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Found 19 results

  1. So before you look at the beautiful pic I have prepared, a few notes: You know that I have that headcanon about Eleanora actually being a Divine Dragon? It's here because it makes thinking about this more confusing interesting. Eliwood/Ninian; Roy/Sophia to maximise Dragon-ness. Humans and Dragons are the same species; which is different from actual real life humans. Why? They can canonically produce fertile offspring. In reality, this is only possible if they are the same species due to karyotypes being very strange if different species interbreed. Also, we're assuming having a Dragon form is controlled by one (dominant, if Ninian is a good indication) gene. So the genes we're talking about might not be expressed. So yeah. Elibe only, guys. Trying to factor in other verses is a viable cause of hair-ripping for poor Magyars. Now you have read all that (It wasn't much tbh, Magyars would probably ramble on for an hour) you can look at our lovely work with a single gene about Feathers. Go question our sanity. [spoiler=Here is another pic that calls my (and Magyars') sanity to question.] I hope you had fun in my lecture.
  2. So I've been having some trouble with FFN lately It's eating reviews, both ones I leave and ones left for me. It's not updating update times It randomly added Rakutsu to various things If you couldn't tell yeah I'm annoyed with this.
  3. Those of you in HHH are aware of a little something I've been working on called HHH adventure. Essentially, it's a story starring members of HHH. Its plot is pretty popular there either that or they're worried about my self esteem which I honestly doubt. So, we might as well spread the word of it, let outsiders in on this lovely tale. Yeah. Quick summary: In a world driven to two extremes, half burning, half frozen, Silver and Lux feel as if they are the only humans remaining. However, when they meet an old friend in a human disguise, how will his sad fate show them the true purpose of the war between the angelic people? I suck with summaries so bear with me, yeah, okay? Anyway, here's the table of contents. Story I: World of Two Extremes Prologue: The Bitter Cold, the Blazing Heat Chapter 1: Little Fire Angel Chapter 2: Three Humans Chapter 3: Neither Can Win Chapter 4: Aries Village Chapter 5: Comet Chapter 6: Feathers of Light Chapter 7: Ruins of Home Chapter 8: Naughx Chapter 9: Cataclysm's Beginning Chapter 10: Unfortunate Ice Angel Chapter 11: The Truth of the War Chapter 12: Lux Chapter 13: The Last Human Chapter 14: Corrupters of Spirits Chapter 15: Spirit World Chapter 16: Silent Child Chapter 17: Seal's Snap Chapter 18: Draco the Star Angel Story II: Children of Curses Prologue: Curses Chapter 1: Killing Curse Chapter 2: Cursed Hunt Chapter 3: Witch's Curse Chapter 4: The Curse of Kindness Chapter 5: Comet's Curse Chapter 6: Hospital's Curse Chapter 7: Curse of the Ice Witch Chapter 8: Curse of Shadow Chapter 9: President Silver Chapter 10: Ancient Sorrow Chapter 11: St. Datia's Children's Hospital Chapter 12: Prince of Sorrow Chapter 13: Vivian Riru Chapter 14: Cursed Pact Chapter 15: Blessed Curse Chapter 16: A Battle of Ice and Fire Chapter 17: Cursed Child Chapter 18: Ordinary Noble Chapter 19: Anon Datia Chapter 20: Maid of Evil Chapter 21: Curse in the Witch Hunter Society I feel awkward doing this
  4. Gotta stop with the new projects, but... I was in the mood for crackshipping. And Sci-fi. So you get... this. So yeah, this is a Romance/Sci-fi fic focused on Roy and Eirika. Why Roy and Eirika? Because that is the couple my dreams that started this showed me. [spoiler=Roles, characters will be added as they appear, details to be added as revealed in fic]Roy- The first of our two main protagonists, a test subject of the Dream Machine. Actually the 'Seer of Ice'. Seliph- Roy's escort, Dr. Chalphy's son and Dr. Velthomer's stepson. Is unaware of the Dream machine's existance, but has his suspicians. Wishes to simply leave, but reality holds him back. Sigurd/Dr. Chalphy- A scientist of the facility who mysteriously died when Seliph was a child. Voice- A voice in Roy's head. Arvis/Dr.Velthomer- Seliph's stepfather, and is the scientist in charge of the Dream Machine. Dr. Sephiran- Scientist in charge of preparations for the Dream Machine's use, as well as its dissassembly. Eirika- Ephraim's escort Ephraim- Eirika's twin and the Seer of Fire. Eliwood- One of the children sent to the conference room with his escort. Rebecca- Eliwood's escort, seeems to have a constant smile... Micaiah- Alongside Eliwood and Rebecca, she was sent to the conference room with her escort, Sothe. [spoiler=Current Chapters]1. Prologue 2. The Dream Machine 3. Just an Ordinary Girl... or not. 4. Finally Get to Meet the Others I don't have prewriting to share with you. Too many spoilers, even with a tag! Link= https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10174744/1/The-Dream-Machine So yeah, as usual, everything about this goes here. Et cetera et cetera...
  5. So this may already exist, but if it does, it is long dead. So yeah. In this thread, we write a story together. Each poster creates a sentence to add on to the previous sentence. And it all comes together. Keep tabs on what has happened in the story. These can get complicated. Well, it is nonsensical anyway, might as well put it in the title. I'll start: There once was a castle high in the clouds.
