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Found 35 results

  1. Details: Name (At the moment): Serenes Emblem Progress: Ideas and Brainstorming stage Is it going smoothly?: So far, yes! If you want to hop in, say so. If you want to hop out, say so. This is still in the brainstorming stage of development, so none of the game has been made yet. This hopefully will smooth out and become a full, bustling project, and result in a great game. I plan to put love and passion into this game, and hopefully you're planning the same. Let's make it happen! Best of luck, Duke Nukem
  2. So I've been playing Fallout 1 lately (fun game, even if it's bit more savescummy than I'd like), and I'm reminded of how much I like the idea of traits. For the basics of what they are, when creating a character, you get to choose up to two traits. Some are mutually exclusive, but they all follow the same pattern: They provide a positive effect and compensate with a negative one. Examples include Gifted (you get more S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats, but all your skills are reduced), Fast Shot (Firing a gun takes less action points, but you can't target specific areas), Good Natured (reduces combat skills while increasing skills like doctor, speech, bartering, and the like), Jinxed (Everyone suffers from more critical failures, including you), and so on. While not perfectly balanced, I find it to be an interesting concept, and that it could work in Fire Emblem rather well with some tweaks. Note that the ideas I give here are based on the presumption that they will be picked when creating the Avatar unit. Partially because forcing a player to adjust to a certain trait on a normal character would be questionable game design, and partially so I can use "you" when writing the flavor text. Also, It's pretty obvious which ones are mutually exclusive, so I won't bother bringing that up. I aimed to make the skills able to broadly fit any game, although there are times when it's clear it works in one game better than another. Hard Hitter Flavor Text: While war is uncertain, it is unwise to rely on luck. You ignore all the fancy spins of your peers and instead focus upon delivering strong, reliable, and damaging strikes. Effect: Increases Normal Damage; Reduces Crit Chance and Damage Finesse Flavor Text: Every opponent has a weakness somewhere, and you aim to exploit it any way you can. You're good at ending fights quickly with a masterful stroke, but struggle with dealing damage any other way. Effect: Decreases Normal Damage; Increases Crit Chance and Damage Close Combat Flavor Text: Even though you can attack from a distance, your enemies will try to close that advantageous gap. You prepared for those days, and thus are more competent at engaging an opponent one-on one rather than far away. Unfortunately, the subtle differences between hitting someone at point blank range and from several yards away are great enough that you struggle with the latter. Effect: Allows Archers to counter at 1 range. Increases Hit/Avoid when attacking/defending at 1 range for 2 range (and above) weapons; Decreases Hit/Avoid when attacking from 2 range and above. Guardian Flavor Text: You focus on everyone getting out alive rather than on personal glory. Many have been saved by your dedicated defense, even if it's at the sacrifice of a lower kill count. Effect: Increases Dual Guard Chance/Activation; Reduces Dual Attack Chance/Activation/Damage Synchronized Partner Flavor Text: The flow of combat between you and a partner is almost seamless, even if you've never worked with them before. Delivering one strike after another has felled many a strong foe Effect: Increases Dual Attack Chance/Activation/Damage; Reduces Dual Guard Defen Renowned Flavor Text: Whether through legend, actions, speeches, nobility, fame, fanservice, you have a mighty presence on the battlefield that cannot be ignored. Regardless of the reasons, fellow soldiers, even those farther away, are inspired to fight stronger than they otherwise would. As with what happens with most great figures, however, your deeds outpace your character, and inspirational legends can only go so far. Effect: Increases Support Effect Range; Decreases Support Bonuses Close Supporter Flavor Text: You are good at noticing the depths of others and bringing out the best of them. While you may not be able to inspire large crowds as some others can, the people you do support benefit greatly from your encouragement. Effect: Increases Support Bonuses; Decreases Support Effect Range No Kill Rule/Combat Pacifist Flavor Text: For one reason or another, you have sworn to never kill another human being. While many would consider this unwise in war, in truth your abilities were only sharpened as you learned how to pull punches, exploit weaknesses, and capture foes without an issue. Effect: Reduced/No Penalties for Capturing; Cannot Kill Enemies (except maybe monsters/terrors. Can still damage opponents to a minimum of 1 HP, however), Cannot Crit. Valentian Weapon Techniques Flavor Text: In a foreign land called Valentia, swords and lances were so common that instead of having an advantage over each other, they fought on even ground. Intrigued, you studied and applied these techniques. Regardless of what weapon you wield, you are never at a disadvantage. Unfortunately, you never have the advantage, either. Effect: Weapon Triangle is ignored, regardless of weapons. Weapon Preservation Flavor Text: "Whether because of the lack of funds, the sentimental value, or simply because you've been in combat so much, you've learned several tricks and techniques for keeping a weapon at prime condition far beyond what many blacksmiths and shopkeepers expected. Indeed, some of your weapons have lasted entire wars, while others saw theirs break in their hands and had to replace them. What you didn't learn was how to preserve your weapons durability while also being able to skillfully utilize combat arts without reservations. Effect: Has a high chance of not using up a weapon use; Lower Skill Activation/Higher Combat Art Cost. So what are your ideas if such a mechanic existed in Fire Emblem?
  3. At the moment the only interesting game I have on my phone is Heroes. I figured I’d be fine going out with just my phone today, but no. I’m not feeling motivated to do tap battle nor Arena. I’m out of Aether (and that mode’s more stressing than fun sometimes). TT+ is meh and VG has time between each battle. Also, I just really, really don’t want to grind through the abundance of TT stratum quests. Anyway, the point. What do you think IS could add to the game as a mode that’s accessible (Doesn’t cost Stamina (or at least much stamina) nor has long time intervals between sessions), more laid back than the competitive modes, and replayable without getting dull very fast? Or just talk about your dream mode that you would personally play over and over. Either works I’m part bored, part curious what everyone else can come up with, and part fishing for ideas to send into support. Regardless I thought it’d be an interesting topic for discussion and for getting creative
  4. It's been a few months since I last played Awakening, and I'm in the mood to replay the game again. However, I'd like to spice things up a bit this time around. Something more than a typical ironman or no-grinding run. I'm not really looking for anything specific. As long as it doesn't require hacking, I'm open to ideas.
