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Found 2 results

  1. Is there a way to make specific weapons (in this case "Naglfar") shine/glow/flash when activated in battle?
  2. Hey everyone its me again the new guy around here..I`m curious whats your favorite holy weapon? including the enemy ones because well heheh I used cheats once on my FE4 to get all holy weapons lets just say it was fun having Tinny run around with Thor Hammer. Anyhow back on subject my favorites would have to be Fala Flame its very powerful and Alvis shows that very clearly but problem is its so heavy but it makes up for that by giving +10 def and + 10 res to protect from attacks. The other would be Loptosu who would not like it? it cuts all damage down and gives +5 res only thing that can break through are Naga and critical hits I also like the sound Loptosu makes when used for some reason it sounds so cool. Next in line is Holsety very powerful that +20 speed really helps with it Sety and Levin become untouchable except from bosses. My other would be Gungnir really like that lance because unlike the Gae Bolg it gives +10 speed and it looks cooler ever took a close look at it in battle? it looks like a trident. Last in my line up is Thor Hammer it gives best skill boost a nice +20 its rare for it to miss and thats pretty much it for me.
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