  6. So what if things were different in [insert franchise here]? What if Ash Ketchum won his first league? What if Ninian did not die? What if Ashnard was obsessed with unicorns? Here, we attempt to answer those questions! One person poses a what if question about a franchise, and the next poster says how things would be different if the question was true and poses their own! I'll get us started with: What if Micaiah used swords?
  7. Tales from the HHH Bar: Volume 1 Angsty God I stepped through the cold night air, wondering what was going on in the bar I saw before me. Next to me, my kitten sat shivering, begging me to pick it up and warm its freezing paws. I gulped as I stepped inside. The moment I stepped in, it was almost as if the room exploded. "A new person!" A waitress cried, dropping the mugs she held to run over and clasp my hands. "I'm 58% psychotic who are you?" I looked at her blankly. She wouldn't believe me. A small, approximately twelve year old boy, God? Moreover, even if she did believe that, she wouldn't believe the story I had to tell of why I was wandering the mortal world. "Looks like Kim has a new member of her reverse harem." A blue haired boy jested. "That's all this pub is." "Don't ship me with Kin!" A redhead retorted. "Comet! Stop saying that!" I giggled at their antics. A tall dark haired boy with an eyepatch looked over at myself and Kim. "Pardon me for saying this, but... why is a child here?" I came to my senses. Jolting my hand from Kim's, I ran out of there. A pub wasn't where I belonged. I belonged nowhere. Gods in a world that destroyed its own heaven... belong nowhere. I will never socialize with them. Soledai asked for angst... So I thought of this. The pub is, obviously, a "Physical" HHH thread. Hope you all enjoyed that... random thing. All future volumes will be visualizing random HHH pages in a bar. [spoiler=Contents]Volume 2- 999. Volume 3- 743. Volume 4- 420. Volume 5- 3231. Volume 6- 2824.
  8. In this thread we are pirates. Ten people may nominate themselves for the position of Captain on a first come first serve basis for the nomination. When either ten people are nominated or 24 hours pass, I will start a poll to chose the winner. After 24 hours of that (or when I happen to return) the voting will be closed and we'll keep going from there. As in, we'll decide more positions that will be announced later. Currently held positions: Captain: Duck First Mate: Anon Parrot: Fre Skeleton: Waluigi Barrel: Tenda Drunken Shirtless Guy: Makaze
  9. I see you under that barrel. Can't fool me. *throws you in jail*
  10. Because Donkey is way better than Shrek. His awesome is over 9000.
  11. He needs to stop licking every plastic bag he sees. He keeps it up even when I pull it away. Gods, why are my cats such weirdos?
  12. I just killed it in one hit with the power of HAHA IT LACKS DISRUPTIVE WAVE!
  13. So, I've talked about this in the Hello, Hi, Hey thread awhile and said I would post the playlog, so it's time to be true to my word. For those of us not there, the general gist is I... hacked the game to give every player unit 1 Con and pretty much every enemy 20. JOY! [spoiler=PROLOGUE: I SUCK ENOUGH TO TAKE 13 TURNS] Since it’s forced in LM… Oh, Fire. Turn 1: That’s -4 AS w/ an Iron Sword. What made me think this was a good idea? Meanwhile, Enemy Con is ridiculous. Let’s just stay here for now… Turn 2: Nothing happened but that bandit came closer. Also remind me to download an older VBA on this PC. This is sloooow compared to 1.7.2. Turn 3: See Turn 2. Turn 4: She can’t double. Of course. Turn 5: Mmkay. LHM so easy. LNM on the other hand… Turn 6: Gotta get close! Turn 7: I can’t believe I did not do this sooner. Gotta fight Batta! During E-phrase. Glaceon Mage. The almighty… archer with the worst affinity in the game (Ice) that becomes a Blade Lord. I am not even sure why I’m an Archer in that hack. I guess it has got something to do with my Archer-Harem. Turn 8: Dodging 48s. Normally decently reliable, but Gotta be careful! Turn 9: Yep. Turn 10: Vulnerary time! Turn 11: Again… Next blow will kill him. Not wasting another Vulnerary. Speed! And Str but Spd is much needed atm. Turn 12: Finally. Ha. Turn 13: Finally. Did I seriously just take 13 turns on the Prologue? My tactics ratings suck and even I know I can do better. Oh, well.
  14. Well, considering how many veiws this got in so little time (I will say this: It gets more attention than my Elibe fics in that regard), I minuswell give it a thread instead of using the Hello, Hi, Hey thread. So yeah. For those of us who haven't been in the Hello, Hi, Hey thread, I'll give a brief explanation. #1. You know how I complain there are too many Awakening fanfics? Well, this is technically an Awakening fic, but it focuses on the Einherjar of past Lords (plus Chrom, F!Robin, Lucina, and of course Lissa). And Shipping. Lots and lots of Shipping. #2. This is an seventeensome fic. So if multisomes aren't your thing, you'd best turn away now. #3. The general plot is that Lissa tries to get Chrom and Eirika together, but things go out of control quickly. It's meant to be simplistic, random, and fun, so yeah. #4. You can blame Duck for making the thread that gave me this idea. #5. [spoiler=Starting relationships, be careful, it is spoilery to some extent] Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10133956/1/Seventeen-Lords-Seventeen-Lovers Anything about this goes in this thread. Be it feedback/constructive criticism, asking me questions, or just feeling bad for poor Seliph, it goes here. I'll post when I update. EDIT: Title fixed. Der Glac.
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