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Found 1 result

  1. WHAT IS THIS TOPIC?! Welcome people, this is Mr. Iggy Koopa, and this is the Fire Embem Puns thread! Now, what is Fire Emblem Puns? Well, This is a thread about puns on FE characters! And by that, I mean EVERY PLAYABLE FE CHARACTER. (Along with some major enemy.) Well then, the reason this thread is in Creative, is because other than writing the puns, you have to DRAW the puns. ...What? Didn't get it? Allow me to explain. [spoiler=Huge text wall]So, you're making a pun about Ike. You think about the perfect pun for Ike, and then you think about Mike Tyson for some reason or another (Maybe you're playing Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, I dunno.) and then you think about how Mike and Ike's names are similar... And BOOM! You get Ike Tyson as a pun. You start to think of how it should look, and then your creativity just would not stop. You want to make a drawing of said pun. And you make a drawing of Ike Tyson. And you post it on Deviantart. That's probably what you should do. (Except that instead of posting on Deviantart you post on this topic.) Anyways, what I'm saying is that various artists can choose the series that can write puns about. You know, Artist A likes the Jugdral series, and wants to make puns about the Jugdral series. So I let him allow to make puns about the Jugdral series. Then, Artist A wants to change and go to the Akaneia saga, for some reason. Which I let him allow. Now then, here comes Artist B, and he loves the GBA trilogy. He wants to make puns about both Elibe and Magvel series, so I let him allow. Also, the number of artists per group is unlimited, but after a series is finished, then the artists finishing the group must go to another group, or leave. That is it. Another Example! Let's say that the group of Artists C, D, E and F finished making puns about Awakening. This group can go and make puns about another series, or can leave FE Puns. Now, in this example. Artist C goes to make puns about the Akaneia Saga, while Artists D and E go making puns about the Jugdral series, with D doing Genealogy Of the Holy War puns and E making Thracia 776 puns. Then comes artist F, which never played another FE game other than Awakening, and has no knowledge of the rest of the series, so he leaves FE puns. Also, an important rule: Don't use FE stuff as your material for your FE puns, such as Maris-a, a pun of Maris from FE12 using Marisa from FE8. It's unoriginal and unclever. Well then, I guess that's all I have to say. Hoping you have fun with your puns! [spoiler=Puns tablet][spoiler=Akaneia Saga][spoiler=Shadow Dragon] [spoiler=Gaiden] [spoiler=Mystery of the Emblem] [spoiler=Awakening] [spoiler=Jugdral Saga][spoiler=Genealogy of the Holy War] [spoiler=Thracia 776] [spoiler=Elibe Saga][spoiler=Binding Blade] [spoiler=Blazing Sword] [spoiler=Sacred Stones] [spoiler= Tellius Series][spoiler=Path of Radiance] [spoiler=Radiant Dawn]
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