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Found 3 results

  1. Ok I'm doing h4 for the first time, well I kinda did lunatic upto chapter 6, well expect me to get wrecked a lot here and have a laugh at it, now then here's the first part:
  2. Rules: - H4 / Lunatic Reverse mode. - Chapter saves and map saves are forbidden [in the final run]. - Mixed Reclass and Lunatic statboosters are allowed. - RP, Growth Drop and Bond Drop are impossible to obtain without chapter saves, thus banned. - How's everyone is banned. - Drill Grounds are allowed. - No primary focus on turncounts. - The final run will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube. May or may not split it up into segments. The testrun will be recorded, with each map getting an individual video. - CR / No Deaths. Welcome to a run inspired by KTT's FE13 L+ run. I'm trying to achieve the same for FE12 H4. The strategies must be extremely reliable since if they fail, I have to restart from the very start of the game. I'd call the approach to this run different to what KTT did. Many components of H4 aren't random unlike L+ skills. FE12 has much lower enemy density. In FE12, dodgetanking is highly unfeasible and you can probably never jump into a ton of enemies without dying. FE13 L+ is significantly more difficult on the whole. We'll see how it turns out. [spoiler=Unit stuff] MU choice: I have Knight, one of the more popular H4 MU classes, in mind thanks to his ability to tank pretty safely. Assuming Priest's child / Diversity / Honorable, his Speed growth of 45 is both decent and screwable. Given his base of 1 Spd, he averages 5 at Lv9; 4 is enough to double C1 Bandits with a Speedwing as a Pirate. Alternatively, he can stick to Mercenary to double more safely. His bulk is pretty good, but he does need a bunch of boosters to get the job done. His defensive averages at Lv9 are 25.6 HP / 10 Def when being reclassed to Pirate. He probably isn't going to get 3HKOed on C1 as a Pirate even with Robe + Shield (which I think is irrelevant), but is likely to avoid 2HKO status against the majority of enemies past that point. Excel doesn't do anything (= says the method I use is invalid) when I try to use BINOMDIST, so I can only estimate stats while assuming slight screwage unless someone points me to a better way to calculate it. How worthwhile would other options be, though? Knight is a reliable tank, while ORKOing without tanking particularly well can be achieved by most other units. I don't think tanking is necessary, but it is extremely handy and I pretty certainly need someone that doesn't attract C24 Dragons as a Berserker for a potential crit-less clear of that map. Sirius is notably worse than MU at the whole tanking deal, as well as not being capable of launching a Hauteclere hit against Medeus while recruiting. Palla doesn't have Berserker. I'm inclined to think Knight is the most favorable option. Horseman: Horseman is a great class, but also requires a good unit to fulfill its potential. It's largely a question of which statboosters I can afford to distribute. I don't think Ryan will take the spot, since both Knight!MU and Palla need a Speedwing each at least, three of which minimum Ryan needs. Since the RP isn't in play, it is somewhat likely he needs a fourth. Those Spd issues make me doubt he's worth a longterm position in this playthrough. If his Spd doesn't get the assistance it needs, he's likely to be a Swordmaster, of which I don't need an additional one. Luke probably needs two speedwings without the RP being present, as well as 2 Arms Scrolls (the latter is comparatively uncontested). He is unlikely to need any Energy Drops or similar. Potentially one Goddess Icon to avoid crit rates against Snipers and Berserkers. Palla's Wing can be postponed to the C9 or C11 one, MU's probably not. Luke can probably receive his first wing early and the other at a variable point. Rody is an interesting pick - he's likely not to need any Speedwings thanks to his 80 Spd growth as a Hunter. He does need an Energy Drop, with his Str growth being 55. He needs a light Iron Bow forge to gain EXP early on. 3-4 Arms Scrolls; he is capable of using Brave Sword and Parthia with those resources. Draug has somewhat good bases, but middling growths (outside of Spd) along with getting less levels than other candidates. His Spd allows him to double as a Hunter sooner. I'm not sure on how many boosters he'll need but I'm sure 2-3 Scrolls, 2 Icons and an Energy Drop. I'm not sure yet whom I'll use, but I want to give someone other than Luke a shot when it comes to Horseman. SM!Luke might actually be used additionally though if I get him to obtain EXP. Merric: My planned C24 strat involves Marth attacking 3 times (2 Again) against Medeus, so I think Merric is probably worth using to build staff rank, in order to use Recover while recruiting Elice. Or just so he gives Marth a good chunk of his HP back via Mend, if I don't reach Recover. Linde / Malicia: I need a very