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  1. ANNOUNCING: THE TRUE RETURN You all should totally 'shop Santa Hats onto your avatars. OR BETTER YET, ASK ME TO! [spoiler=Have a hat] It's transparent and everything, for ease of editing. Current Members: Ace Tactician Aizenberg Archer of Gold Blackzero BlueLeafeon BLS Blyvern ClarinetsandOboes CrazyFiasco Crysta Darros [Festive Illumidarros] DavidSW* eclipse Ein? Elieson Emeraldfox Euklyd* Floki Freohr Datia [Tamamitsune] Freyjadour Glaceon Mage* Jotari K:inumi Knight of Argentum Makaze MelodicStarshowers Mister IceTeaPeach MJThom_2009 Monde MrStardustRicon Nanima² Naughx Nym Polydeuces Power Master Raven Refa Rxmonste Severian Shadowess shinpichu Shirley [Kagerou Imaizumi] SolidGardy sylveonzoroark Tangerine Tiny Goddess Tonton Weegee [DreadFighter] *taking requests Willfully Naughty: Kai [] Shadowbreezy Literally Hitler: Charlie [sandman][spoiler=Legacy Members] Euklyd Makaze Interest Necromancer I have opinions Zerker Loki Laufeyson (Florina) Terra Saethori Jiac The Objection! Saint of Games Aleph (Obviam) SecondWorld Saigyouji Yuyuko (jprebs) The JOJ Inui Nobody Tonton Naughx Monde Gorgar Arch (Umiko, not the other one) Lucina's Pet Cat Ash Thor Odinson (Lumi) Shadowfrost Zenbiniar Karaszure Zephias CrimsonRider LunaSaint Jaoenkatsu GoldenMarth Brendor Frosty Fire Sage Balcerzak Tangerine eclipse Red Fox of Fire Esau of Isaac Samias Mr. Bond Jedi Soulreaper Knight DodgeDusk Mitsuki Soul General Ciraxis (palette swaps count, sure) AllAroundGamer Nightmare [there are others, but I dunno if they want to be a club. They should tell me] Members in spirit: Polydeuces Tonton Now a full member! Zell Dincht (Momentai)
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