack and the sequel to the infamous GhebFE. I would have started with the first one, but Moniker already has a perfectly good LP of it, and I'd rather do something no one else has done before. Know that there are a lot of text skips in this hack, and I tried to extract the script using FEditor, but I couldn't for whatever reason, so I may not be able to transcribe all the text unfortunately. I'm going in mostly blind, but not entirely as I did play up to Test 4 before I ragequitted due to Bronze dying, and I have seen MarkyJoe1990's review series on this hack, but it only covers Tests 8, 9, 14, and 18. I don't care if you guys spoil things for me, I'm not one of those "NO SPOILERZ PLZ OMG!" people. In fact, there are a few things I want spoiled for me ahead of time: Is Marisa in this hack? Who replaces Wallace and Geitz? I need to know in case I end up over or under leveling my lords and I get the character I don't want. Who replaces Karel and Harken? I could likely easily find this out myself, but I'd still like to know ahead of time. Due note that this hack is not complete, and it only goes up to Test 29, which apparently isn't finished yet. I have no idea if it's playable beyond that, but if it is, I'll totally do it. I'll maybe even try and see how playable "Hector Mode" is. Now let's go ahead and get into... Test 1 Part 1: Aitos must really like Portal Next time, Batta uses the power of forced tutorials to hax his way to victory!
  6. Today, I'm doing something I never would have done if not for peer pressure... GHEBFE! Okay, so, essentially, after FE8 came out in the US, some guy looked at it and said, "wow, this Gheb guy is cool". He went on the internet and found others who shared the same opinion. When they finally found enough people, they all said "let's all build a shrine to our lord and savior!"(Gheb was not originally regarded as a Savior, but the more followers Gheb has, the more convinced people became of his nonexistent beauty). So, they all snuck naked into the deep Canadian woods, and constructed a giant wooden shrine in the shape of Gheb. They were all convinced that if lightning struck it, it would come to life as a REAL GHEB. Finally, a thunderstorm came, and the shrine was hit by lightning... but all it did was catch fire and burn to the ground, because it was just shaped wood. And so, they all headed home and decided it would be easier to make this hack instead. Literally none of that was true, because I have no idea what the actual history of this hack is. It was made way before I joined these forums, like before 2010 even. This hack is positively ANCIENT by hack standards. I'm shocked the download is still working, but whatever. Normally I'd link you to it, but you know what? If for some reason you want to play this, you can find it yourself. I don't want to be a part of propagating this hack's legacy... more than I already am by doing this, at least.e Anyways. This is a blind LP, as I know little to nothing about the hack. So, let's get started! PRELUDE TO GHEBFE: GROWTHS:
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