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Found 1 result

  1. As a fan of the cheesy series, be it when it actually went kinda serious (In Space/RPM) or just stayed in goofy traditions (see original MMPR, Zeo etc). One thing remains, I love Power Rangers and heck I love Super Sentai, This trailer was a bit different then I expected, they are taking it down quite a bit more of a serious path, seems more aimed at YA or heck fans of MMPR who were kids back then and wanted to maybe see something more gritty. I'm interested in it, but i'm a little worried that it wasn't cheesy/goofy, but i'm not against darker & edgier takes, this one may be more balanced and the trailer may just be more serious in tone, not sure overall. From what I've seen of the suits, they look like a mixture of the old Mighty Morphin suits & Fallout power armor which i'm A-ok with. Also someone I know said this is basically the Breakfast Club but with Power Rangers, and I can't disagree haha
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