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Found 35 results

  1. Hi, I wanted to talk about challenge runs, but any of them in any FE game. I had the idea of GBA/3DS FE without using supply and trading only during the chapters (no battle prep trading), maybe even no armory in battle preps (completely skip prep), maybe no supports along that (I never really used supports in FE and never needed them so far before FE 13 and the pair up mechanic showed up, only to buff Colm/Neimi and sometimes Eirika, most of the time I didn't even click "support"). I think a run with the weakest available (repairable/buyable) weapons would be funny depending on the game (well that's basically how I play FE8 most of the time ^^ with iron, fire, light and flux except for endgame bosses with high def/res and hp who hit like a crashing plane in your face with 120-150 accuracy ouch). Swapping roles (physical units with magic and magical weapons, magical unit with physical weapons). No mobility (playing with 4 movement on everyone like you have an army of knights). No 1-2 range weapon (or use it like you use a 1 range or 2 range, no javelin/throwing axe ennemy phase army). Swords/Bows/Magic only run (Laguz/shapeshifters only run with only the necessary non shapeshifter stuff like Ike to defeat Burger King's terrible plan to raise obesity in the whole world, and you play some Amazonian tribe resisting the empire of Burger King and its' fat church leaders wth their panther transformation XD). Only the less accurate weapons run. Devil axe run (might need to hack an unbreakable devil axe though). This would be a hardcore Nuzlock challenge. Only poison weapons. Only effective weapons. Only the lowest level units available, maintain an average level (lol you can't even promote then). Only lowest speed/luck/strength/def/res/mag/hp...units. (funny to see a team of Arthur-like units get (nuz)locked out of the PT by a random crit: "Hi Knoll how's it goin'?" "Got crit killed by the first ennemy I fought, I should have instantly promoted to summoner and spam summons till I hit 20..." "Sad story bro, see you in the next PMU since no one plays you without farming"). Your ideas?
  2. Hello everyone! Yesterday I found my Awakening cartridge (which I have not played in about two months) lying around on my desk and realized that I kinda missed the game. Awakening was the first game in the series I played (although not the first one I saw), but because I was so bad at FE back then, I didn't really enjoy it until a couple years later. My main save (as in, the one I bought the DLC when my old but newer 3DS was still functioning) has almost 190 hours and I have also played several challenges, but... all of them on Normal. My longest run on Hard died around Chapter 6, but now that I have several playthroughs of different harder FE games, I feel ready to take it on again. Where do you come in, you may ask? As you probably read in the title, I thought of doing a PMU. There are a number of rules you must follow, however: - 16 units total (the Avatar is forced, but Chrom isn't), including up to three children (Lucina doesn't count as a child) - Children may only be picked if two parents have already been picked by other users: this means that you may not choose who the unit you pick marries, but the user who picks a child may (I hope it makes sense) - One unit and their class(es) per user: for example, you may pick Tharja and have her go Archer and then Sniper - The user that decides the Avatar's "class progression" may also choose their gender and looks (add a photo of the way you want the Avatar to look or write down the numbers of his/her features); they may also invent something about their personality and choose their spouse (Morgan is not forced) - While they are not forbidden, I want to play a new couple, at least for the Avatar, which means that male Robin may not marry Lissa, Sully, Maribelle or Cordelia and female Robin may not marry Chrom or Frederick - I don't have DLC access anymore - I will try to keep the run as "no-grind" as possible, so choose wisely I know that's a lot of rules, but I hope it's ok for you guys. Have fun picking! UNITS - +Spd -Lck Avatar (Berserker), marries Lucina - Virion (Wyvern Lord) - Libra (Sorcerer) - Maribelle (Dark Flier) - Lissa (War Cleric) - Lucina (Paladin) - Gregor (Assassin)
  3. Hello everyone. I am new to the forums. I have looked around the forums for a little while now and finally decided to join. I have previously played and beaten Fates: Conquest on Normal/Casual because I valued my sanity enough to not play it on a harder difficulty. I am playing an on again, off again file on Hard/Classic. I am going to avoid using DLC, but I would like advice on which units are good ones to Kidnap. I know there are other threads that people have used in the past for advice on this game, but if you have more advice, feel free to add. However, primarily I am just wondering what are some good units to Kidnap to use for my army's benefit. For reference's sake, I am currently on Chapter 10, and I have captured Haitaka. Thanks, and I look forward to talking with you all in the future.