  5. This is a new version of an old topic because necroposting rules and all that... So, just post some funny forged weapon names/name ideas you have here. My Weapon Names: Killing Edge - Epifex Vex Killer Bow - Goddamn Crits (Short for Goddamn Critical Hits) Explanation: References to a Nuzlocke Comic by the name of Goddamn Critical Hits drawn by Epifex from DeviantArt. Makes sense since these weapons have higher chances of getting crits. Nohrian Blade - Nohrian Scum Should be self-explanatory. Arthur's Iron Axe (+2) - "Lucky" You Because he usually has bad luck but now he's getting a really powerful axe... Hand Axe - Boomerang...? Because of its shape. Hoe - HOEDOWN!!! - Reference to a song that I would hear in primary school. Cupid Bow - Grinder Because that's what it's useful for, considering its ability to restore enemy HP. Grinding for EXP and weapon proficiency. Raider Axe - Lé Stripper Raider Knife - Stripper! (As though you're calling out a stripper.) Raider Yumi - Nudity Alert! Disrobing Gale - Stripper's Tome You should know why these names were picked for this sort of weapon by now. Idea for Shuriken Weapons: Death Star (succeeded by) Death Star V2 (succeeded by) Starkiller Explanation: Shurikens are also called "Ninja Stars" so the Death Star from Star Wars came to mind and Starkiller is a reference to Starkiller base, which is pretty much a more destructive version of the Death star, fitting with the running gag.. Also, someone names their Raider Weapons Send Nudes Spoiler'd because this image seems quite big. ONE BIG NOTICE! You don't have to have actually have had renamed weapons or even have played Fire Emblem Fates to participate in this thread, as I will accept any weapon rename, real or idea, AS LONG AS IT RELATES TO FIRE EMBLEM FATES! There HAVE been ideas on this thread that haven't been put into practice yet, so you may post your unused ideas, just so long as you say something like "I would/plan to/wish I could rename my weapon to this..."
  6. Good Morning I am new to this forum and I am trying to learn to use Photoshop. I have designed a weapon system for fire emblem I hope you like it and I wish to get some feed back on what people think about it and how it will affect class composition and game play etc Weapons Swords will cover all variants on traditional blades: Rapiers, Broad Swords, Sweihandlers and also oriental blades such as katakana and masamune etc Axes are covering blunt weapons such as clubs, scythes and magi-stars. Lances cover piked weapons such a tridents and poles etc Magic Arcane is the new replacement for "dark" magic. I found the term quite archaic so I replaced it with the study of the arcane mostly dealing with space and time. practitioners can use spells such as warp, re-warp, teleport and worm. They will also be able to build nexus's, powerful areas on empty times that serve a variety of functions, for example similar to the light rune from FE-7 and the effects of the barrier staff. These concepts are still a work in progress. Tomes represent the contemporary studies of magic and are concerned with the manipulation of energy in it's terrestrial forms, Fire, Wind, Ice and Thunder. These will all be lumped into a Anima and fall under the Weapon Type of tomes. Not all mages will wield every type, for balancing issues. I am still playing with this concept. Users of Scepters specialize in light magic which can be used to vanquish otherworldly creatures, bestow powerful buffs and deal damaged with excellent accuracy. Projectiles All projectiles have a max range of two from the get-go, some classes many have attributes that modify this to their specialization. Kunai still work as de-buffers but will also receive a new feature, the "set trap" command which can be used on various surfaces to incapacitate, debilitate or eliminate foes. Guns are a new weapon that will be in early stage of development in the story line. Not many classes will wield this weapon as it will be specifically implemented as a siege weapon; Cannons. The application of airships is also something to consider. Considering allowing it's range to be in cardinal directions, only impeded by trees, walls, etc. Bows will have more variety between those that have a 1-2 and a 1-3 range which I hope will redeem archers. Otherwise no changes. Magic Effects Primal: All characters will have access to this in some form or the other whether it be a mount or a beast stone to transform into a creature, dragon, taguel etc. There will not be many major stat boost when it comes to mounts as i feel the extra move and weaknesses will be enough of a trade off. This will require more discussion. Mounts I have in mind are: Alicorns, Griffins, Dire Wolfs, Horse (of-course) and Rolling Calfs(Dark knight Only). Staves have been nerfed and buffed, many of the effects they used to have, have been handed off to wands, however they will retain their healing and status relieving function (heal, physic, fortify, etc) and as a design choice will be mostly composed of wood and other living-esque materials to differentiate them from scepters. Range of most spells are not 1-2 except Recover. Staff users will have some attacks, mostly endgame and boss only magic, based on the earth and water to manipulate terrain. Still researching this. Wands, impose your will upon the flesh using blood magic. Use of wands drain the users health upon casting. Users will have access to spells such as: Warg(Control an enemy, cannot move during this), death(causes instant death, low accuracy, bosses immune), sacrifice(heal an ally using your hp (conversion from hp lost to hp gained will be 1/2 higher.) etc. Please leave comments and feedback, thank you. *This is my first time using Photoshop pls excuse the choppy work.
  7. Inspired by Godhand ''Saddest Death Quote'' topic, a little game for everyone. Make a death quote yourself and share it here. Mine: Hehe... In the end, my death... meant as much as my life..... no...thing...
