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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, and welcome to... THE LACK OF A CUSTOM TITLE SCREEN! Uh, wait, I mean... DEATH OR GLORY! Death or Glory is an FE7 hack by NYZ Gamer. It's story and gameplay are all custom, using plenty of custom animations and mugs. The story revolves around a generic soldier named Ragnar, who aims to make a difference in a large war. It contains 15 levels(13 chapters + the prologue and a gaiden), which is actually the same as the second-to-most-recent patch, which I played. The newest patch just makes massive changes to the gameplay and dialogue of the existing chapters. I honestly have to say that it needed it. Before, the gameplay and story could be described as "mediocre". But has it really improved? Is it a better hack now? We will find out! The thread for the hack(and the patch) can be found here. Also, I have a few notes I'd like to make: 1: I'll be doing the same prelude/gameplay/conclusion thing I did for Road to Ruin, at least after the first few chapters. 2: I wasn't able to get a growths sheet, so no character growths. Sorry :C 3: This hack is way better than Corrupt Theocracy, so you and I both will have to switch out of criticism mode. NEXT TIME, WE ACTUALLY START!
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