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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys well i found out there is a glitch in this game that can net you infinite items and well.. natrually I want to do it.. no I need to do it as I am currently uploading video on youtube of me doing a playthrough of this game. And well I want everything to go smooth during this playthrough series so I would like to not have money probelms and equip problems like i did first time around playing this game plus this time I would like to promote all my pegasus knights to dragon knights this time before was just Sasha. So yeah what exactly is needed to pull this thing off correctly? I know the basics Shigen VS Vega on some chapter not sure which chapter that was never explained then get that orb thing that revives dead units.. Then after that get Krisheenu killed?? but when and where? and do I kill her before or after I get the orb? And if I am supposed to kill her after getting said item what chapter is best to do it so I know 100% that the glitch will work? whatever chapter it is it won`t be hard to kill her off Lol she has some of the most fail stats of anyone but I just mostly need to know specific when and where so I can get this thing right.
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