  8. The ranged-weapons (not magic tomes or staves) in Fire Emblems are commonly use bows. Even crossbows also was existed in RD. In Fates, daggers or shurikens also mainly considered as ranged-weapons even able to used for attack on range 1. The law of weapon-triangle always applied. The sword-axe-lance-sword triangle will always exist. The magic tome triangle anima-light-dark-anima also was existed before, and so many players still missing the magic triangle plays. Now, what about the ranged-weapon triangle? We just have a simple idea about the completions of the weapon triangle types, including it will make the Fire Emblem has able to developing more various or returning old classes in their future installments. The crossbows might be able to treated as a different weapon-type later, so the weapon triangle might perhaps would became bow-crossbow-dagger-bow (which might made the Sniper class has two different weapon proficiencies : bow and crossbow. And it would be great if Ranger class would be applied so well and returned beside GBA's spellcaster classes. Bow Knight - bow and sword. Ranger - crossbow and sword). The effectiveness : it's a common knowledge those bows are effective againts fliers, and daggers has low damage output. Let them be that way. The different is, just make the crossbows not effective againts fliers (since it basically designed only for shooting straight forward at the max.angle) but instead just make them effective againts cavalries. Let the daggers damage outputs basically low but just make them effective againts infantries. It's for balancing wise, beside, some historical records said that the cavalry troops might be effective to charging the legions of archers, but different story when they facing the lines of crossbowmen. And about the daggers, despise they were used on battlefields or not, were almost never used againts targets which still on horseback since it would be much less effective. Armor-class might be exception because they were basically different class than other infantries even they also fights on their feet. They already had their own weaknesses, beside, logically, throwing daggers againts Armor-class would be never effective (daggers here treated as ranged weapon). Maybe someone has talk about these topics before. But still, we believes that anyone here have better opinion than us, and please just share with us.... Thank you before and best regards.
  9. One of the more noticeable additions to the next Fire Emblem game is the fact that a group of generic soldiers now accompany a character. This should make battles seem larger than they were in the past, and the new formations option will undoubtedly add several new strategic options to the Fire Emblem gameplay we all know and love (for the most part). It also means that there will undoubtedly be a few characters that buck this new mechanic by ignoring it altogether. The giant robot in the trailer already proves this, but it can't be the only example. And this thread will be about sharing ideas about what they could be and how they could work. As for some of my own: Dragons It's very possible that manaketes will return, or at least, some form of a dragon will eventually join your side. In most works of fiction dragons tend to be quite large, and Fire Emblem isn't an exception, so a single dragon being able to stand up to an entire squadron won't be jarring. To make up for loosing formations, dragons could have different methods to attack instead, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, they could swing their tail as a powerful but slow and easy to dodge attack, or they could use their claws for a faster and more accurate attack, but at the risk of harm due to being closer to the action. Their dragon breath could tear up low res units, but be near useless against those with a high resistance stat, and so on and so forth. It's possible that dragonstones won't return, given that we don't know if this Fire Emblem game will have degradation, or they could appear and work similarly to how the did in the original Mystery of the Emblem, where dragons remained transform for several turns instead of a single battle at the cost of dragonstones having fewer uses. Shapeshifters We don't know whether or not shapeshifting units will return at this point, and it is very possible that they will work as normal squadrons, with the generics being other shapeshifters. It's also possible that one or two shapeshifters will either be strong/violent enough that they don't need soldiers behind them, and/or they can transform into a wider variety of animals/classes than normal. This could mean that instead of formations, they have transformations, and can turn into a different creature on a whim to best handle the situation. Whether they will be limited to animals, other classes (like Xane), or bizarre and otherworldy creatures (or all of the above) is up to debate. Assassins/Thieves It's hard to see characters like Jaffar or Gaius leading a group of soldiers, considering their skill set lies elsewhere. However, assassins and thieves could still have their use in this game, while still not being front-line units. For assassins, it's possible that they will have the ability to ignore formations, or at least, downplay their bonuses/advantages (if the generics bring any) and will have special abilities that target the enemy commander, such as sniping them from a distance, sneaking in during the chaos of a battle to kill the commander, impersonating a generic soldier and either taking temporary control of an enemy unit and/or getting a better shot at assassinating a commander without having to deal with the generics first. Despite these abilities, they still won't be one-man armies, and can't hold out in longer fights. As for thieves, the formations menu could replaced with actions such as pick-pocketing (gaining gold from enemy generics, and the more there are, the more money you'll get) stealing (obviously taking an item or weapon from an enemy) or possibly even capturing (we'll have to wait and see if this mechanic returns or not, as well as how it will function). This makes them a high-risk, high-reward kind of class because you will have to place them next to an enemy unit in order for them to activate their skills, but the benefits could very well be work it. That's only a few ideas. What are your thoughts on characters that won't command a squadron of their own for one reason or another?
  10. Exactly as the title says, this is where you can throw around your personal ideas of what skills you'd like to see as well as discussing what others have proposed. Skill Name (passive/activate, class it's designed for): Description (Notes) is how I've formatted mine, and it makes sense when you see it below. Feel free to format your's however you want. A small note beforehand is that I personally dislike the percentage based skills common in the series, and would instead replace them with arts from Echoes, except instead of costing hp, skills require a cooldown after use or a build-up in order to use them. A lot more of these skills make sense with that in mind. Also, these are just ideas, and the specifics would obviously change after play-testing. So without further ado: Personal Skill Ideas: General Skills Ideas: I may add more later, as my mind blanked as I got to near end, and I've already spent more time than I'd have liked to on typing these up already. So what are your thoughts on the matter?
  11. Okay so I'm currently writing a fanfic about Lucina's original future. Now because it's kind of a prequal I can't have any of the future kids dying really save for maybe morgan so I need OCs and I'm having trouble coming up with ideas so yeah. If anyone could give some OC ideas would much appreciated.
  12. Since there's already topics about lords and avatars, why not make one for villains as well? What type of villain would you like to see on FE Switch? It could be anything ranging from a minor villain to a major one or even the final boss. What type of story does that villain have and how they affect the story? Do you even want another dragon as the final boss or something more unique as the overall main villain? I'm looking forward to what people come up with.
