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Found 1 result

  1. Hey there, welcome to GUITAR MAFIA! [spoiler=rules]1. The game is non-bastard. 2. This game is NOC. Don't talk about the game outside the thread unless granted mod permission to do so. Please post any game-related comments in the game thread (if alive) or in the graveyard quicktopic (if dead). 3. Days last for 72 hours, nights last for 24 hours. Prod-dodging posts will not be considered wrt activity, please let the mods know if you intend to lurk or if you have important commitments that will prevent you from posting for long periods of time, otherwise two prods will result in forced replacement or modkill. 4. Lynches require hammering except during D1, where a majority lynch may happen. In the following phases failure to hammer will result in No Lynch. The second no lynch in the game will result in a universal loss. Don't talk after the hammer. 5. LyLo will be anounced regardless of it being true LyLo, MyLo or potential MyLo/LyLo 6. You will be informed if your action fails. 7. No screenshots, Mod conversation quoting (Role PM, night results PMs, etc) or post edits. Any of these will most likely end up in a modkill. Flavorspec through character names and the sort is discouraged but allowed. 8. Being modkilled for any of the above or blatantly failing to play to your wincon will result in an automatic loss for the player involved regardless of the game outcome. If you are unsure whether or not something you are about to post would be against the game's rules, please contact me and ask. [spoiler=Dead/alive] Alive (4/13): - Rapier - Prims - BBM SB - Omega Dead: - Dewound, Steve Vai, Mafia Roleblocker and Democratic Roleenabler, was lynched Day 1. - Randa, Antoine Dufour, Mafia Priest and 2-shot rolecop, was shot Day 2 - Refa, Guthrie Govan, ??????????, spontaneously combusted Day 2 - Poly, Buckethead, Town Miller and 2-shot Rolerestrictor , was lynched Day 2 - #HBC Larsa, Ron Jarzombek, Town 2-shot Jailor, was killed Night 2 - EvilG, Don Ross, ?????????, was modkilled Night 2. - Psych Zyth, ??????, was lynched/modkilled Day 3. - Refa, Guthrie Govan, ??????????, came back to life on Night 3. - Refa, Guthrie Govan, the Town 1-shot Jesus Dayvig was killed Night 3. - Gorf, Michael Angelo Batio, the Town Caffeinator, was lynched Day 4 - Mancer, Paul Gilbert, the Town 1-shot Neighborizer, was killed Night 4 IO: - Bear - Kaoz ISOs: Refa Randa EvilG Psych Zyth Polydeuces Prims MancerNecro dewound BBM SB. Rapier Gorf Larsa Omega
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