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Found 1 result

  1. I'd like this thread to be a place for HxH fans, or even haters, to gather and discuss the show and the individual episodes in a civilized manner. Also, don't mention manga related events please, as, while I myself do read it, some of us might not , and would prefer not to be spoiled on the coming events. If you really must, write it in a spoiler tag, and write a warning above the spoiler button. Discussion topics may range from any arc to individual episode, be it episode 1 or 130. As such, I'd like to start by writing a short opinion on the latest episode, episode 138. The episode starts with Ging talking about his motives, or rather, giving a vague answer on it. He was shown to be a calculative character so far, going by the plan with which he predicted the actions of the Zodiacs in the last episode. "Everything according to plan" is a rather silly trope, but Ging managed to keep it slightly believable at least. But anyways, he himself doesn't care about the position of chairman, all he wants is to pay respect to Netero's last will, by making his target move the way he wants to, implying he has someone in sight who he'd want to become chairman. Afterwards, we go back to the table where the Zodiacs sit at. And Pariston brings up a point I wondered about myself: that at least that short guy, and possibly some other zodiacs too, are idiots, which makes me wonder how got their rank in the first place. A zodiac, i.e. a Hunter among the best of the best, should be both smart and strong, not just the latter. Pariston however is more of an interesting guy. We know next to nothing about him, only that he behaves like a nice and charming man, but in actuality is quite sneaky and manipulative. Otherwise, the zodiacs wouldn't fear him, nor would Beans wonder about Netero's decision of making him vice chairman. And that is another interesting point, why would Netero have chosen Pariston as his vice? Surely not only to be entertained. Such hints that Pariston might actually be a good leader, or a worthy successor to Netero, despite his sneaky nature. By that I mean a leader who'd actually pay attention to his subordinates. Moving on, we come to the most important parts of the episode, Killua meeting his own family again. Thanks to his training, he managed to upen up 5 doors of his mansion, whereas before that he could only open up 2 or 3 IIRC. Then we see him meeting his father, talking about a yet unintroduced sister, Alluka. Silva mentions how she isn't human, angering Killua. Such already should be warning enough, as even the most fearful Nen users aren't refered to as inhumane. Alluka's power is quite an interesting one, even if cliche. Ofc, one may argue that such an almighty power is unnerving and unnecessary, HxH did a good job by countering the benefits of her power with an equally destructive drawback. The requests made by Alluka will be proportional to the last wish made, meaning that if Alluka grants an incredible wish, the person receiving the requests from her afterwards will have literally no chance to survive. Killua refers to it as equivalent exchange, and that term is perfectly fitting for the situation. Although, there is one thing that bothers me with the whole Alluka thing. Ofc, Killua's wish will be to remove the limitations Gon set to himself, to save his live. There are two problems with this: The first one is that saving Gon like that is a cop-out. Alluka's character was handled well so far, and she has a highly intriguing power, but if combined with Gon she quickly turns into a plot device to make Gon's sacrifice undone again. As such, one may compare it to the Dragon Balls. Secondly, the wish to save Gon is a ginormous one. In fact, I don't believe the millionaire wish can even remotely compare to it, as the wish to save Gon defies a terribly powerful limitation set to himself, and defies the concept of death itself in a way. Were Alluka to ask requests to someone after saving Gon, not only would these requests be absolutely impossible to fulfill, after denying 4 requests over a 100 people may have to die. Killua is surely aware of that, yet he decides to go through with it. And while it shows his loyalty for Gon, it is still a morally questionable course of action. All in all, the episode had a lot of interesting moments, and while I am nitpicking at some details, that is only because of my devotion to the series. Due to it being so amazing in most parts, one can't help but notice some small flaws, as they become more apparent if compared to the rest. The imlications for the future might be worrying, but so far HxH never failed at excelling in execution.
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