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Found 1 result

  1. I’m trying to make a RP stat system. It’s not for a particular RP. In fact, I would like this to serve as an open-source system that any RP creators can use for their RPs. It could be used as is or serve as a base to create their own system. I have never created a stat system before, so I’m looking for advice as to what needs added and if any of this could work. I would like to try testing this out in a mock battle to see if this works (when it’s more developed). Here's an outline of what I'm thinking of: Personal Stats: Spread 25 points across the following categories. No more than 9 points in one category: Strength (STR): This affects attack, for obvious reasons. Constitution (CON): For the defenders. Affect defense and HP Intelligence (INT): For smart people. Affects magic strength and skill Mind (MND): Magic defense, wise guy. Speed (SPD): For going fast. Affects attack speed and evasion. Additionally, players have 500G to spend on equipment. Weapon: Armor: Spell: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Attack Stats: Battles will be turn based. Hits will be partially determined by dice rolls. HP: 3 x CON MP: 3x MND Attack (ATK): (STR) + Weapon STR – Enemy DEF Defense (DEF): (CON) + Armor DEF Magic Attack (MAG): 0.75*INT + Spell ATK Magic Defense (MDEF): MND + Armor MDEF HIT: dice roll(s?)+INT (hits if sum is greater than enemy evasion.) Evasion (EVD) = Attack Speed (AS) = SPD – Armor DEF If AS > 2*enemy EVD: double attack If EVD>2*enemy AS: double counter (if counter is possible) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A really basic set of weapons/armor: I threw a bunch of names and numbers together just to get a basic idea of what is needed. Wood Weapon: STR: 1, Cost: 100G Steel Weapon: STR: 5, Cost: 1000G Laser Weapon: STR: 10, Cost: 10000G Wood Armor: DEF: 1, Cost: 100G Steel Armor: DEF: 5, Cost: 1000G Laser Armor (don’t ask): DEF: 10, Cost: 10000G Water: STR: 1, Cost: 100G Fire: STR: 5, Cost: 1000G Lightning: STR: 10, Cost: 10000G ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Questions Leveling up: How much experience to gain? Caps? Too much power to magic users? Stuff I’m not even thinking about? What would you add?
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