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Found 2 results

  1. Somebody please help me. I'm using tiled and every time I try to insert a map with map changes, it tells me that the ID was not located. I am using the newest version of Tiled and a very descriptive explanation would be extremely helpful. I can't find a video on it anywhere and all of the written tutorials are based on an older version of tiled that I do not have. PLEASE HELP :'( I think the main problem I have is how do I set the ID? because in the tutorial it shows the ID as a property and the # (ie. 0 or 1 or etc) as a value. Yet it doesn't explain whether that value should be a bool, int, float, or string. (It can't be a bool and I doubt it's a float.) But even though I've tried all options it tells me the ID is wrong. I don't have the same version as in the tutorial for tiled since it's an older version, so I'm thinking that may be the problem. TL:DR I cannot get the ID's to work. It ask me to use int/string/bool/float for the value, and everything is so confusing....
  2. So my map changes are not showing when it's been triggered. Event wise, you're only able to visit the red houses once and are given the items. But, the house doesn't close. Also, bandits would keep destroying the red house that I did not get the chance to visit yet. The house does not show that it's been destroyed. I've been following Markjoe1990's and Nintenlord's Tiled tutorial and was confused by the ordering of the IDs. I think this could be the issue of why the tiles aren't changing, but I could be wrong. So I'll list the steps that I did so far. Step 1: Made the map Step 2: Made the layer properties for each tile change Step 3: Inserted into empty space on the ROM Step 4: Changed the tilesets in nightmare Step 5: Inserted events into empty space and tested the chapter Any other info/screenshots that you need in order to point out what needs to be fixed, please let me know. Thanks in advance!
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