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Found 2 results

  1. The First ever Talk FE to Me: A Fire Emblem Podcast Giveaway! Just click this link to enter! https://www.gleam.io/HN4EI/talk-fe-to-me-podcast-fire-emblem-compendium-tarot-decks-giveaway The Fire Emblem Compendium is a really cool project combining the work of all kinds of Fire Emblem Artists, Last year they got people together and drew every single fire emblem character that exists. And now they're creating these amazing cards featuring beautiful artwork with many of your favorite Fire Emblem characters! And it's all for charity! I think it really shows how amazing the Fire Emblem Community can be and has brought so many people together. This can be kind of a fractured fanbase so the original project involving every character in every game is really cool. If you'd like to support them on your own, please go to their website and pre-order a deck and read more about it! http://fecompendium.com/tarot/ If you don't have the money to order one but you still really like it, enter our giveaway! We're giving out 3 decks to 3 different people! We talked with Yayster (The Creator) and she okayed it! plus she's going to be the guest on the next episode of the show! (which is also our year anniversary episode) So look out for that! Here's a video showing it off!
  2. Hello everyone! I've acquired a few of the Fire Emblem Cipher Awakening decks (which also include a download code for "Marth wo nanoru kenshi Lucina" to be redeemed in Fire Emblem If, the Japanese version) I'd like to give these spare packs away, so I thought I'd set up a thread here - please let me know if this is wrong / inappropriate. Rules - I'll choose three people at random based on their post number (i.e.: the number in the top right of their post within this thread) using a random number generator; - The closing date is 18th July 2015 @ 12pm (GMT); - This is absolutely free: I will cover the shipping costs; - If the deck is lost in the post I'm afraid I won't be able to offer a replacement; - Please do not spam this thread with posts: I'd like this to be fair to everyone and positive for the community, I love these forums (long time lurker, recent account holder); - My decision is final. Good luck! Edit This competition is over, the winners are: Kirie acriem Sokloeum Congratulations, PMs have been sent!
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