  4. So my Christmas holidays start in 3 weeks and I thought it would be fun to play an increased difficulty patch over the holiday but then remembered the pme craze that seems to be going round after Mangs started playing them - so why not do both? I can do most of the hacking but if custom graphics are required then assistance might be needed. e.g. portraits are not my forte Here are some of the current edits: Circles' (and everyone else who helped) skill system Overlapping weapon triangle (Dark/Axe > Anima/Lance > Light/Sword etc) 2-3 range bows increased enemy growths - most likely 20% Seth becomes Kid Seth (recruit/squire class) If i can figure out how then level cap at 30 with promotion at 20 and no level reset upon promotion Link to the current edits: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZouXEcGKQ7lRJKMlYaDHSesNsJvgM7Z2D2pL0iJBS2Q/edit?usp=sharing EDIT: Updated as of 27th Nov In summary then if anyone has edits fun or hard leave them in the comments and when this is finished I will add a patch to this post. Coming Soon!
  5. What video games did you find it hard + hard difficulty mode as well did you managed to clear in your playthrough. I did managed to beat some of the hard video games that I managed to complete that are: The Mysterious Murasame Castle Donkey Kong Country 2 & 3 on the GBA (I did heard it was one of the hardest games on the SNES) The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Star Fox Zero (I did heard people complaining about the controls, but I managed to play the demo first to get use to the controls) Fire Emblem Heroes (I beat all the Story Mode Chapters in Lunatic Mode and Paralogues, and plus, this is kinda like the first Fire Emblem game that I managed beat Lunatic Mode) Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels on Super Mario Bros. All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition in the Wii. Super Mario Maker for 100 Mario Challenge in Expert Mode (13 times to get the Mystery Mushroom costumes) StarTropics (two times on Wii Virtual Console and NES Online) Ninja Gaiden (NES version) The Legend of Zelda (NES version) Zelda II: The Adventures of Link Ninja Gaiden II (NES version) Castlevania Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse Super Castlevania IV Castlevania: Dracula X Blaster Master Mega Man I am still haven't cleared on Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, Ninja Gaiden III (NES version), and Cuphead.
  6. If you've played Conquest, I bet you remember it. This is for strategies of frustrations with it.
  7. Hi everyone, I think you know why you entered to this post, but if it is not obvious, well, I am challenging you! Yes, I am challenging everyone who has the next things: -Fire Emblem Fates: Any version of the game -Is in the American Fire Emblem Fates Servers: Sorry for the ones who are in the EU/OC/JP Servers, but my 3ds is from America -Anyone that is wanting a challenge. What is the challenge: Defeat my castle army: My castle army is a very hard army You can see my Layout there What are the conditions to win: DEFEAT, not seizing, DEFEAT my whole army. If you seize it your win will not count for the challenge. Take a screenshot of it: You can take a screenshot by going to the home menu and then to the miiverse app of Nintendo 3DS It must be on my feedback in my castle. You can only try it once per day. What you would win: -In the Serenes Forest Chat I would call you Milord or Milady [insert your name here] -When you enter to the chat I will say to you: Welcome back Milord/Milady [insert your name here] -You will gain my respect. -When I have a free day in the month you can choose for me from a pool of characters of Fates, what character you want me to draw. (I have atleast 1 free day every month). -If you SEIZE my castle then, good for you because you seized a hard castle but you didnt beat my army The prizes will last to you atleast 1 month. If you defeated my army, you can try to defeat it again the next month. My army is getting stronger every day, so, start now and try it now that is not that powerful. I will put to you some images of my army. Thats my Castle Layout. You can see who is in my army Thats my information, there you can go and take my castle address. Well, I think thats all, if I need to update something I will put something like this: ------------------------------ [ UPDATE: ] Updated things :) ------------------------------ With nothing more to add, thats my challenge, I hope you like it and try to DEFEAT my whole army. Thanks for passing by. ------------------------------
