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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I was wondering if anyone on here plays Destiny or any Halo campaigns on Xbox One. I'd love to play some co op with anyone on Halo (Especially 5, I've only played that one by myself so far) and I love Destiny and would like to look for anyone or a group to help out in raids, night falls, strikes, prison of elders or just mess around on something in Destiny! (Minus the Crucible, that is not my scene and I have an incredibly strong dislike for it, but that's a whole other story.) If anyone is interested in playing, just reply or send a message or friend request to me on Xbox Live My gamer tag is: SJthehero Thanks for reading, take care and have a good one!
  2. Update 11/04: Edited in details on Warzone maps As a few of you may know (if from nothing else my moaning about its fanbase), I'm a Halo fan. As more than a few of you are probably vaguely aware of, Halo 5 launched on October 27th. So naturally, I bought the game and played through the campaign while investing several hours into multi-player. So, here's how the review is going to be set up: first, I'll cover the graphics, then soundtrack campaign, multi-player, weapons, and lastly overall. Note, I'm going to explain some things in the middle of the review, but I can't explain everything. If you haven't really played Halo in the past five years, good luck. Anyways, now that that's out of the way, let's get this review started. Graphics and Sountrack Now, for my rambly campaign review/summary. Campaign Multiplayer First, I'd just like to say that I haven't really played Arena. I'm not that type of uber-competitive fan; as such, this part touches upon only Warzone. Secondly, and more importantly, I want to clear up the REQ situation. Req Packs I'm just getting this thing out right now, so you have the facts before you judge. Now, onto Warzone. Warzone and Gunplay OVERALL Halo 5 is two steps forward, one step back. The multiplayer is vastly improved for both sides of the casual-competitive divide. The gunplay is the smoothest and most balanced in the series yet. However, the campaign makes many of the same mistakes that both Halo 2's and Halo 4's did. There's buildup and reveals, but no real climax. It relies upon the lore and outside sources to even know who half the new characters, yet is afraid to fully embrace and develop those characters (quite possibly because of those reasons). Expectations are set for Halo 6; whether 343 is successful again, it remains to be seen. Enjoyment Rating: B P.S: Vale says "Hah! They flee like cowards!" way too much; I'm not sure if I can listen to any of Laura Bailey's roles without hearing that line.
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