  13. Before you start posting succubus Camilla and whatnot please listen to the rules i have laid. 1. The character that you want to make must not have a alternate version of themselves (Yes, i know that both Xander and Lyn have 3 versions of themselves, but they're anomalies). That means no succubus Camilla guys ; ). It sure sucks to be perverted 2. If the character that you want for the Halloween banner is a avatar unit then you can use male Corrin, but not male Robin (he has a Christmas version found by dataminers) Here are a few ideas i thought of Succubus Sumia- Red flier mage that completes the seasonal flier mage weapon triangle Witch female Morgan- Red infantry mage. I like the idea of how Sonya and Delthea have dark versions of certain tomes due to them being witches in Gaiden when you first encounter them. Witch Morgan can complete the "dark" weapon triangle. So something like "Dark Bolganone" Vampire Gunter- Blue lance cavalier. Canonically Gunter's family was killed off by Garon. But instead of seeking the Rainbow Sage after his family died, he sought the dark arts and became a vampire as result. He'd have tons of health to emphasize him being a vampire. His personal weapon would grant him a plus 2 to attack and speed. in addition to that it will grant him an extra 2 for those stats for every foe that he defeats, but it caps at 3 kills. His personal b skill will heal him 30% of damage inflicted to units that are defeated, but only the amount that a foe can take. Plus he can't be healed by staffs and healing skills as well as weapons with a healing effect Vampire hunter male Corrin- Colorless shuriken user. Personally, I hate Corrin as a character, but the idea of Corrin stumbling into another world where his mentor has become a blood-hungry monster is something that I'd be keen of seeing.
  14. What should the themes or central theme be in Fire Emblem Switch? As a fan of Mike Babcock, a hockey coach who makes excellent soundbites, I want a theme where doing good things and good things happen to you. If you work hard and perform well, good luck happens to you. I'll say more on this idea later
  15. 50 hours on hard/classic mode have been well rewarded - I've beaten the main story and Thabes Labyrinth. I'm thinking my next endeavor will be for the 'Blitzkrieg' medal, awarded for beating the entire main story in 500 turns or fewer. I'd like to discuss the best ways to do this. obviously, Normal/casual is the way to go to minimize the need to do anything except attack, attack, attack. fun fact, this will be my first casual run of any fire emblem game. I'll take my pat on the back now. second, map encounters and fights in dungeons need to be kept to a minimum. Here's how I think this should be done: in dungeons, avoid any enemies you possibly can. Duh. There are a few unskippable in Duma Tower. Skip any dungeons you don't have to do. I imagine i'll do Thieve's Den for Silque and the all important WARP ability. (we're going to abuse the crap out of it, almost certainly.) Also, sylvan shrine to get a Gold mark to make a Steel sword into Zweihänder at the Rigelian village. (or rhomphaia, but ridersbane is helpful all the way until and possibly including act 5.) I don't see why fear mountain or Dragon Shrine need to be done at all. on the world map, try to fight any enemies that spawn from other armies in acts 3 and 4 DURING the main chapters, to minimize the total number of encounters. i just have a feeling that it'll take fewer turns than fighting two smaller battles. See if it's possible to do Grieth's Citadel before Temple of Mila with NO grinding. Otherwise, it adds graveyard fights. don't go to the mountain village more than once, for atlas and to forge the shadow sword into a brave sword, or else you'll end up fighting the graveyard terrors more than the minimum number of times (once or twice if you don't go to the village at all, two or three times if you go to the village once and it spawns behind you, and up to five times if you go twice.) RNG probably plays a factor in whether or not they spawn there. Lets talk classes. I'd like to say Faye should be a cleric, strictly for Anew. However, it's possible that she'll get left in the dust by the mounted units we will likely rely on, and Saint level 14 might not even happen in 500 turns or fewer. I'd say Pegasus knight, but i'm open to consideration. Somebody should be a mercenary so that they can use the Zweihänder we're going to get. Alm can be using the royal sword for Double Lion purposes, so he doesn't need to use it, and the dread fighters in Celica's party will either have their own or won't know Tigerstance by the time they get to endgame. I digress. My vote for Mercenary is either gray or tobin. Either two cavaliers or a cav and an archer. The archer is admittedly a personal preference- i'd like some range for until we pick up python and the mage siblings. But it's not 100% required for any portion. It'll probably help with the Last Bastion and Nuibaba's abode though. I just realized that I don't know: do you even have to beat nuibaba to progress the story, if you'd sooner just skip Tatiana and kill Zeke? I obviously did not do that in my first playthrough. Any recommendations or advice are welcome. especially if you've already gotten this medal.
  16. Repost from feu These are ideas for a game(not an hack)i plan to make one day. This list will most likely be updated with more ideas later
  17. I have been playing Fire Emblem Heroes for almost a month now and one of the features of the mobile game that not alot of people mention is the chibi artwork for the sprites. I find this choice of art style to be very fitting for the mobile game as it makes the game look lighthearted, engaging for new or younger players and it's kind of a breath of fresh air since the last time we had 2D battle sprites was in Sacred Stones almost 13 years ago. As much as I praise this art style, I don't see it as the "go to" art style for mainstream Fire Emblem titles. Can you imagine if FE15 had a darker story, mature characters but had a cutesy chibi like characters designs? Not saying it couldn't work (I've seen some RPG with chibi character models) , but its a huge step. So I thought if we can't get a main Fire Emblem title with this art style, why not a spin off? That's when I thought of a Paper Mario and Fire Emblem crossover. I may not be a true spin off since Intelligent Systems has worked on both of these franchises, but this is a kind of spin off I would like to see. The Paper Mario games (at least the first 3) were lighthearted, beginner friendly and also challenging at the same time. I would love to see some FE Legends in paper form. Mario can be an axe user with his hammer and recruit new or former partners from the older Paper Mario Titles, supports between FE and PM characters and even classic villains arriving. Feel free to post your thoughts or your ideas of this potential or ludicrous cross over.
  18. So, as I do every year between 25th and 31st december, I restarted Pokémon Ranger: Shadows on Almia. It's like the 7th or 8th time that I replay it and every time I enjoy it a lot. However, after 2 days of casual playing I completed the Heatran mission and got that pinky thing that tries to suicide in the sea Mime jr. I saw, some time ago, a lot of mediocre votes across the internet for this game, but I actually think that it has a really good gameplay (I actually would define this an arcade, basing on the capture system) and has both an enjoyable story and well-designed dungeons. In reality I think that in a near future I'll take the project and realize a Pokémon Ranger 4 with Bidoofy Pyukumukus since there is really a lot of material from the last 3 generations to work with. You might now think "what's this topic point? Is this guy talking about his ideas or his project or what?", well, I'm here to just ask your considerations on this series for spare talking while I play: do you think like me that Ranger is underrated? Or that it is just random circling crap? Which flaws do you think should be fixed?