  8. So, yeah. This is my first LP. What do I say? I've been playing FE for around a year now, though I've only played FE6-8 and FE13. I'm also new to the forums, though I've been lurking for a while. And... that's it, really. Best get to the LP. Rules: -Can't reset unless Roy dies -If I fail to reach a gaiden, I may not reset to achieve it [spoiler=Ch 1: Dawn of Travesty - Part 1] The only way to play. Defeated and humbled, the Dragons disappeared from the realm. Mankind then began to rebuild and repopulate their newly won land. A millennium has passed since then... ...culture and civilization to the farthest reaches of the continent. In the west lies the Kingdom of Etruria, which is widely considered to possess the most refined culture in all of Elibe. The Kingdom of Bern, with its powerful military and logical, pragmatic people, is located on the other side of the continent in the east. These are the two most powerful nations in Elibe with the weaker nations situated between them. These smaller lands are... the Lycian League, whose numerous territories are independently ruled by a number of marquesses that are bound by a vow of allegiance; Ilia, where the people arduously till the frozen soil and many become mercenaries to earn money to survive; and Sacae, where various clans ride through the plains on horseback. Although there were occasional clashes between these nations, the majority of the people of Elibe lived in peace. That peace, however, was not to last... That moment when you're told that this whole game is because you beat BBD. Now, Bern is mounting a merciless invasion into Lycia. Pherae is a territory of Lycia known for its beauty and honorable lords. Pherae's Lord Roy was in Ostia, Lycia's largest territory, when the invasion began. He had been sent to study to become the next marquess of the Pherae territory. Eliwood defies the laws of FE and goes on to survive for the whole game. ...has sent for Roy to return to lead Pherae's soldiers in defending against Bern. He gets a beard, she gets a beard, we all get beards! At the same time Eliwood sent for Roy, Marquess Ostia's daughter Lilina was in Pherae visiting Eliwood, who is Marquess Ostia's long-time friend and confidant. Upon receiving his father's message, Roy hurries home, taking with him his vassals and Bors, a knight from Ostia who is responsible for Lilina's safety. The story begins when Roy reaches the outskirts of Pherae... Bandit: They've all hidden themselves inside the castle! Bandit: Hee hee hee... You were right when you said there wouldn't be many soldiers. They're all getting ready to defend against Bern! The damn ass is always right! Damas: But reinforcements could be here any minute. All right, you curs, listen up! Kill everyone in the castle while we still got time! Then we can waltz outta here with all the loot! Bandit: Let's go ransack the villages and take everything they got! OH GOD I NEVER KNEW --- Merlinus: We're under attack by bandits from Mount Bolm! Eliwood: I understand. Thank you, Merlinus... Eliwood: Lilina, you must hide yourself. This castle is going to become a war zone. She joins at level 1 unpromoted, by the way. In Chapter 8. Eliwood: Don't be absurd. I couldn't face Hector if something happened to you in my own castle. Lilina: My father? But... Eliwood: It's going to be all right. Roy should be here any moment, so we just need to hold our own until then. He'll drive off these dastards. Merlinus! Send a messenger to Roy to let him know the current situation! We need his help! Merlinus: Y-yes, milord! --- Roy: Why are you in such a hurry? Lance: Lord Roy! Bandits have appeared and are attacking the castle as we speak! Lance: He's inside, defending against the bandits' attack. But I don't know how long he can last with his illness...! Lance: She should be all right. She's with Lord Eliwood after all, but he can't last forever. Assuming the best paladin in the game will become a victim to level one unpromoted bandits. Roy: No... I shouldn't have let Lilina go to the castle before me. Roy: Yes, you're right. This is no time to despair. Very well. To arms then! Our target is the castle! We must rescue everyone! --- GROWTHS: