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Found 5 results

  1. Sadly no pictures because quality reasons Well, I've encountered a total of 3 hackers on online matches. These were the hacks they did: 1.) Changing everyone's Mov to 20. I don't even think it is possible to get over 11, let alone 20! The thing that really made me surrender was the warp skill that EVERYONE had. It basically made it so they could move wherever they wanted in a short amount of time. They also had replicate but that's different. 2.) Takumi with Point Blank. I don't know if it is DLC in Japan but I know it is impossible to get in America at the moment. 3.) All Stats at 70 without pairing or skills. Most of the skills that their units had were the skills that can be activated or aren't active at the start of the game. These type of units are basically invisible. It is possible to get a hit or two on them but that is mainly it. Post some of the hackers you have encountered and/or the ones to look out for. Thankfully there is no punishment in online battles but it is very annoying to see someone just hack there way through battles. Here's some pictures of Fates Hackers that I found on the internet. Thank you!
  2. Heyo. Me and a group of others are embarking on a hack project we're (at least temporarily) calling Draconic Unity. This hack is intended to feel like your usual GBA fire emblem shenanigans, but with some unusual additions such as new classes, animations, and a strange godly theme to it. We have people working on music, sprites, battle sprites, everything of that sort. The one thing we're missing, is someone with the ability to put it all into place. Basically we need someone with knowledge of event hacking, and the normal type of hacking that puts it into place. Whether or not these qualities are help by one or more people doesn't really matter. Why should you help us? Well that's not for me to decide. We're not offering money, or anything special like that. I mean, you'll be credited for your work entirely, as well as potentially a character based off of you- but other than that there's really nothing. If you're willing to help us with these basic things- We'd really appreciate it. -The Draconic Unity Team. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So here's the idea of this hack. It takes place on the continent of Garyx, a land that was once ravaged by war between the humans and the Dragons. But just as the humans were pushed to the brink of extinction, the gods descended onto the land, blessing the humans with 6 sacred weapons that had the power to defeat these dragons. With the Dragons forced into defeat, the gods took these legendary weapons and sealed each of them away with a dragon in 6 different spots. These then spread to different parts of the continent and founded the 5 major countries. Agni, the goddess of Fire established the monarchy of Bolganova around a volcano in the western plains- along with the legendary sword- which the humans who followed her set up 5 estates before her return to the heavens. Aeolus, the god of wind, traveled to the north-western mountains- establishing the small, isolated monarchy of Excalbria. In the treacherous desert of the south, Chaac - the god of storms- created an oasis where the humans created the democratic sultanate of Thoron. In the large, snowy fields to the northeast, the goddess of light Belisama established a religious theocracy for the humans that followed her called Luminois before, reluctantly, returning to the Heavens. The dark twins, Erebos and Artemis, decided to travel to the dark forest of Shadonia that covered from the center of the continent east, blessing the land with extreme fertility and dark atmosphere. Those who were eventually kicked out of Luminois for not believing in a theocracy, moved south to this forest where they followed the teachings of the hunter and the gatherer. Thousands of years after the war against the dragons, Garyx is thrown into chaos as Luminois, the long held theocracy of the continent, decided it was time to purge the land of all heathens who no longer lived solely for their gods. Little do the citizens of this world know the dark shadow that works behind their backs- plotting the destruction of the world.
  3. Just... no. Top Battle Point person, just no. Omega Yato stat boost stacks, Battle/Visitation Seals stack, everything stacks. Hackers don't make Online Battling fun, since y'know, they're nearly unbeatable due to the stat boosts. But really, do you need 4 Omega Yatos on all of your characters to beat someone? Not cool man.
  4. Dayyyyuuuuum Hacker, back at it again with those multiple (and stackable) Battle Seals! Something needs to be done about it, it's game breaking.
  5. Alright, there's been cases of myself facing off against hackers. Everyone level 99, all of the item slots filled with weapons forged up to +7. Sure, that can be possible naturally, but it crosses the line after you see unreleased classes and skills (Witch, Balistician, Point Blank... ect), character'a slots filled with multiple (Up to 35 in each item slot) Battle and Visitation Seals (They indeed stack), and most of all, Warp, the DLC exclusive skill to the Witch class. All of it at this very moment is unfair. Can Nintendo possibly not do anything? Ban on Hackers who abuse their cheated items and play against players who battle under fair terms. Nintendo needs to ban players. Sure tell me to put them on my blacklist, but still, it will not stop them from ruining Online Battles for other players.
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