  19. So I'm not a big fan of the idea of randomizing the recruitment order and giving independent teams to each player, so let's try something different. Basically, everyone randomizes their rom before the drafting phase, and each character is draftable exactly one time. Mention the classes when picking your units. Drafting: 1. This draft is for 5 players. 2. Roy, Marcus and Merlinus are free for all to use. 3. One undrafted Dancer / Bard is free to use for each player. 4. One unit will remain undrafted. 5. The game will be played on Normal Mode. Randomizer options: Note: if a stat rolls more than +/- 3, I'll reduce the change to 3, and suggest you do it too. I'll leave that optional to keep things simple, though. Rules: 1. Undrafted units may recruit characters, rescue undrafted units and NPCs, trade, visit Shops and Armories, and dig up items in the desert. 2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to meatshielding, building Supports, and opening Doors or Chests. 3. Use of the Warp staff is allowed. 4. All Gaiden chapters are required to be visited. Chapter 20x (either route) does not count towards the total turncount up to 20 turns taken. 5. NPCs may do as they please without penalty. 6. The game must be played out to the True Ending. 7. Dancers / Bards may not dance for each other. 8. If you promote Roy, you are free to hack his auto-demotion after chapter 21x away. 9. Glitches caused by the randomizer may not be made use of. These include non-Roy Lords being able to seize and the possibility of moving units on tiles they cannot normally pass by using the drop command or a Warp/Rescue staff. Penalties: 1. Undrafted units have a 4-turn penalty, per unit per chapter. 2. Dancers / Bards dancing for each other has a 15-turn penalty, per chapter. Exceptions: 1. Undrafted Thieves may be used to obtain necessary promotion items. Teams: Gradivus.: Mercenary!Roy, Druid!Marcus, Bard!Shin + Nomad!Lugh, Wyvern Rider!Noah, Fighter!Lance, Cleric!Wolt, Dancer!Zeiss, Lord!Saul, Thief!Barth, Sniper!Dayan, Sage!Karel, Berserker!Bartre fireemblemcai: Shaman!Roy, mManakete!Marcus, Bard!Bors + Nomad!Chad, Mage!Miledy, Wyvern Rider!Treck, Cavalier!Ward, Cleric!Gonzales, Bard!Astore, Cavalier!Hugh, General!Douglas, Nomad Trooper!Fa, Mercenary!Lalum TempestStorm: Knight!Roy, Nomad Trooper!Marcus, Bard!Ray + Wyvern Rider!Alan, Falcoknight!Zealot, Archer!Lot, Pegasus Knight!Dorothy, Hero!Igrene, Myrmidon!Wendy, Shaman!Clarine, Thief!Elphin, Druid!Yuno, Nomad!Cath Irysa: Shaman!Roy, Hero!Marcus, Troubadour!Alan + Cavalier!Dieck, Pegasus Knight!Ellen, Nomad!Shanna, Wyvern Rider!Ray, Druid!Percival, Pirate!Bors, Wyvern Rider!Fir, Falcoknight!Yodel, Valkyrie!Niime, Pirate!Tate Sniper Knight: Archer!Roy, Warrior!Marcus, Dancer!Ellen + Wyvern Rider!Oujay, Druid!Klein, Cavalier!Geese, Mage!Rutger, Falcoknight!Echidna, Wyvern Lord!Cecilia, Dancer!Lilina, Myrmidon!Sue, Nomad Trooper!Garret, Pegasus Knight!Sophia [spoiler=Remaining units]Shin The randomizer: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=55809
  20. I said I was going to get started on RFV early and I'm glad I did because my free time is shirking by the day. So I figure why not release it to get some testing while I do other stuff. The gameplay works and is polished enough to throw it into the field and there is some dialogue to give hints on what is going on. Since this hack is suppose to be multiple chapter based, the focus is tighter as well as not too ambitious to get confusing. So without further ado... Hack: Rage Emblem Story: You are a tactician with amnesia, according to your companions, your group just stole the legendary Rage Emblem from an old tomb you are still in. Your job is to navigate the tomb and it's obstacles to escape the guardians that want to add you to the pile of failed treasure hunters. Patch: RFV Demo Pictures To Do list: What to Expect: Will update with later chapters when I make them. (hopefully soon) As always, feel free to be brutally honest.
  21. Who would be interested in a hybrid of RD's 3-tiered promotions and 8/13/14's branching classes? Who has ideas for new classes? How would trainee classes fit in?