HP 80, Str 40, Skl 50, Spd 40, Lck 60, Def 25, Res 30, Total 320 Yes Roy, please do invest all your good growths in Skl and Lck. It's not like you need more Str/Spd/Def or anything. You don't get to use his promoted version until The Neverending Dream, which just sucks. He's lagging behind for at least ten chapters, and gets insulting promotion gains for it. His 20/1 stats would be fine for literally anyone else at the same level, but he has those at what could potentially be the final chapter. I haven't played FE5 so I don't know how bad Leif is, but Roy is definitely one of the worst lords in the series. GROWTHS: HP 60, Str 25, Skl 20, Spd 25, Lck 20, Def 15, Res 20, Total 185 Your typical Jeigan. I swear that 14 Skl is a "fuck you" message from IntSys, because it just makes him better at stealing kills. For what it's worth, though, Marcus is otherwise pretty much what a Pure Jeigan should be. His Silver Lance is there to weaken stronger enemies like knights or wyvern riders. Use until chapter 7, bench for Jerrot, who is better in every way that matters. Also, Paladins have complete weapon triangle control, 8 move, and canto. Generals have lances, axes and 5 move. Balance, people. GROWTHS: HP 85, Str 45, Skl 40, Spd 45, Lck 40, Def 25, Res 10, Total 290 His higher Str puts him above Lance in Hard mode before Lance starts doubling. He regains his lead later on, and also has a bit more luck, if that matters to you. GROWTHS: HP 80, Str 40, Skl 45, Spd 50, Lck 35, Def 20, Res 15, Total 285 Lance is a faster, weaker Allen who is slightly more frail. He also has a 5% weaker growth total. Absolutely unacceptable game design. He's better earlier on, but becomes inferior later on because Allen will eventually reach him in the speed department if you train him enough. He doesn't quite double at base on Hard, but once he does, he'll get his earlygame lead, and things will become slightly easier. Also, nearly every potential paladin in this game starts off lance-oriented. The only people who don't are Noah (C swords, D lances) and Percival (A/A/C). GROWTHS: HP 90, Str 30, Skl 30, Spd 40, Lck 50, Def 35, Res 10, Total 285 This is the place where everything goes wrong. The problem here is so obvious I shouldn't need to spell it out, but I will anyway. 40% Speed. 50% Luck. 35% Defence. That's ridiculous. Sure, it's nice and all, but an AK's main selling point is its bulk, not its speed. Nevertheless, this basically makes Bors the best AK in the game, because Wendy has no defence and Barth has no Speed or Luck to speak of. Does that make him good? No, because he has four move in a game full of huge maps, and starts off at level 1, but he can be good. His C rank in lances is also fairly good for this point in the game. GROWTHS: HP 80, Str 40, Skl 50, Spd 40, Lck 40, Def 20, Res 10, Total 280 Okay. What. Just what. Remember, this is the archer. He has the worst bases in the group. He also has the worst growth total, save for Marcus. This means he's improving the least. Now remember that literally everyone else has 1-range, three people have horses, and that even Bors starts off with respectable stats in the areas that an AK needs good stats in, or at least has acceptable growths if they aren't good already. I thought archers were supposed to have some sort of redeeming feature like good offense to make up for their 2-range - I mean even Rebecca/Neimi can amount to something if you take the time to train them. Wolt literally can't do anything that other people can't do better. He has nice hair though. Yeah. He's bested by everyone else right from the word go, and will remain so for the rest of the game. I'm not using him except for urgent kills that Marcus is too far away to handle. tl;dr What is balance? I'll get the next part up at some point, because it's too late now. Any advice for making these in general would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Rules Here is the unit list, in order of obtain-ability. Spear Master!Emi (S-Laslow) Strategist Elise Dark Flier!Arthur Robin!Odin Lucina!Azura Kinshi Knight!Selena Hero!Beruka Wyvern Lord!Camilla!Sophie Berserker!Peri (S-Keaton) Wolfssegner!Peri!Velouria Maid!MU!Soleil Dread Fighter Benny General!Beruka!Ignatius Adventurer!Charlotte!Nina Balistician!Shura Dark Knight!Flora MU: Name: Emi (Works with my name and means Smile in Japanese, fitting with Laslow and Soleil) Boon/Bane: HP/Lck
