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Found 2 results

  1. Create your own harem, starring you! Choose four through ten fictional characters or real people. State why you chose those waifus or husbandos. My list... Robin (Female) Nowi Panne Henry Isabelle Ditto Light Yagami Me as a girl N
  2. To celebrate gringe's glorious new translation, I want to start a FE6 run! Of course, gotta put some restriction to make this INTERESTING. I decided go with good old feminist revolution girls + Roy run. I know Espinosa is doing a girls only (+Roy) NM LTC, but this will be a CASUAL HARDMODO girls + Roy (man that boy really gets around). Rules: 1. Units given to me on a chapter can be used for that chapter. (So all units can be used until I start seeing battle preparation.) 2. This is CASUAL, so no RNG manipulation whatsoever will be used. I'll restart the chapter if something bad happens. 3. Using arena for a few turns while finishing off reinforcements/shopping is fine. No stalling for arena abuse though 4. Marcus and Jerrot are ok because they are too old/married to steal the girls' hearts away from Roy. 5. Male thieves can be used until Cath arrives because... CAAAAAAAATH Ch 1: Saving childhood (girl)friend *On a dark stormy night, Roy hit his head and has been possessed by the insane pervert tactician aquamarin
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