competent Mage that deals 20 dmg against Medeus most likely, barring a Shaver critforge that might make a crit-involving strat reliable. This requires 30 Mag on a female Sage with A Tomes and Aura. Both have somewhat questionable durability to avoid an OHKO from Medeus, thus willl need 3 Robes at least. Many dusts, 2 Scrolls for Malicia or 1 in Linde's case. Linde's Mag is pretty mediocre, but Malicia's isn't notably better. Note that they only need 6 mag procs in many levels if they receive 9 dusts - there will probably be room to cut off some dusts. I'm sort of wondering who is the better choice for a dedicated Magic user. Malicia would mean I have a 30-Mag Fortify user, while Linde means Levin Sword can be used without passing up on Fortify. I'm considering Malicia but not quite sure yet. Test run Knight!MU, Priest's child, Diversity, Honorable. Prologue 1: Straightforward. Standard strat, 4 turns, 1 Vulnerary used. Prologue 2: Turtled in order to save Vulneraries. The map can be solved without any vulnerary usage. Prologue 3: Ryan is located in the NE corner, MU is 1L of him, Rody 1D and Luke 2D. The Fighter targets Rody, and the Mercenary Luke. If MU has base Def, he must disarm to ensure the closest Fighter attacks Rody. Rody deals 8/31 dmg against the Fighter on EP. Luke is attacked by the Merc and deals 9 dmg with an Iron Sword I think. Turn 2, Ryan goes onto the fort and chips the Merc. Luke takes Rody's Iron Lance and finishes the Merc. He hangs on with 1 HP. The strategy would fail if the Merc could flux up in Str, but I think that's impossible. Rody equips the Iron Sword and uses the Vulnerary to hang on with 1 HP next EP aswell. MU, Rody and Ryan shield Luke. Either Rody or MU get targetted by the Fighter. 2x 8 dmg from Rody, 1x 9 from Ryan + the 11 minimum from MU kill the Fighter. 2 vulneraries are used with sufficient fort stalling. I was cautious here and didn't use any more because it's a testrun. Rody gets the Fighter kill if he has 10 Skl and attacks Ryan on EP. Otherwise it goes to MU. The chance for the strat to succeed is roughly 83% (from hitrates against Axes). I can afford to miss a lance against the LHS Fighter. The Iron Lance should be given to Luke on the final turn and the sword to Rody, and the reason for that is visible on P4. Prologue 4-A: If Rody and Luke have the weapons I mentioned on P3, Ryan doesn't have to serve as a tradechain assistant; this allows him to attack the Myrmidon from 1L1U. This makes the Archer always attack from the tile he did here. I didn't thoroughly look for a plan in case the Archer attacks differently since it's manipulable, but I'm sure the strat would look similar to the current one. I believe the Soldier would be facetanked by Caeda; Ryan can finish off, MU would take the spot the Archer was on previously, Luke and Rody would kill the Archer and Caeda would hold the choke along with MU. I haven't explored a strategy assuming MU has 13-14 Def, but I think I can just have MU sit behind a choke and solo the majority of the enemies. Maybe I can find one with better EXP distribution. Prologue 4-A if Ryan or MU misses on turn 1 (strat 2): In the video, I pretend Ryan misses, but the strat is applicable in the same way if MU misses. I also act as if Luke and Rody traded weapons correctly on P3. Them having traded the weapons is essential for this backup strat since Luke needs the Iron Lance to avoid an ORKO from the Myrmidon; the tradechain doesn't modify the positioning. MU goes 1R of the Myrmidon to shield Caeda from the Archer; Rody moves such as not to stand in Archer or Myrmidon range but such that the Soldier can attack him. Luke protects Ryan from melee enemies, while only Ryan is in the Archer's range. Turn 2, MU and Ryan kill the Soldier, Caeda finishes the Archer. The final turn can be modified to give Rody the bosskill and MU the Mercenary. Prologue 5: This strat seems to be the most consistent one. I have to shield Ryan from Hunters which will double him in case of a Spd non-proc. I use Rody and Wrys to tank the bows via low Def. If Rody procs Def at least once, I can swap his and Luke's roles; Luke has lower avoid, with all units facing sub-100 hit and none confronting 2 or more Crt. Athena's position means Merric can always partake in the formation on turn 2 while killing off the Bandit. The second group pull is pretty straightforward; can probably give Rody the Fighter and Luke the Thief. If MU hits, Merric + Rody finish the Bandit. If MU whiffs, Athena + Rody finish off, with Athena getting healed. Ryan can still chip the Thief for Luke. Merric should just chip the Hunter on turn 3 for Caeda. A turn 1 Athena dodge changes the Hunter movement, in which case Wrys' position has to vary. Prologue 5 if Athena dodges: Wrys is placed in range of the lower Hunter, but not the upper one, which in this case is a different tile than normally. Here is a screenshot of the alternative positioning: http://imgur.com/0RoiAwH If it doesn't become clear in the