  10. Hello! I just finished the third route for me in Fates, so I decided to try a PMU, mostly because I've never done one before and I wanted a challenge. I'll probably give updates whenever I feel there's a need for it. Rules Please don't give awful units. Growth rates should align with classes, not counting magical weapons. Bad units will be ignored. All DLC classes are available. Everyone about the MU may be customized, except gender. The MU will be male. Azura is going to be used no matter what, but you can decide her class. Please consider accessibility when choosing units. It's not necessary, but I highly encourage class changes! In my first runs everyone kept their class for the most part, so I want to change it up. Please explain how to get classes if class changing (example: support partners). No Gunter, Corrinsexuals, or Einherjar units. If giving a child unit, please say the parents. Each person can choose 2 units. Units Onmyoji!Lucius (+Mag, -Luck) Maid!Azura (A+ Elise) Berserker!Arthur Adventurer!Subaki (A+ Niles) Swordmaster!Kagero!Ophelia Dark Knight!Kagero (S Odin) Maid!Sakura (A+ Elise) Falcon Knight!Laslow (S Azura) Dark Flier!Felicia Spear Master!Benny (S Oboro) Hero!Effie (S Keaton) Master Ninja!Azura!Soleil General!Keaton (S Effie) Wyvern Lord!Oboro (A+ Beruka) Priestess!Sakura!Mitama Dark Flier!Nyx!Caeldori All units are selected, so I'll be starting now. Thank you for helping! ^-^
  11. EDIT: Finished getting units! I'm going to do a PMU of Revelations as my second playthrough of the route. All units are fine except Scarlet and Gunter, for obvious reasons. Be hard, I've used a Sorcerer Charlotte on my Randomized Conquest run. I'll pick by who posted first, and I'll only take up to 3 per post. Also, here's my Corrin (He was randomly generated via Kamui Customizer.) Name: Mario Class: Paladin Boon/Bane: HP+, Skill-. Rest in peace Hit rates. At least I use swords. Oh, and all DLC is available besides Boo Camp, Museum Melee, and Ghostly Gold, so any DLC class is fine, besides 2 Dread F and Dark F limitation, and 1 Lodestar and Great Lord. I also won't be using the scout option, nor using any challenges. I kind of realized I do get exp from the DLC, so I will limit Vanguard to 1, Witch to 2 (One from Anna's gift), and Ballistician to 1. Grandmaster DLC doesn't give main party exp, so it's fine. 1. Mario (Paladin) 2. Nyx (Paladin) S-Support Mario 3. Sakura (Maid) A-Support Elise 4. Felicia (Maid) 5. Flora (Maid) 6. Ryoma (Strategist) S-Support Elise 7. Oboro!Caeldori Lucina (Great Lord) 8. Effie (MoA) A+-Support Hana 9. Azura!Soleil (Dread Fighter) 10. Shinobu (Dread Fighter) Einherjar Spear Fighter 11. Nyx!Kana (Dark Knight) 12. Oboro (Wyvern Lord) A+-Support Beruka 13. Odin (Vanguard) 14. Selena (Berserker) S-Support Keaton 15. Camilla (Wyvern Lord) 16. Felicia!Ophelia (Witch)
  12. Enjoy! Note that since I'm using sucky recording software, there is a big slowdown, so you should view the video at 2x speed.
  13. Since you guys (for the most part) seemed to enjoy the 1-turn clear of Chapter 14, here is another 1-turn clear, possibly more interesting due to the more complicated nature of the map. I'm pretty certain I can't do this without using the Rescue staff; it might be possible if one had a couple of extra shove/swap-bots, but I didn't have time to capture any more than the 2 I got in Chapter 10, and it was already difficult enough to get those guys 2 levels while racing through the past few maps, so I imagine it would probably be impossible to get more than 1 more shove-bot trained up with maximal RNG abuse, if even that. If you throw in the 2 Boots from the path bonuses, things become a little more interesting... I can investigate this and see if something works out if you guys want. Not sure if this is something to do in a full playthrough LTC context, since it's possible that there are better uses of the Rescue staff later, but nevertheless an interesting strat imo. Didn't bother to record good level ups for obvious reasons. Oh and also, the speed issue is still there so watch it at 2x speed for maximal viewing pleasure.
  14. Hello everyone! Does anyone have any strategies to do chapter 14 of Conquest? Everything goes well until those pesky Kinshi Knights/Pegasus Knights reinforcements come in, their high speed makes it hard for my party to deal with them! Thank you!