  22. fan·dom ˈfandəm/ noun noun: fandom; plural noun: fandoms the state or condition of being a fan of someone or something. "my 17 years of sports fandom" the fans of a particular person, team, fictional series, etc., regarded collectively as a community or subculture. "the Breaking Bad fandom" (Egregiously ripped from Google search results.) You see the term "fandom" thrown around a lot among the nerdsphere these days; somebody's part of this fandom or that fandom, or I like this fandom but can't stand that one. Everybody's a fan of something; by extension, that's what makes them part of a fandom. But I've found that fairly frequently it's used as something of a dirty word. As briefly mentioned above, a lot of people make judgements on fandoms. A big problem, however, arises; you really can't do that. It's impossible to (accurately) judge a whole group of people like that. What is seen on the internet is just a fraction of a fandom, and the ones that tend to formulate judgements are the most vocal about it. I'll use an example: the youtuber/countdown maker JoshScorcher, while enjoying the Kingdom Hearst series, dislikes the story for understandable reasons. He put out a reaction video to the 2.8 trailer yesterday ("2.8: Final Chapter Prologue" if you must; the name's stupid regardless). A not-insignificant part of the video is him ranting and bemoaning about how convoluted he finds the story (which I somewhat agree with). A lot of the youtube comments called him out on talking over the trailer and his seeming lack of interest in the series, while saying how they personally do enjoy it's story (which, despite parts definitely being messy, I do); one or two said "We get it; you hate Kingdom Hearts". After saying "I DO understand it; it still sucks", he goes and makes a couple posts on his tumblr. "Kingdom Hearts fans are so rabid. Any criticism of the story is met with the “You just don’t understand it, Mom!” treatment. I do understand the plot. It’s. Still. Stupid." "Me: I think Kingdom Hearts story is overcomplicated, silly, and objectively isn't good. KHFanbase: We get it, you hate Kingdom Hearts. Me: I never said- how does that even- GAH!" You see the issue here? He used a few more extreme youtube comments and then attributes them to the whole fandom, vilifying them and making himself look like a martyr. Heads-up: a lot of fans KNOW that it's too convoluted. I used to lurk on the KHInsider forms, and it was a given there that "Yeah, it's overcomplicated". Elsewhere, on the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Union podcast, a topic of discussion was broached about the series' future post-KH3. The consensus: if they want to honestly continue things, they need to pretty much start over and simplify things to maintain success, because the current state of the series is too complicated and has caused large amounts of continuity lockout. But according to Josh, the " fandom" as a whole is rabid, likes something stupid, and can't take any criticisms. The "fandom" is much more broad and varied than he thinks; but here, it's used as a derogatory term to criticize a whole because of experiences with one small part (and that small part being youtube comments). I went on a bit there, but that's a recent, specific example: here's one that will probably hit much closer to home. The Fire Emblem "Fandom". This is an extremely broad example that you reading this probably understands. Pre-Awakening fans, due to elitism on gamefaqs, reddit, and (unfortunately) some here, have been vilified all over the internet- in some cases, to a near-bigotry level hatred that causes any criticism to newer games to be dismissed as "elitist bitching" or something similiar. The token stereotypes have also retaliated, vilifying newer fans as "waifufags" and weebs who only want to play "Awankaning" and "Fartes"* . And yet, there's massive group in the middle who don't seriously care much for waifu/husbando nonsense. In addition, most fans here (who are members of the "old guard") are pretty chill about things. But those people aren't heard that much. I'll use a quick example: one of the youtubers I follow (this is a bit of a recurring trend), TheQuarterGuy, has weekly discussion videos of sorts about what he thinks of specific bits of news in the world of gaming. In one of those videos, when the topic of Awakening was broached by a commentor, he ended up going off on a mini-rant about how much he dislikes permadeath and starts vilifying veteran fans while propping himself up. He's already assumed the worse and is judging the whole fandom, indirectly sparking negativity and conflict where there really wasn't. I have a few more examples, but I think I've gotten my point across. Fandom is used too often as a scapegoat term; whenever there's a conflict over interests in entertainment, somebody will just vilify swaths of people. This is only confounded by the internet; face-to-face conversations will generally go better than two seemingly faceless individuals typing up rants against each-other. I personally don't use the term that often; fandom is a wide-reaching term that is used all too often in exaggeration and hyperbole. I don't dislike the people I used as examples; I just wish I was able to face-to-face talk to them, or that they'd just refrained from using the term and/or stereotypes of one. As-is, the word "fandom" in gaming (and indeed, internet culture in general), is used way too hyperbolically and unfairly. *(If you're reading this Integrity: no offense. I'm just using it to get a point across, as I've seen similiar nicknames thrown around elsewhere.)
  23. *is working on fixing this topic*
  24. Welp, the Smash Ballot's end is right around the corner and if you haven't voted yet or you're like me and want to vote for more than one character (call make a cheater if you like, but I don't really care), now is the time! For those who have no idea what so ever to vote for, here are some ideas: Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia Issac(and/or Felix, whether it be character or costume) from GOLDEN SUN (not, THAT Issac, just making that clear) Shantae from Shantae (the idea has grown on me) King K.rool from Donkey Kong(another heavy weight character isn't a bad idea and like Shantae, the idea grow on me) Shovel Knight from Shovel Knight (...sure, why not) Wolf from Star Fox (...it's just an idea. Also, minus Pokemon trainer, a.k.a., Squirtle & Ivysuar and......sniff......Ice climbers......he's the only other verteran not to come back. I'm pretty sure, but I may be wrong) Any "Tales Of." character (Bandi Namco helped make the game, it needs another big representative other than Pac-Man) Ice Climbers from Ice Climbers ( I may not like them a whole lot, but it feels weird not having them and I miss them....... I'm sure there is a way to bring them back) I have more characters, but these are the top for me (and I can't really remember the other ones). Any other ideas (or characters you voted for)? Please share!
