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Found 2 results

  1. So this may already exist, but if it does, it is long dead. So yeah. In this thread, we write a story together. Each poster creates a sentence to add on to the previous sentence. And it all comes together. Keep tabs on what has happened in the story. These can get complicated. Well, it is nonsensical anyway, might as well put it in the title. I'll start: There once was a castle high in the clouds.
  2. In this thread we are pirates. Ten people may nominate themselves for the position of Captain on a first come first serve basis for the nomination. When either ten people are nominated or 24 hours pass, I will start a poll to chose the winner. After 24 hours of that (or when I happen to return) the voting will be closed and we'll keep going from there. As in, we'll decide more positions that will be announced later. Currently held positions: Captain: Duck First Mate: Anon Parrot: Fre Skeleton: Waluigi Barrel: Tenda Drunken Shirtless Guy: Makaze
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