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Found 4 results

  1. Ever since we got news that Three Houses would have a timeskip, I was curious about how well the game would give the impression that five years passed in gameplay, story, and presentation. Doubly so since while timeskips are nothing new in Fire Emblem, the only other game that really gave it as much focus was Genealogy of the Holy War. Since I finally managed to reach the timeskip portion of Three Houses yesterday (I like the game, but good lord does it take its sweet time at points. Juggling several other games at the same time didn't help), I am curious about how others thought it was handled and whether or not they got the impression that five years truly passed inbetween parts 1 and 2.
  2. So by this time, the game has been out for six hours in my region, and I've been playing it for pretty much that whole duration. I wanted to know what everyone's first impressions are having played a little bit of the game. How do you feel about the gameplay, story, music, supports... whatever? If you have any spoilery thoughts, post them in spoiler tags, as this isn't meant to be a predominantly spoiler discussion. Also, feel free to tell people where you are at in the game, though again try not to spoil much. I think location names should be fine (like Zofia castle or South Zofia 2), and maybe associate that location with whichever Act you're in. I myself have only just gotten through the end of the Deliverance Hideout in Act 1, so I'm not too far in the game for the amount of time I've been playing; then again, I've been playing on Hard, so enemies take longer to chew through. I'll post my thoughts a little later, probably after I've gotten through a bit of Celica's path. But the long and short of it is that I've been enjoying the game well enough.
  3. So I tried the demo, I quite enjoyed it. Although I got massive Valkryia Chronicles vibes from it, not that its a bad thing. I love how over the top the player and enemy phase calls are. Reminds me of freaking Expendabros lol. Gameplay was overall solid, and was explained well, despite me being familar with how the game worked already (see Valkyria chronicles). I think it'll be great to see Marth, Ike, Robin and Lucina join the player squads via Amiibo too. Artstyle is very reminiscent of Silver Age comicbooks. Overall its worth a look!
  4. ...Is that there weren't any alt costumes. As in, actual alts for characters, and not Mii Fighter Outfits. I could have easily seen them peddling, say, Melee/OoT outfits for the Zelda characters, or a Samus outfit that actually goes the extra mile and is an entirely different suit of hers, instead of merely a palette swap. I'd be partial to a Shulk one with the True Monado and that-late-game-white-angelic-armor-that-I-don't-know-the-name-of-but-every-LP-uses. And then there's the promoted forms of the FE characters (Great Lord Lucina, Grandmaster Robin, and now Dark and White Blood for Corrin)... . Or even a proper Blood Falcon/Black Shadow outfit. At the end of the day, I just feel like limiting things to Mii Fighter outfits was a wasted opportunity, as detailed alts for the characters would, IMO, have been much neater and more attractive than "here's a chibified outfit for characters that you can't even use anonymously online".
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