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Found 3 results

  1. Hey all, Just thought I'd share this with you since gold seems to be pretty scarce in Fates. This obviously works best in Birthright where you can do Challenge battles, but it's perfectly viable in Conquest as well if you're willing to sacrifice a slot or two in battles here and there. To farm easy gold, all you have to do is take in as many characters with Profiteer skill and high luck levels. This may seem obvious, but by recruiting various Corrins/Midoris from other players in Castle battles, you can pick up 5 or so characters with it in a single sitting since Profiteer is a fairly common skill to see popping up. Then take a character with Rally luck and park them in a corner of the map. Keep having each player use the "Wait" command each turn following a rally luck. Repeat for all 7 initial turns, then clear the map. Edit: Midori is ideally the best possible character for this, as she has access to Luck+4 and Lucky Charm, which increases the trigger rate of her luck-based skills by 20%. I only started collecting Profiteer people yesterday when I had this idea, and I'm already generating roughly 20 gold bars per battle, which ends up yielding around 8k gold per challenge once you add in the 2k from enemy drops. If you want to share your own or other people's Castle Codes that have good candidates to recruit for profiteer and are easy to seize, feel free to share them here in the comments! Hope that helps! Happy hunting. Edit: Here are the most useful castle codes I've found thus far. My own: 09343-05913-47899-23746 (I have several units that you can recruit with profiteer) Senah: 16356-36359-36400-78610 Hilda: 07467-49523-42179-31153 Amaranth: 06505-44628-75865-51526 Corrin: 06510-44516-86659-54393 Sariya: 09811-12883-80662-36129
  2. So as of late I've seen alot of topics about Donnel and if he's worth it or not and that's what prompted this thread because I genuinely feel it is an interesting topic worthy of well thought out disscussion. Ah the age old question of RPG's and strategy games alike. To grind or not to grind that is the question. Fire Emblem has always been a series that prides itself on its difficulty, permadeath, characters, strategic mechanics, and experience rationing. Now I've been a long time fan of FE since it was first localized on the GBA back in 2003 and one of the first things I noticed that differentiated it from other RPG's was the level up system. You had to decide which units to level up and which to essentially bench else risk having underleveled lords who die if an enemy looks at them bad. While I loved the hell outta these games I always found myself regretting not using certain characters simply because I couldn't level them up without getting killed and in essence missed out entirely on what they had to offer. Fast forward to 2013 and Awakening is released with it it brings the ability to grind on a level not seen in the series (unless you count arena abuse) whether it was with reeking boxes or using the DLC to no end level grinding units like Donnel to become gods among men it quickly became a way many players and fans could enjoy the game if they chose. Now call me weird or a "filthy casual" but I'm the type that actually likes to grind. Sure it can get repetative at times but to me I would grind initially "bad" units and see the result of the time I put into them by using them effectively. Also it just adds alot of replayability to me and gives me incentive to maybe try another approach maybe try a different set of classes for my avatar than before or different pairings and enjoy the game at its fullest. I realize alot of people don't like to grind and even go as far to play lunatic with just the chapters and paralogues. I don't think anything is wrong with that at all. In fact, I think that is kinda the biggest plus to Awakening is that it literally can be played however you want it. I hope IS keeps this feature in future iterations if nothing else just as an option to people who want to enjoy the game in such a way.
  3. I'm attempting a Hard/Classic run and I can't fight the urge to fire up EXPonential Growth after I beat Chapter 4. However, I've seen lots of people who beat Hard without grinding at all, which is encouraging me to not use the Golden DLC. But, on the other hand, I'm not skilled enough to use some units which are underleveled at the beginning but prove useful in the long run, such as Miriel and Sumia. So I'm kinda forced to bring them up to speed when I can. A Lv1 Sumia in Chapter 5 is just going to get destroyed, and you need to feed her kills at the beginning, which is not always easy when taking her to the front lines puts her under the risk of being one-shotted by an archer (like in Chapter 3). So instead of focusing on beating the enemy, I'm focusing on babying units, which IMO isn't ideal. Speaking of Lunatic mode instead, I heard grinding is a must if you don't want to solo the game with MU, which is an eye opener. The idea of a grinding DLC is appealing to me but I kinda wish it was replaced by better implementation of skirmishes. Skirmishes are limited for the day and may sometimes come with units that are harder than the story units in the chapter you're at, so it's not always viable to use them to grind (especially in Lunatic). And, of course, the Reeking Boxes cost 4800G in Hard and above, which means they're too expensive unless you use GG. How do you view grinding in a game like this? I know it's supposed to be a strategy game where brains are more important than levels, but there are those people like me who enjoy having access to powerful units after a grinding session. But I feel bad about grinding when the game is beatable without grinding... You can say it's a matter of insecurity on my part.
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