picture, the movement range I had the stylus on is the lower hunter. Prologue 5 VERSION 2: Gave Rody more kills on P5 instead of Luke. Thanks to PKL for that idea. The strat stays the same otherwise. Prologue 6-O: Took advantage of the lower Fighter attacking after the upper one, since MU can consistently distract the latter from Caeda or Merric. The other will attack Merric. If Caeda doesn't have any Def procs yet, I have to unequip her, making the Fighter attack Merric based on Avoid. Prologue 7-C: MU has a 96,9% chance to proc Str at least once, which allows him to finish the Knight on the first EP with Steel. If he doesn't, he can use Iron Lance on PP and EP each. Athena takes Rody's position then and uses a Vulnerary. Rody only needs 1 HP proc to avoid an ORKO from the Myrm I think. Athena can do it alternatively, though. Also, I should have unequipped MU on turn 3 to avoid a crit which could defeat my strat, since Merric can kill the Knight at 20 HP. If MU has 13 Def (the likelihood is 5%), the Archer can sometimes attack him instead of Merric, which results in Athena having to chip the Archer for Caeda (or just ORKO it, if necessary). The choke against Cain is pretty reliable since Athena doesn't blick with a crit, and Caeda doesn't pull a crit chance. Prologue 8: Cain, who faces crit rates, largely only serves as a backup unit (unless he doesn't die to crits, like Hand Axes or Thieves when using a lance). I considered P7 Est, but I'd potentially have to field Ryan over Rody, and the Fighters could be pretty threatening. I suppose Ogma + Merric can handle them but I'm not sure if Est route would be more reliable than Cain. Maybe fielding Ogma + Athena on P8 is viable (instead of Cain) or fielding Athena > Ogma. Will explore the map a bit more since this strat is suboptimal (largely because of the sequence against the Thieves). Prologue 8 VERSION 2: Athena got fielded over Cain. She doesn't face crit rates and ORKOes Katarina, which is nice. [spoiler=Testrun playlist] P1-3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4rgDmQVI38 P4A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sj0wIBU1r_E P4A strat 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AQcTR3rYII P5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWZKwyifil0 P5 v2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rV-nrmqVQ3Y P6O https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ouxUhiWTio P7C https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPVM7ax-lWo P8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBsBX8xLjnY P8 v2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ry0lVKDULE
  3. Eh, I'm not that good at making long introductions, not like you need one. Anyway, I decided to do a H4 efficiency run. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VApt8XaW9cI Rules: - H4 / Lunatic Reverse mode. - Efficiency, aka quick and reliable clears. Map save-backed up crits are fine; one is allowed per map save at 20% or better, except for Hardin (two crits). I do accept a prologue steel axe dodge here and there because who doesn't. - Full recruitment, no deaths. - Lunatic Boosters, Mixed Reclass, RP, Growth Drop and Bond Drop are fine. - No How's everyone. - Growth rigging isn't prohibited. While I won't reset for excessive blessings, I prefer having the possibility to make up for screwages via map saves. (The first part excludes Drill Grounds because I'm not investing money into bad or mediocre levels.) MU: Myrmidon, Orphan (Str / Mag), Kind (Def), Enlightened (HP) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhCrgmcY3Hg P1: MU should get a Str proc here; it's IIRC about equally likely as rigging the Fighter roll on Prologue 3, and it's better for longterm. P2: MU should proc Str again, to gang up on the Fighter on P3. MU having 3 Lck might be needed for a 4-turn, but I don't exactly remember. Luke's possible 9 Skl roll makes me suspect it isn't needed. P3: A 4-turn is possible if MU's levels are more blessed, with my actual MU it would've required 2 dodges because my Vulnerary count was a bit low. P4-A: I think a 4-turn might be possible because by turn 4, all enemies but Athena would be defeated with a different strategy; I recall that I'd also have enough units to gang up on Athena Atk-wise, but they'd sit so low on HP that they can't take a single hit from her. P5: Can be more reliable if Ryan proc's Str twice (like, if he gets 2 levels to begin with, but I'm not focussing on using him a whole lot). P6-O: Tried if a 2-turn is possible on H4, but there's a similar issue as for the Athena 4-turn. P7-C: Luke had 5 Lck, allowing for a 3-turn if the Myrmidon that attacks him on EP1 has 14 Skl. With a more def-blessed MU, I feel it can be done by manipulating the Myrmidon and Archer rolls to lower Atk and attacks a Luke with above 5 Lck who has a sword equipped, but that's less likely to occur. 4+4+5+5+4+3+3/28 turns. Turncounts and videos: Staff usage: Credits:
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