  15. I think difficulty is pretty easy to figure out on the same route -Hard is harder than Normal, Lunatic's harder than Hard- but is Lunatic Birthright harder than Hard Conquest? Lunatic Revelation? After going through Conquest on Hard, Hard Birthright was a cakewalk, I found. Is stepping up to Lunatic for Birthright feasible during lategame? (Chapter 23)
  16. (Note: DO NOT post unit choices in this thread. For that, please go to my planning thread: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=63275) Hey all! I'm just about to finish my first playthrough of Birthright, and before I tackle the beast that is Conquest, I wanted to try a PMU just for the heck of it. The rules are as follows: My main team will be composed of 16 units (including the Avatar) You can choose the class, gender, Boon/Bane, and even the name for my avatar if you are so inclined. Since this is an Ironman run, I'm going to have an alternate team of up to 10 units to cover for inevitable deaths No grinding for EXP, supports can be grinded in My Castle Battles Units will be reclassed into their chosen class as soon as possible If a unit needs a specific pairing to obtain a class, please tell me that pairing. I'm still not used to how class inheritance works... The only DLC classes I can use are: 2 Dread Fighters, 1 Great Lord, 1 Lodestar, and 1 Witch/Ballistician Well, that's enough from me! Give me your best (or worst!) units, and I'll try to make them work. [spoiler=Main Team] Oni Chieftain!Orochi Falcon Knight!Sakura Lodestar!MU (+DEF/-MAG/Talent:Knight) General!Setsuna Hoshido Noble!Kana Blacksmith!Hayato Witch!Rhajat Priestess!Hana Onmyoji!Silas Onmyoji!Kagero Sniper!Felicia Dread Fighter!Azama Spear Master!Oboro Spear Master!Subaki Great Lord!Caeldori Mechanist!Reina [spoiler=Alternate Team] Butler!Takumi Kinshi Knight!Kiragi Blacksmith!Hinata Master Ninja!Shura Mater of Arms!Izana Onmyoji!Yukimura Dread Fighter!Azura Kinshi Knight!Ryoma Swordmaster!Kaden Maid!Hinoka
  17. (Note: this thread is a planning thread for my PMU. To view the actual PMU, go to this thread: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=63273) Hey all! I'm just about to finish my first playthrough of Birthright, and before I tackle the beast that is Conquest, I wanted to try a PMU just for the heck of it. The rules are as follows: My main team will be composed of 16 units (including the Avatar) You can choose the class, gender, Boon/Bane, and even the name for my avatar if you are so inclined. Since this is an Ironman run, I'm going to have an alternate team of up to 10 units to cover for inevitable deaths No grinding for EXP, supports can be grinded in My Castle Battles Units will be reclassed into their chosen class as soon as possible If a unit needs a specific pairing to obtain a class, please tell me that pairing. I'm still not used to how class inheritance works... The only DLC classes I can use are: 2 Dread Fighters, 1 Great Lord, 1 Lodestar, and 1 Witch/Ballistician Well, that's enough from me! Give me your best (or worst!) units, and I'll try to make them work.EDIT: Both teams have been filled! PMU coming soon! [spoiler=Main Team] Oni Chieftain!Orochi Falcon Knight!Sakura Lodestar!MU (+DEF/-MAG/Talent:Knight) General!Setsuna Hoshido Noble!Kana Blacksmith!Hayato Witch!Rhajat Priestess!Hana Onmyoji!Silas Onmyoji!Kagero Sniper!Felicia Dread Fighter!Azama Spear Master!Oboro Spear Master!Subaki Great Lord!Caeldori Mechanist!Reina [spoiler=Alternate Team] Butler!Takumi Kinshi Knight!Kiragi Blacksmith!Hinata Master Ninja!Shura Mater of Arms!Izana Onmyoji!Yukimura Dread Fighter!Azura Kinshi Knight!Ryoma Swordmaster!Kaden Maid!Hinoka
  18. So, having just finished Conquest on Hard, I'm having a dilemma. Birthright is easier, at least from what I've hear from literally everyone I know playing Fates. Furthermore, grinding is possible. Supposedly, Revelation is between the two in terms of difficulty. Seeing as there's no Lunatic+ to unlock, and I've heard that Fates' Lunatic mode isn't the totally and completely idiotic and non-strategic RNGfest Awakening's lunatic/lunatic+ was, I'm wondering whether to play Birthright on Hard or Lunatic mode. My concern is that I intend to play Revelation on Hard mode because Hard mode doesn't lock your stat growths at mission start, and I want to use my Revelation playthrough for PvP later on (which means locked growths would make stat-capping awful grindy and tedious). If I play Lunatic Birthright, will Revelation on Hard be boringly easy? Thanks in advance for opinions and input, I'd appreciate someone whose already done this weighing as well.
  19. Hey guys, I'm having a bit of trouble at Nohr chapter 20 "Winds of Change" So my units are about on par with the enemies, a bit stronger in fact so they can easily keep up in the combat side of things. But the problem and what keeps getting me is the map's hazard, the wind. It keeps pushing you forward and or pulling you back from the progress you made, and it does that to the enemies too, and that usually left my weakest units exposed for the enemies to just wail on them. Can you guys help me with some advice for this level? I'd be much appreciated. I'm playing on hard difficulty by the way.
