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Found 1 result

  1. This is a hack And like I had a brilliant idea to waste time showing it to you all here Even though some of you already know this DON'T SPOIL ANYTHING [spoiler=Boring Intro] Gee I wonder who the creator's favorite Pokemon is Mew is totally relevant to the story right guys~ It's literally Donut backwards. This game is Glazed already. Still with the tree names I see. He even has a tree Pokemon with him. Okay can we all agree that this design looks stupid. Because it looks stupid. Superior desgin I dunno, you tell me Now we just need the Who/What/When/Where/How Well this is just dandy. get me back over where exactly..? The screen flashed white after this and we all died. Yes explain later when I want to know now. Gee this has certainly no way to end terribly in the plot at all. Gee this better not happen again. He died. He's dead. You know it's a good Pokemon hack when you can't get a Potion from your P.C. It's an even better hack when you can't even click on your P.C. Wait why is there a male sprite there. Do I have a DAD in a not R/S/E Pokemon game!!! Yay what fun. Hey look actually cool Pokemon. I thought I just had to be 10 years old? You know it's a good Pokemon hack when... OMG GEN 4 POKEMON GAIZ THIS HACK IS 2GOOD6ME!!!111!! AKA the only option. Be prepared for the shittiest journey of the century. Yes good job. This guy handle supply and demand almost as well as Nintendo does with Amiibos! Such a CLASSY NAME. 9-1-1? It only gets worse from here guys...
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