  25. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to a thread about an idea. See, I am a person who plays Civilization, and when you play Civilization and are me, you think about Impis. From such thinking, I came up the idea of Impis being units in Fire Emblem, and from there built up a proper setting to use that. But one nation is usually below Fire Emblem in scale, so I needed another kingdom. In Fates, they did a theme of East versus West, which isn't terrible, but has been done often, and Fire Emblem is already quite east and west. So, I created a kingdom based off of another important group of civilizations, those of the Middle East. From there, this idea was born. The World: Surrounded by endless seas, there lies B'Yasha, in an ancient language, Land. An large island, whose surface is most often sand, inhabited primarily by two nations. In the north, Amaar, or Rain, and in the south, Luoka, or Spear. Though their kingdom is built around massive dunes, Amaar is a prosperous kingdom. This is owed to the twisting rivers which run through their lands, making fresh water and fertile floodplains plentiful. It is a kingdom of scholars and architects, where merchants make their living on the plenty of their homeland. For many centuries it has been unified under the Alid Dynasty, their future king being Prince Huran. By contrast, the warrior culture of Luoka shifts like the sands of the desert. In fact, for longer than Amaar has existed, the tribes and nations of the region have warred against each other, and remained mostly independent. Much of the land is plains, hills and valleys, though receiving water from rain rather than rivers. However, around two decades ago, a king of a small tribe in those hills, Jamaka, led a crusade against his neighbors. This distinguished itself from other skirmishes in that it succeeded, with Jamaka now Luoka's king. However, three years ago, the rain stopped. The plains began to dry, and turned to desert, in which nothing would grow. Some say this is a curse for Jamaka's brutal conquest, others, merely an act of nature. Between these two kingdoms and dotted about B'Yasha are patches of desert, independent tribes and city states. For the past few decades, Amaar and Luoka have used bribery and intimidation to try and find favor in the eyes of their leaders. Where no leaders reign, bandits and nomads have established there own communities, a lack of things to rob slowly turning the former into the latter. The Plot: For three years, Luoka has suffered from terrible drought, and its people wither like the plants in the sand. What aide Amaar offers is minimal compared to their needs, what their allies can provide is barely anything. Growing tired of the plight of his people, Jamaka and his advisers decide that the time has come for war. What Amaar will not give them, they will take. Jamaka sends his son Shaka with the invading forces, that he might gain knowledge of war after growing up in the relatively peaceful aftermath of unification. Amaar mobilizes their army to defend themselves, and quickly as well, for when Luoka invades, Prince Huran is studying in a southern city state, close to the war front. War has come. Who's side do you take? The warriors or the merchants? Shaka or Huran? Take what your people need, or defend what they have? Pronunciation Guide: Luoka (Loo-Ok-Uh) Amaar (Uh-Mar) B'Yasha (Beh-Yah-Shuh) Playable Characters (Amaar): [spoiler=Huran] Class: Merchant Prince Affinity: Wind Prince of Amaar, and only son of the current king, Malik. Growing up in his father's court, he spent much time studying, and from his studying picked up the practice of magic. His primarily field of study, however, was in politics and money handling. His exposure to the outside world has been minimal up to this point, though his studies have left him with a slightly embittered since of reality. He is not one for fiction, and pays far more attention to works of history or teaching than epics and legends. He's not necessarily naive, but until the beginning of the game has had no first hand account of battle, no experience fighting, not even had he hunted in all his life. His calm and logical nature shows through in his ability to maintain control of himself and still function as a leader despite the things he bears witness to. His personal distaste for violence goes back to his studies, as he does not see a million as a statistic. Despite that, he is a reasonably competent strategist and leader, owing largely to his vast knowledge. However, Huran can also be quite indecisive, and at times a bit cowardly, though the latter issue he can usually convince himself to get over. As you might guess, Huran's weapon of choice is light magic. His luck is quite high, but his skill and speed are not particularly good. However, Huran's defense is rather impressive, especially for a mage, meaning he can actually survive hits from enemy units. His unique weapon is a type of tome called Diopside, the black star tome. It was developed by the ancestors of the Alid dynasty and has been taught to and used by their bloodline exclusively. When Huran promotes, he gains access to Anima and Dark magic as well. [spoiler=Mansur] Class: Camel Rider (Sword) Affinity: Wind A body guard of Huran, one of two knights under Shahnaz. His real name is Mohammad, but because his companion's name is also Mohammad, he goes by one of his other names, Mansur. He's a carefree, tranquil but also rather impulsive individual, making decisions on a whim based on nothing but how he feels at the moment. For example, his camel is named Gringrad, a name which popped into his head which he liked the sound of. Mansur's relaxed, carefree nature leads to him rarely being upset or angry, though sometimes can lead him to be apathetic to other's and his own issues. He and Musa are companions, originally meeting in training and having often been paired together since. Mansur is notably big eater, and is rarely seen without figs, dates or bread in hand. The weapon Mansur specializes in is the sword. Despite swords typically being seen as more 'agile' weapons, Mansur has higher strength, defense and luck than Musa does. Strength and defense he will normally cap, and he'll likely come pretty close to his luck cap as well, if not cap it outright. [spoiler=Musa] Class: Camel Rider (Lance) Affinity: Ice A body guard of Huran, one of two knights under Shahnaz. His real name is Mohammad, but because his companion's name is also Mohammad, he goes by one of his other names, Musa. His general demeanor is rather serious, and a bit quiet. He follows orders once they're given, and believes in doing them right. Doing things right is incredibly important to him, as he'd rather something not be done over done wrong. His perfectionist mentality can lead to him becoming frustrated rather easily, especially at himself. However, he can indeed be quite empathetic when something to sympathize with is brought up. Though he trains very hard, he is liable to stop his training, even for the marginal benefit of others. He and Mansur are companions, originally meeting in training and having often been paired together since. Musa's weapon of choice is the lance. Despite lances typically being a tool of bulkier units, Musa focuses more on skill and speed than Mansur. He can rather comfortable cap both stats, and features slightly higher resistance growth than Mansur does. [spoiler=Shahnaz] Class: Mamluk (Sword, Lance) Affinity: Anima Chief body guard of Huran, an important figure in raising him and commander of Musa and Mansur. His temperament is somewhat between his underlings, and all around quite normal. Shahnaz served under Huran's father and trained during the reign of his father, so he has quite a bit of experience and wisdom to go off of. He can be fatherly, usually to Huran, but also a rather hard commander, as he is with Musa and Mansur. He can also be a bit bigoted, usually against Luokans. However, his even emotions and experience brought him in favor of Malik, and he's served the Alid Dynastry his whole life, always being very loyal. Shahnaz also expects similar loyalty out of others, pushing those around him to do better in their respective fields. Shahnaz is the Jeigan of the Amaarian side. He joins as the promoted form of Camel Riders, Mamluks. Since he is a prepromote, he has based which leave quite a bit to be desired compared to a trained unit of the same level. In addition, his extra weapon type cannot be chosen, he joins with swords and lances available and that's what he gets. However, he has very good growths, better than either of his students, except in Luck, which is a stat he's simply bad at where even Musa has decent Luck. If trained he can still be a very useful unit with all around decent stats, though ultimately inferior to your other Mamluks. [spoiler=Uthma] Class: Shaman Affinity: Dark Uthma is not actually from Amaar. Rather, he's a native of Luoka, by blood a prince of a northern tribe. When the drought hit, his father