  20. Hello everyone! As the title says I am doing a Hector Harem run of Blazing Sword on hard mode, using this hack: http://feshrine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showtopic=6173 This is so I have access to a thief. I welcome you all to take a look. The link to my Let's Play channel is in my signature. Have a radical day. :) Gryphon
  21. UPDATE: This will become a demo to Mechanics Emblem. Pretty much a 2 chapter hack to show off the flooding idea. Hi, MrNight here, long time search lurker, first time showcasing, releasing Rage Emblem beta to the community for feedback and beta testing. Going to give a rundown of what to expect, why I am doing this, and ultimately what I hope to achieve. Let's begin... Old crap Link and ScreenShots RageEmblem: Update: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3c8h0gv1z02fcln/RageEmblemv1.51.ups only prologue and the original chapter 1. That is it to preserve what the flood chapter originally was. As for Rage Emblem, will be changing it to Mechanics Emblem and all the chapters will be redone to flex my new hacking muscles. Do note chapter 2 will break after that. Let me know immediately if patch doesn't work here or by pm. Lunar gave me the 16 MB limit so I am a bit nervous. What would I like? Constructive criticism. Good or Bad with in depth explanation. I value absolute brutal honestly as long as it helps my hack to be just brutal on being good. Even If I shed man tears in darkness, I will use those said tears to make my creative furnace hotter to forge this hack to near perfection. The sooner I get this out in the open and played by the community, the faster I get feedback to make it better during its development instead of doing all this work and polish only to be told the gameplay sucks and is boring. (made that mistake once and was crushed). That being said I will not explain too much about it to prevent bias thinking so beta testers can tell me their experience as well as what they find. A bit about my hacking background So with all that said, I will discuss why I started making this. I came into fire emblem hacking due to seeing cool custom animations in 2012 and wanted to learn how to do them and I did just that. I googled like a madman and came upon blazer's tutorial package and worked from there. While working on animations I was looking for youtube videos of fire emblem to watch and inspire me while working in MS paint. That is when I came across ragefest because there was few fire emblem videos that was longer than 10 minutes and wow did that series blew my mind. It showed me the possibilities on what FE hacking can do instead of just reskins and class changing. Sadly, the more I watched, the more I realized it was really not for newbie's and tried to gain some skills before I tried to enter the contest. Later on I learned It was pretty much dead due to the "been there, done that" and the lack of interest which led me trying to make a submission for gaiden. This led me to make the horrible mistake of not finding dedicated FE experienced testers because the ones I asked to test were friends who did not want to admit to me they didn't really care about my fire emblem hack nor was that good at it. (they admitted they wasn't good after I sent it in) I took this as failure on my part and decided to really do some game design research while practicing key FE hacking concepts. The biggest thing I have learned is the mantra of "fail faster" hence is why I am throwing my hack to the FE community who is already interested in Fire Emblem and are more willing rip apart bad hacks so it can grow. I also found I am better at coming up with ideas and motivation if I designed chapters to be challenging to ragefest levels instead of basic fire emblem chapters that bore me to tears. I tried to do as much hacking on my own (the serenes search button has become my most valued friend) and to show the ideas I came up with to throw at the player to really make them think. (cathrine hard but chess style) So yeah, feel free to say what you want about the hack or pm to make it private. Good Luck and Thank You.
  22. I'll be honest, I have had FE:A since two mounths after it's launch in 2013, and I haven't played hard mode once. I am, for the first time, trying hard mode and it is a whole different world from normal (You probably know this). I am on the 5th chapter and I'm stumped. I have completed this game 5 times on normal mode, so I know how the storyline goes. I was wondering if some more expirenced players could offer incite onto any strategies that I should take on hard mode. I also have the fallowing DLC: Golden pack, R&R 3, LB 2-3, and SB 2-3. Thank you.
  23. Kind of like how one of staff responsible for Halo said Heroic was the canon difficulty. I'm torn between it being either hard or Lunatic, but is it possible for it to be Normal? Also, without any DLC, is it possible to beat this game without using any skills, on hard or lunatic?
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