sent him to a city state bordering Amaar to study, though also so he might have food and water. When Luoka invades, Uthma is more or less conscripted to fight his own people. He's a bold individual, confident in himself and used to having all the answers, but when faced with moral dilemmas tends to shut down and often just give up on the situation. With no time for that though, he ultimately sides with Amaar against their invaders. Early on he joins Huran's group, using the magic he's studied for many years: Dark Magic. Interestingly, Uthma joins as a shaman, making him the only unit on the Amaar side to specialize in using dark magic. Aside from Uthma, shamans are a class only found on the Luoka side of the conflict. When promoted, he becomes a Sangoma, users of healing and dark magic normally only available in Luoka. His magic and skill are his best stats, and combined with his weapon type he can hit like a truck, but won't often double due to mediocre speed. Playable Characters (Luoka): [spoiler=Shaka] Class: Warrior Prince Affinity: Thunder Eldest son of Jamaka, king of the Luoka, though still only a young man. From a very young age, he was trained to be a warrior, and has shown himself very talented at all aspects of warfare. Not only did he excel above his piers in sparing and hunting, but also in strategy and ingenuity. A product of his mind is his proof weapon, a throwing spear of his own design and crafting called the Iklwa. He is a dedicated individual, and fiercely loyal. In this war, he fights for his people, and will not allow anything to appose him. He can seem very cold, usually adopting a stern demeanor around anyone. Despite his strategic capability, Shaka is hot headed, and it his preference to personally scatter his enemies over direct soldiers from a tent and a somewhat short temper. He will ask nothing he would not himself do, and often doesn't ask anyway. He is not without his honor or his concern, but those very things drive him to be ruthless. In battle, Shaka lives up the legends of ferocity which follow Luokan warriors. Defense is not exactly his strong suit, but he has high skill, speed and strength with which to obliterate his enemies. His class, the Warrior Prince, wields spears in battle, and does so very effectively. Like the Impi classes, Shaka has move movement than a typical foot unit and is less hindered by poor terrain. His unique weapon, the Iklwa, is also quite powerful, being a strong yet accurate 1-2 range weapon. Shaka promotes into the Warlord class, which gives him a rather hefty crit boost, though no extra weapon types. [spoiler=Angan] Class: Inyanga Affinity: Light Jamaka's other son, of whom he is less proud. While Shaka was raised from youth to be a warrior and took remarkably well to it, Angan had a far more non-violent nature. That didn't necessarily mean he was tranquil, as he was and still is childish and prone to outbursts. He's rather timid, speaks little of his bloodline, and is often the doubter to his brothers actions. However, his naivety also helps Shaka maintain some humanity, for which the latter is secretly very grateful. Whether he's having a tantrum or shying away, Angan maintains concern for those around him, friend or foe. As a child, he often would fail military training, so his father instead put him with wise men and sages, who trained him in the ways of healing magic. Angan is interesting in that he's not only a very early healer, but one of the few magic users on the Luokan side. He sports better defense than his older brother, but his stats are average across the board, not particularly exceeding or failing at anything. His Inyanga class is basically the equivalent of priests or clerics, though, like Angan, are generally more balanced instead of trading defense for magic and resistance. [spoiler=Iswayo] Class: Impi Affinity: Thunder An accomplished general who has served under Jamaka since even before he began his conquest. When Shaka's training began, Jamaka selected Iswayo to be his mentor. Like his student, Iswayo is rather stern, though while Shaka is a more 'aggressive' sterm, Iswayo is more 'cold' stern. Though he certainly scowls and scorns, he's more in control of himself than Shaka is, and wisened by his years. It was when he was Shaka's age that he began fighting for Jamaka, and now that Shaka is in a similar scenario, Iswayo imparts what wisdom he can. He knows of but is not particularly well acquainted with Angan, though is all too familiar with Shaka's mannerisms. Despite their sometimes being at odds, Shaka has great respect for Iswayo. Iswayo is the Jeigan of the Luokan side, joining as the promoted form of the Inkwebane class, Impi. Rather unfittingly of the class, his strength lies in his defensive stats, HP, Defense, and Resistance. However, that means he's an actually resilient unit on the Luokan side of things, one who joins rather early, and supports Shaka with a matching affinity. The Impi class is generally an offensively inferior, defensively superior version of Shaka's warlord with a lower crit boost, though Iswayo is unlikely to hit it's high strength, speed or skill caps. As one might garner from that list, this would be a setting quite unlike your typical Fire Emblem, with two very distinct sides. Luoka is based off of South Africa, primarily the Zulus. Amaar is based off of the Muslim world in general, from Morocco to Egypt, Turkey, former Persia, and with a little India as well, though primarily Arabia. Each side has a very different set of units and classes available. Amaar is closest to your standard Fire Emblem game, though with drastic reskins. Most notably, Cavaliers and Paladins are replaced by Camel Riders and Mamluks. Like in FE9, there's one Camel Rider who uses each physical weapon type, and they pick one more upon promotion. Their iron, steel and silver swords are scimitars instead of straight blades. Most users of magic are found on the Amaar side, though their use of Dark Magic is rather limited. This is because in Amaar, dark magic is seen as some sort of evil force, and has numerous negative superstitions and connotations. Luoka, however, sees dark magic as a weapon, and thus there are more characters who use it on that side. Despite the familiar presence of shamans and the occasional unit on a horse, Luoka is most distinct from typical Fire Emblem in the stats its units have. Notably, while the Camel Rider is the most common unit among Amaar, the most common unit for Luoka is the Inkwebane, a unit best put as a spear wielding myrmidons with additional movement. The promotion of Inkwebanes is Impis, who gain a deadly crit boost similar to Swordmasters. Instead of clerics, they get Inyangas. Both shamans and inyangas upgrade into sangomas, units capable of using both healing and dark magic. Units on horses are found in Luoka, whereas the camel is prefered in Amaar. Horses are native to certain plains in the country, but were never particularly popular and have grown even less common due to the drought. In general, Luoka is the 'hard' mode of the game, where the player is given fewer resources and must work with what options they have, while Amaar is the more 'normal' mode, granting more freedom and variety with which to tackle challenges. Now, this idea is not yet fully baked, of course. There's not a complete class list yet, nor are certain aspects of Fire Emblem accounted for. I don't know how Pegasi or Wyverns will factor into this world, and I don't even know if Armors would be in the game at all. The eight characters above are the only ones I have so far, and I haven't settled on skills yet. However, I figured I did have enough information here to at least post the idea, and see what you all think. And yes, the inspiration totally flows, which is why the Zulu character is named Shaka, he has an Iklwa, and his mentor is named Iswayo. Completely unlike Shaka Zulu, inventor of the Iklwa and refiner of tactics created by Dingiswayo.
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